“Unexpected Things”

Unexpected Things
by Norm

Marcia arrived at school with her usual punctuality, standing outside the library in time to meet the librarian as she arrived to unlock the doors. She was supposed to be meeting with Leena to catch up after Spring Break, but Leena was… less than reliable not one for waking up early.

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“All in the Name of Science”

All in the Name of Science
by Miss Mouse

Warning: this story describes a woman carrying a tentacle monster in her stomach and birthing it through her mouth in a semi-traumatic fashion. If that doesn’t sound good to you then you probably shouldn’t read it.

The egg was only the size of a marble, but Kallie still hesitated. It was an orange-ish yellow, slick and ever-so-slightly soft to the touch. The thing reminded her of a pearl or a beautiful, alien jawbreaker. If she tried, she could almost make herself think of it as food, but that did little to embolden her.

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“Experiential Learning”

Experiential Learning
by Miss Mouse

Maddie Miller was huge.

It wasn’t really a surprise—women in her family always carried long—but she had expected some leniency from her genetics on account of her carrying twins. No dice, though. So it was that at 42 weeks and 3 days pregnant, she was standing in front of her class, teaching.

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