“Fertile Hunting Grounds”

Fertile Hunting Grounds
by Unknown

>Chapter 1<

0 Months Pregnant

“Ha! I thought you were better than this, but it looks as though I was wrong… You’re sluggish, you’re getting tired, and that means nothing but death…!”

The words echoed in Latt’s mind, and in his ears. They were words that seemed to have been said to him far too many times in his short life, and if it wasn’t those exactly, it was something like them. “Too slow”, “Try harder”, “Be better”…

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“Baby Factory”

Baby Factory
by Dragonfly

Darla jumped for joy at the positive test result. Right there in front of her was the delightful little “+” mark showing that she was finally carrying the little bundle of joy she had been trying for for several years.

Bluntly put, Darla was a slut.

A prostitute by profession, she humped as many guys as possible, as often as possible, and insisted on no condoms, ever. She had obsessed about pregnancy since going through puberty years before, but nothing ever seemed to work. Now, at last, her dream had finally come true.

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“Tale Of Two Children – The 6th Night”

Tale Of Two Children – The 6th Night
by Maxi

The day had been rather tiring for the prince, having met with the king’s officials for the whole morning, then discussing military strategies with General Tania. By the time that was all done, he had to even visit some villages to maintain the royal family’s positive image.

He returned to the castle, stopping by the table for some supper. Though he was surprised Princess Lisette didn’t join him for the meal, and was even informed she ate early.

“I guess she had a reason..” Edward said to himself.

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