“Suzuna Rolls Out”

Suzuna Rolls Out
by Mr–Jolted

Suzuna’s Big Day: Suzu Rolls Out

It was the last minute of the game. The two teams were facing off and the tension was high! The crowd was screaming. And the cheerleaders were all bouncing, except for one. Suzuna wasn’t very well built for this line of work, but her spirit always impressed the crowd and inspired the team! Or gave them something to point and state the obvious.

“Check out the flat pom-poms on that one…” was one of the comments she had to live with.

But right now, it didn’t matter! Her Sena was on the field and his skills were leading the Devil Bats to victory! She couldn’t help but falter her cheer a little when he smiled and nodded to her.

Suzuna was giving it all she had, and then some, in the hopes it would motivate Sena to do his best. In the middle of her cheer, she couldn’t help but think of Sena and her cheeks flushed at the post game victory date they might enjoy. Thoughts of their life together filtered in. Children came to mine and it made her smile, turning her face an even deeper shade of red.

That’s when it happened.

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by Miss Mouse

I came up around a bend in the trail to see her standing in a clearing by the path, a bundle of twigs in one arm. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing; this far up the mountain everyone you ran into was an experienced hiker, prepped and outfitted for the wilderness.

And here was a woman who looked better suited for a drum circle in the park.

She looked college-aged, her young face dotted with freckles and a little smudged with the dirt of the woods. Her clothes all looked homemade, her top being little more than a length of blue fabric wrapped around her chest and tucked into itself. In a similar fashion, her ankle-length skirt seemed to be a few layers of different-colored fabric on top of each other and fastened across her hips. Her sandals looked like the sort a college hippie would wear, being mostly woven hemp of the same fashion as her tasseled bracelets and necklaces were.

The woman was very pregnant, the great swell of her belly pushing her breasts to either side as they rested atop it and forcing her skirt down from her waist. As I watched, she awkwardly began to crouch, struggling to pick up a twig with her limited ability to bend.

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“Tale Of Two Children – The 6th Night”

Tale Of Two Children – The 6th Night
by Maxi

The day had been rather tiring for the prince, having met with the king’s officials for the whole morning, then discussing military strategies with General Tania. By the time that was all done, he had to even visit some villages to maintain the royal family’s positive image.

He returned to the castle, stopping by the table for some supper. Though he was surprised Princess Lisette didn’t join him for the meal, and was even informed she ate early.

“I guess she had a reason..” Edward said to himself.

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