“Fertile Hunting Grounds”

Fertile Hunting Grounds
by Unknown

>Chapter 1<

0 Months Pregnant

“Ha! I thought you were better than this, but it looks as though I was wrong… You’re sluggish, you’re getting tired, and that means nothing but death…!”

The words echoed in Latt’s mind, and in his ears. They were words that seemed to have been said to him far too many times in his short life, and if it wasn’t those exactly, it was something like them. “Too slow”, “Try harder”, “Be better”…

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“A Difficult Centaur Birth”

A Difficult Centaur Birth
by Unknown

It was morning in the grassy homelands, high up on the mountain. The summer air was warm, and the sun had just finished rising in the sky. On this mountain, hidden from humans and other predators, a herd of centaurs thrived.

The herd was large, dozens of females and males. They were ruled and dominated over a powerful stallion leader. His coat was as black as night, and he was a stern ruler. They were however, the last centaurs.

So they were close to ceasing to exist. To prevent the dreaded extinction, it was constantly breeding season for the herd.

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“The Open Window”

The Open Window
by Unknown

I see her now, playing with her girls in her yard next door. The last two and a half years seems like it has gone by so fast, but I remember a time in the past when time didn’t go by quick enough.

I was just fixing to enter the seventh grade in the heat of August when they moved in next door. The four of them drove up: two in the moving van and two in a late model four door Chevrolet. The two parents were average in appearance and by no means Ozzie and Harriet. The older of the two children, although neither of the two would have been called a child, was a tall guy probably eighteen or older. The other was his sister, a brunette, small in stature, but as anyone could see, blossoming quite nicely. She was no more than fifteen, or at least she would appear to have been fifteen; that was what I thought fifteen year old girls were supposed to look like anyway. It was several months before I discovered she was still only fourteen, which made her ripely blooming figure even more remarkable.

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“How Many?”

How Many?
by Unknown

Layla McDonald; 21 years old,fairly slim body, C-cup breasts, cury hips, and long, brunett, almost black hair. She was a really nice person, anyone you asked would tell you that. She was always willing to help if you needed it, and she was always there to talk to if you were expieriancing some sort of distress.

    She lived with her older sister, Sara, in a marvelous house out on the beaches of California. The two decided to move out here after Sara, who was a fantastic scientist and one of the leading minds in virtually ALL feilds of research, acquired a highley sought after position at a nearby university.

    This is where our story begins.

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Unknown Pokemon Ovi Story

Unknown Pokemon Ovi Story
by Unknown

“Um, excuse me?”

“Just a moment!”

Nurse Joy finished sorting pokeballs and hurried back to the counter where a trainer in her late teens was waiting for her, a blonde-haired dark-skinned girl in her late teens dressed in a sporty black and yellow outfit with a red cap adorning her head, as was popular amongst the young trainers. She was also, as Joy couldn’t help but notice, obviously pregnant somewhere in the late second trimester, a slightly oddly shaped baby bump making itself known on her otherwise slim but curvy frame. Joy also couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t much bigger than the trainer’s rather impressive breasts, making her feel slightly self-concious about her petite chest. Kids these days were far too overdeveloped.

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by Unknown

What happens when you give too much fertility drugs to an over fertile fox.

Let us first introduce the victim of our tail, er I mean tale. Entering a rundown barn converted to some type of primitive looking lab is our big bad wolf dressed in a lab coat. He is not a thin, short, or geeky looking type. He is a massive 9 feet tall and maybe tipping the scales at a full 1000 pounds. Yet not an ounce of fat upon this massive mountain of wolf, he is packed to bulging with slab upon slab of tight rounded muscle.

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“Summoning Sickness”

Summoning Sickness
by Unknown

Lorelei awoke with the sun in her eyes and immediately regretted doing so. Her head was full of cotton. Her belly was full of syrup. The taste in her mouth was sour and unpleasant.

“Ah-ehh.” Unwisely, she stood, wobbling. The resulting wave of nausea was abrupt and crippling. She collapsed like a marionette handled by an incompetent puppeteer. She remained for a few moments in the position of her fall, hoping that her body would recuperate of its own accord.

Her ceremonial headdress, with its chromatic feathers and its single, jutting horn, sat lopsided on her head. Odd; why would she had been wearing it prior to the –

The ritual.

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