“Fertile Hunting Grounds”

Fertile Hunting Grounds
by Unknown

>Chapter 1<

0 Months Pregnant

“Ha! I thought you were better than this, but it looks as though I was wrong… You’re sluggish, you’re getting tired, and that means nothing but death…!”

The words echoed in Latt’s mind, and in his ears. They were words that seemed to have been said to him far too many times in his short life, and if it wasn’t those exactly, it was something like them. “Too slow”, “Try harder”, “Be better”…

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by Unknown

What happens when you give too much fertility drugs to an over fertile fox.

Let us first introduce the victim of our tail, er I mean tale. Entering a rundown barn converted to some type of primitive looking lab is our big bad wolf dressed in a lab coat. He is not a thin, short, or geeky looking type. He is a massive 9 feet tall and maybe tipping the scales at a full 1000 pounds. Yet not an ounce of fat upon this massive mountain of wolf, he is packed to bulging with slab upon slab of tight rounded muscle.

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“One Way to Cure Loneliness”

One Way to Cure Loneliness
by Smokey Blue Dragon
Commissioned by ECMajor

– – – – –

Life bustled about the farmers market. It was a rather warm day, one of the first days of summer in fact. It promised to be bright and clear while not becoming oppressively hot. Fruits and vegetables were being sold as well as livestock, and that was just what a pair of violet and emerald eyes wanted to see. A tan and cream colored lady strolled along the stone path, a soft clop following her every step as she entered the stables. The bold aroma of farm animals wafted into her nostrils, sending a soft shiver down her spine, even causing her to give her tail a soft flick. So much to choose from, and she had plenty of money to spend. A giggle escaped her as she glanced left and right, giving each stall and its occupant a good look. As she all but squealed looking over the stock, an elderly fox in overalls and glasses approached, gazing at the youthful unicorn standing before him.

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