About Us

The Mouse Den is a website dedicated to compiling and preserving pregnancy fetish fiction. Sites like this have existed in the past and they’ve vanished over the years, so we thought we’d take a swing at doing it ourselves.

The Admins

Miss Mouse
I’m the main site administrator in charge reviewing and posting stories (and I wrote some of them!). If you submit something, I’m the one who reads it.
When I’m not messing around with this site or working my real job, I write pregnancy fiction! If you’d like to support me and my writing, consider visiting my Patreon page~

I’m the server dude that keeps most of this place running.

I’ve always wanted to run my own site for this particular kink, and in collaboration with Miss Mouse, it is our aim to bring you a space on the internet to enjoy vetted, well-curated stories to satiate that particular urge. 😉