“Hidden Power”

Hidden Power
by Darien-Shields
Art by SaburoX

“Hmmm… what could it mean…”
    Ash Ketchum rubbed his chin and frowned at the mystical glyphs. His eyes returned to the modified pokédex screen, where they remained equally confused by the pictures they saw. A dozen eyes stared up at him, each ringed or framed by thick dark lines. One sat in the centre of circle, another had two perfectly even lines extending from it, one up, one down. Others were more complex arrangements of lines, corners and points connected by crossbeams.
    The mysterious pokémon proved an enigma to this day, one that Ash was determined to solve. It might even be his life’s dream. Especially after giving away half of his pokémon by accident and then losing in the qualifying rounds of the pokémon league. A hasty reshuffling of dreams and ambitions had lead him back to Johto where the mystery of the Unown was waiting for a sharp young mind like his to slice through the Gordian Knot…
    “Isn’t it an O?” Misty asked.
    Ash blinked.
    His partner pointed at the first Unown on his screen.
    Pikachu squeaked in agreement.

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“The Maternity of Haruhi Suzumiya”

The Maternity of Haruhi Suzumiya
by Darren Shields
Art by SaburoX

Episode 1: The Maternity of Haruhi Suzumiya II

A story by Darien Shields.

A heavy thud was followed by a sharp bang and finally a liquid splash.

“Aaaah! Sorry!” the redhead wailed as she looked in dismay at the puddle of green tea on the floor. Immediately she leaned towards the spill to try and clean it, when a tired sigh came from across the table.

“That’s alright Asahina-san.” Kyon cut in, rising from his seat quickly, “Let me.” he added, waving his hands to stop the young girl from bending over. ‘Or to put it bluntly, if you try to clean it up yourself, you’ll only cause more damage.‘ he mused to himself.

Mikuru bit her lip and gave him an almost tearful look. She always seemed to be on the verge of tears, but even more so over the past few days. Finally she nodded gently and backed away. She only narrowly avoided thumping the table a second time as she did so, her pendulous belly swaying close to it with every waddling step she took.

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by Miss Mouse

I came up around a bend in the trail to see her standing in a clearing by the path, a bundle of twigs in one arm. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing; this far up the mountain everyone you ran into was an experienced hiker, prepped and outfitted for the wilderness.

And here was a woman who looked better suited for a drum circle in the park.

She looked college-aged, her young face dotted with freckles and a little smudged with the dirt of the woods. Her clothes all looked homemade, her top being little more than a length of blue fabric wrapped around her chest and tucked into itself. In a similar fashion, her ankle-length skirt seemed to be a few layers of different-colored fabric on top of each other and fastened across her hips. Her sandals looked like the sort a college hippie would wear, being mostly woven hemp of the same fashion as her tasseled bracelets and necklaces were.

The woman was very pregnant, the great swell of her belly pushing her breasts to either side as they rested atop it and forcing her skirt down from her waist. As I watched, she awkwardly began to crouch, struggling to pick up a twig with her limited ability to bend.

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“Aria: In her Lover’s Arms (part 3)

Aria: In her Lover’s Arms (part 3)
by Miss Mouse

It took many long weeks, but Aria recovered from her ordeal, safe in her home in the Forrell Mountains, Beryl caring for her day and night. She took it easy, spending her days laying in bed and resting, however much she may have wanted to go about her exercises and chores.

Routine was fulfilling for Aria, and a life devoid of it made her uneasy.

Beryl saw to her every need, bringing her food, washing her, massaging her sore muscles, helping her walk when the idleness became too much… It was a lot of work, but she was up to the task.

By now, Aria’s pregnancy had become a severe obstacle. In the few months that had passed since her captivity, her belly had grown prodigiously, now taking up Beryl’s usual spot on the bed. It weighed as much as she had before becoming pregnant, and Kera’s movements were extremely powerful now.

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“Mandy Delivers”

Mandy Delivers
by Fully-Dilated

My floral sundress tangles around my legs as I move around in the bed, trying to find a comfortable position to ride out the contraction. “Mmmmmm… ahhhhh… mmmmm…. ahhhhh….” I breathe steadily, propping myself up on several pillows so that I’m half-sitting, my uterus contracting firmly. “Ahhhhhh…” I breathe the last twinges of the contraction out, relaxing back into the pillows and reaching for my stopwatch.

Ten minutes, twenty-one seconds.

Frustrated, I toss it back onto the bed and try to relax enough to doze. I’ve been having steady contractions for nearly twenty-seven hours now, but I’m stalled out at the ten minute mark, my labor refusing to progress. I’ve tried standing, sitting, walking and squatting, but now I’m too tired to do more than lie back and let the contractions wash over me.

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by Jim Fingers

(If you are offended by detailed descriptions of sexual activity between consenting adults, please stop reading right now. If you like these detailed descriptions, please email your remarks to jfingers@hotmail.com.)

Part 1 – The Invitation

She tried not to lie to herself very often, but she couldn’t stop herself this time.

She couldn’t afford to raise her hopes too high. She hung up the phone.

“Dammit, I don’t know why I did that! I’d much rather stay home tonight.”

Angela fiddled with her hair pensively as she weighed the invitation she had just accepted. She really ought to stay home. She was still moving in, still had some boxes to unpack. At least the place was presentable now. She had only one outfit left to wear. She had made sure of that in advance. Everything else was in the washing machine. She slammed the lid and started the cycle just as the phone rang. Her last clean outfit would have to be okay. She stepped into her bedroom to get ready. He would be here in only an hour.

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“Aria: In the Lion’s Den (part 2)”

Aria: In the Lion’s Den (part 2)
by Miss Mouse

Erazar the Mad paced about his lair, one paw holding his cane and the other gripping his gnarled bone pipe. The lion-headed Rakshasa puffed away, pleased with himself. Everything was coming together nicely: he had the half-elf girl in his possession and Beryl knew that. She would be along shortly, rushing headlong into his trap.

In the meantime, he had a little show to watch: the half-elf (what was her name? Arlen? Arbor? It didn’t matter, honestly) was suspended from the ceiling of the chamber, chains running from her wrists and ankles to the ceiling and walls.

She was completely naked, and not just for humiliation this time (though, that was a plus). The girl was pregnant, her small, thin body swollen greatly by the child in her womb. Erazar thought she looked just about to burst and as delicious as that thought was, he had something else in mind.

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by Fully-Dilated

“Women in my family have a history of going overdue,” I warn the midwife at my first official appointment, hoping she’s not the type to pressure me into tons of interventions if I go a day over forty weeks.

“No worries Mandy,” she chuckles, patting me on the knee, “As long as your blood pressure is good and the baby’s heartbeat is regular, you can be pregnant just as long as you want. Forty weeks, forty-five…”

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“Aria: In the Mountains (part 1)”

Aria: In the Mountains (part 1)
by Miss Mouse

Aria Silversong awoke at the moment of sunrise, the light just peaking over the horizon and streaming into the open windows of her home. It was a beautiful, warm summer morning in the Forrell Mountains, the eastern wind rising up from the plains and bringing with it the smell of flowers growing wild.

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