“A Halloween Egg Hunt”

A Halloween Egg Hunt
by Miss Mouse

The Autumn wind came down the rocky slopes of Sunrise Mountains, bringing the clean scent of cold air from higher up. The season was a particularly cold one, snow having already fallen once in the woods, and the mountains still dressed in white far below their barren peaks.

As she hiked, Beatrix paused for a moment to look back and see the forest of her home stretching out behind her to the mountains in the distance, bracing her green, pointed hat with her hand to keep it from blowing away. She was not homesick, for she had only been gone for one night and would be back before long, but she enjoyed the view from on high and how small it made everything seem.

Thoughts of home in her heart, she wrapped her cloak tighter around her shoulders and turned back to the path ahead, her staff beating a rhythmic pattern as she climbed.

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“Blood & Milk – Alleyway

Blood & Milk – Alleyway
by Miss Mouse

This piece is part of a larger project, a story set in Victorian London, focusing on Cecily Marston, a governess for a wealthy family who falls pregnant by her employer. Not long afterwards, she is predated by a vampire named Anila, and the two develop a relationship. This scene, “Alleyway” is set somewhere in the later part of the story.

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“Aria: In her Lover’s Arms (part 3)

Aria: In her Lover’s Arms (part 3)
by Miss Mouse

It took many long weeks, but Aria recovered from her ordeal, safe in her home in the Forrell Mountains, Beryl caring for her day and night. She took it easy, spending her days laying in bed and resting, however much she may have wanted to go about her exercises and chores.

Routine was fulfilling for Aria, and a life devoid of it made her uneasy.

Beryl saw to her every need, bringing her food, washing her, massaging her sore muscles, helping her walk when the idleness became too much… It was a lot of work, but she was up to the task.

By now, Aria’s pregnancy had become a severe obstacle. In the few months that had passed since her captivity, her belly had grown prodigiously, now taking up Beryl’s usual spot on the bed. It weighed as much as she had before becoming pregnant, and Kera’s movements were extremely powerful now.

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“Unexpected Things”

Unexpected Things
by Norm

Marcia arrived at school with her usual punctuality, standing outside the library in time to meet the librarian as she arrived to unlock the doors. She was supposed to be meeting with Leena to catch up after Spring Break, but Leena was… less than reliable not one for waking up early.

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“Aria: In the Mountains (part 1)”

Aria: In the Mountains (part 1)
by Miss Mouse

Aria Silversong awoke at the moment of sunrise, the light just peaking over the horizon and streaming into the open windows of her home. It was a beautiful, warm summer morning in the Forrell Mountains, the eastern wind rising up from the plains and bringing with it the smell of flowers growing wild.

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“Experiential Learning”

Experiential Learning
by Miss Mouse

Maddie Miller was huge.

It wasn’t really a surprise—women in her family always carried long—but she had expected some leniency from her genetics on account of her carrying twins. No dice, though. So it was that at 42 weeks and 3 days pregnant, she was standing in front of her class, teaching.

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