by Jim Fingers

(If you are offended by detailed descriptions of sexual activity between consenting adults, please stop reading right now. If you like these detailed descriptions, please email your remarks to jfingers@hotmail.com.)

Part 1 – The Invitation

She tried not to lie to herself very often, but she couldn’t stop herself this time.

She couldn’t afford to raise her hopes too high. She hung up the phone.

“Dammit, I don’t know why I did that! I’d much rather stay home tonight.”

Angela fiddled with her hair pensively as she weighed the invitation she had just accepted. She really ought to stay home. She was still moving in, still had some boxes to unpack. At least the place was presentable now. She had only one outfit left to wear. She had made sure of that in advance. Everything else was in the washing machine. She slammed the lid and started the cycle just as the phone rang. Her last clean outfit would have to be okay. She stepped into her bedroom to get ready. He would be here in only an hour.

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