New feature: “Looking for a Story”

I’m proud to announce a new feature for this site: “Looking for a Story!” We have a new page over here where you can describe a story that you’d like help locating and we’ll post the descriptions if we don’t have it on hand! Hopefully, other users will see the post and submit the story, or at least let us know where it can be found.

All unfulfilled requests will be listed over in the new Bounties page!

Two New Tags

I’ve just added two new tags!

Burst-Teasing – Which is for near-bursting stories, stories where bursting is discussed (to some serious degree), where a character thinks they’re going to burst, etc. I guess I would say it requires at least one scene where bursting is discussed or presented as a real possibility.

Stuffing – For stories which involve stuffing, either self-stuffing or force-feeding.

I’m not going to go back through the library and check every story to see if they fit these tags, but if you let me know I’ll update the listings to reflect the new tags.

— Miss Mouse


As of today, the Mouse Den is officially open to the public! Please take a look around and enjoy your stay… maybe even submit something!

I’d like to take a moment to reiterate our policy on newer works:
We seek to archive as many stories from all over as possible, but especially older works from defunct sites and authors who are no-longer active.

We do not have a strict rule against it, but please do not submit works by active authors who have sites where they post their stories. We don’t want to take traffic away from them, and I don’t want to spend all day everyday scraping stories off of DeviantART.

That said, if you’re an active author and you want to submit something you wrote, or if you have received the author’s permission, we’ll gladly accept your submission!

If you see something of yours posted here against your wishes, send us a message and we’ll remove it, no questions asked!

If you’re an author with something on here, let us know and we’ll link to your site on our Authors page!

Thanks for understanding and enjoy our stories~
Miss Mouse