“O’vix, the Overfilled

O’vix, the Overfilled
by Miss Mouse

This story was inspired by the artwork and characters of HimitsuDragon, although this is my interpretation of his setting and doesn’t necessarily reflect his views or ideas.

The idea is that when Demons get too pregnant and pop, they burn up and respawn in a new body. It’s harmless, but one young Demon is very into it. So there’s bursting, but no gore or fear or graphic detail. Y’all skip out if y’all don’t want that.

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“A Halloween Egg Hunt”

A Halloween Egg Hunt
by Miss Mouse

The Autumn wind came down the rocky slopes of Sunrise Mountains, bringing the clean scent of cold air from higher up. The season was a particularly cold one, snow having already fallen once in the woods, and the mountains still dressed in white far below their barren peaks.

As she hiked, Beatrix paused for a moment to look back and see the forest of her home stretching out behind her to the mountains in the distance, bracing her green, pointed hat with her hand to keep it from blowing away. She was not homesick, for she had only been gone for one night and would be back before long, but she enjoyed the view from on high and how small it made everything seem.

Thoughts of home in her heart, she wrapped her cloak tighter around her shoulders and turned back to the path ahead, her staff beating a rhythmic pattern as she climbed.

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“(Commission Preview) Further Testing”

(Commission Preview) Further Testing
by Miss Mouse
for KojiroSasakii

Warning: this story describes a woman carrying a tentacle monster in her stomach and birthing it through her mouth in a semi-traumatic fashion. If that doesn’t sound good to you then you probably shouldn’t read it.
This is a sequel to my story “All in the Name of Science.
Read that first.

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“For the Babies”

For the Babies
by Miss Mouse

“Marceline, this is ridiculous,” said Bonnie, her hands folded atop the mountain of her belly as she sat in her chair. She had been relaxing in her study, minding her own business, when Marceline tracked her down. “I’m fine.”

“Are you? Because I was by your side all evening and you didn’t take one bite of food.”

“I was busy with the party and all the guests coming by give gifts and congratulate us. You know how these things are, they’re a lot of work!”

“You shouldn’t be working in your condition!” Marceline pleaded, taking Bonnie’s hands in her own. “Think of the babies.”

“I’m fine, Marcy. We’re fine.” She pressed Marceline’s hand against her belly. It seemed the babies were almost always moving these days, turning over, looking for space in their increasingly-cramped womb.

The birth was imminent. She’d been having irregular contractions for almost a week, but that was normal at this stage. Actual labor had yet to begin, and Bonnibel was constantly reassuring her anxious and overprotective lover that she didn’t need to be on bedrest or in the hospital yet.

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by Miss Mouse

This story is a sequel to “Willow” and you should probably read that first. It should be available anywhere this story is.

The storm hit as I was coming back down the mountain. It was one of those freak things, a summer storm clear out of the blue. But as the first raindrops fell on the path before me, I knew that Willow had been right.

Very right.

“Willow? Hey, Willow, can you hear me? Over.”

Silence, a short burst of static.

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“Blood & Milk – Alleyway

Blood & Milk – Alleyway
by Miss Mouse

This piece is part of a larger project, a story set in Victorian London, focusing on Cecily Marston, a governess for a wealthy family who falls pregnant by her employer. Not long afterwards, she is predated by a vampire named Anila, and the two develop a relationship. This scene, “Alleyway” is set somewhere in the later part of the story.

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by Miss Mouse

I came up around a bend in the trail to see her standing in a clearing by the path, a bundle of twigs in one arm. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing; this far up the mountain everyone you ran into was an experienced hiker, prepped and outfitted for the wilderness.

And here was a woman who looked better suited for a drum circle in the park.

She looked college-aged, her young face dotted with freckles and a little smudged with the dirt of the woods. Her clothes all looked homemade, her top being little more than a length of blue fabric wrapped around her chest and tucked into itself. In a similar fashion, her ankle-length skirt seemed to be a few layers of different-colored fabric on top of each other and fastened across her hips. Her sandals looked like the sort a college hippie would wear, being mostly woven hemp of the same fashion as her tasseled bracelets and necklaces were.

The woman was very pregnant, the great swell of her belly pushing her breasts to either side as they rested atop it and forcing her skirt down from her waist. As I watched, she awkwardly began to crouch, struggling to pick up a twig with her limited ability to bend.

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“Aria: In her Lover’s Arms (part 3)

Aria: In her Lover’s Arms (part 3)
by Miss Mouse

It took many long weeks, but Aria recovered from her ordeal, safe in her home in the Forrell Mountains, Beryl caring for her day and night. She took it easy, spending her days laying in bed and resting, however much she may have wanted to go about her exercises and chores.

Routine was fulfilling for Aria, and a life devoid of it made her uneasy.

Beryl saw to her every need, bringing her food, washing her, massaging her sore muscles, helping her walk when the idleness became too much… It was a lot of work, but she was up to the task.

By now, Aria’s pregnancy had become a severe obstacle. In the few months that had passed since her captivity, her belly had grown prodigiously, now taking up Beryl’s usual spot on the bed. It weighed as much as she had before becoming pregnant, and Kera’s movements were extremely powerful now.

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“Aria: In the Lion’s Den (part 2)”

Aria: In the Lion’s Den (part 2)
by Miss Mouse

Erazar the Mad paced about his lair, one paw holding his cane and the other gripping his gnarled bone pipe. The lion-headed Rakshasa puffed away, pleased with himself. Everything was coming together nicely: he had the half-elf girl in his possession and Beryl knew that. She would be along shortly, rushing headlong into his trap.

In the meantime, he had a little show to watch: the half-elf (what was her name? Arlen? Arbor? It didn’t matter, honestly) was suspended from the ceiling of the chamber, chains running from her wrists and ankles to the ceiling and walls.

She was completely naked, and not just for humiliation this time (though, that was a plus). The girl was pregnant, her small, thin body swollen greatly by the child in her womb. Erazar thought she looked just about to burst and as delicious as that thought was, he had something else in mind.

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“Aria: In the Mountains (part 1)”

Aria: In the Mountains (part 1)
by Miss Mouse

Aria Silversong awoke at the moment of sunrise, the light just peaking over the horizon and streaming into the open windows of her home. It was a beautiful, warm summer morning in the Forrell Mountains, the eastern wind rising up from the plains and bringing with it the smell of flowers growing wild.

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