“O’vix, the Overfilled

O’vix, the Overfilled
by Miss Mouse

This story was inspired by the artwork and characters of HimitsuDragon, although this is my interpretation of his setting and doesn’t necessarily reflect his views or ideas.

The idea is that when Demons get too pregnant and pop, they burn up and respawn in a new body. It’s harmless, but one young Demon is very into it. So there’s bursting, but no gore or fear or graphic detail. Y’all skip out if y’all don’t want that.

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“A Halloween Egg Hunt”

A Halloween Egg Hunt
by Miss Mouse

The Autumn wind came down the rocky slopes of Sunrise Mountains, bringing the clean scent of cold air from higher up. The season was a particularly cold one, snow having already fallen once in the woods, and the mountains still dressed in white far below their barren peaks.

As she hiked, Beatrix paused for a moment to look back and see the forest of her home stretching out behind her to the mountains in the distance, bracing her green, pointed hat with her hand to keep it from blowing away. She was not homesick, for she had only been gone for one night and would be back before long, but she enjoyed the view from on high and how small it made everything seem.

Thoughts of home in her heart, she wrapped her cloak tighter around her shoulders and turned back to the path ahead, her staff beating a rhythmic pattern as she climbed.

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Unknown Pokemon Ovi Story

Unknown Pokemon Ovi Story
by Unknown

“Um, excuse me?”

“Just a moment!”

Nurse Joy finished sorting pokeballs and hurried back to the counter where a trainer in her late teens was waiting for her, a blonde-haired dark-skinned girl in her late teens dressed in a sporty black and yellow outfit with a red cap adorning her head, as was popular amongst the young trainers. She was also, as Joy couldn’t help but notice, obviously pregnant somewhere in the late second trimester, a slightly oddly shaped baby bump making itself known on her otherwise slim but curvy frame. Joy also couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t much bigger than the trainer’s rather impressive breasts, making her feel slightly self-concious about her petite chest. Kids these days were far too overdeveloped.

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