“Playing Mommy”

Playing Mommy
by Himitsu Dragon

Chp.1 “How it started” 

Jen parked her car across the street to a tag sale, looking it over closely. Jen always loved tag sales, all the cute and wonderful items that she could find. So many little trinkets she’s collected from her past, reminding her of so many wonderful memories of her childhood. Questioning herself again, “Just because I look younger then I really am, doesn’t mean I have to keep stopping at these tag sales to buy more toys…” trying to figure out if the way she looked made her act childish, or cause mentally she was immature. Sitting in the car for a while, trying to decide if she should just leave or not, she reached for the car keys in the ignition. 

Getting out of her car, her purple skirt blew in a sudden gust of wind, her hands flying down to save some modesty. Her face turning red, but no one noticed such a slim simple girl. Jen sighed, little disappointed no one cared to peek…, and walked up to a table. Stopping before it with a little hop in her step, Jen looked over all the little items that covered the old looking table. Grinning happily at all the little toys before her, her eyes wide with wonder at so many… “Wait… is that!” Jen stopped and gasped. It was an old, kind of raggedy, covered in patches, perfect doll! It was so old. The colors had faded and become dull, but it looked so much like the doll she played with as a child! 

Her little hands snatched it up. Jen’s little feet quickly rushing her over to the old woman sitting at a table, who was leaning back in her rocking chair, fanning her self to keep cool. “Please, please, please!” Jen almost danced with joy. “Can I please buy this doll! It’s so cute and I use to have a doll like this when I was young!” Her hands clutched the doll tightly. The old woman was about to speak, but Jen chocked up another “please!” The old woman smiled and tried again… “Please!” Jen interrupted again… The old woman, defeated, smiled and nodded instead, opening the tin box on her desk. Jen stumbled with her little purse and pulled out a fresh 20$ dollar bill. Planting it on the desk with a thud, the old lady’s eyes went wide at such a large sum for an old doll made of rags. The old woman was about to speak again, but Jen was already rushing off to her car, forgetting to look both ways before crossing. Luckily the old road was dead and Jen jumped into her car, placing her prize on the passenger side seat. Jen smiled down at the limp doll sitting across from her “Hehe, We’re going home!” she giggled. She started the car, waving good bye to the tag sale and old woman. The old woman just let out a sigh, leaning back, fanning the warm air off with her fancy fan, a slight grin on her old face. 

The apartment door flew open under the excited forceful push. Jen entered clumsily, dropping her purse past the table she was aiming for, her car keys falling into a boot. Kicking off her shoes, she slid across the wooden floor on her socks. Running through the small apartment, she eventually slid into her room, breathing heavily with excitement as she walked over to her dresser. Moving things about, she made room for her new toy. Sitting it up, it limply tilts to the side giving it a cute little charm. A sigh left her mouth as she patted the doll on the head. Walking out the room, a moment later she was leaning back to peak and smile at the cute little thing again before heading off to get some work done. 

Chp.2 “That Night” 

The apartment was warm and humid. Jen tugged at her tan-ish top, folding up her laptop, having finished enough work to take the rest of the night off. Slipping off to her room, she smiled at her new little friend. As she opened her dresser and pulled out her white nightie, folding it over her arm she turned on her toes then walked out to take her bath. From her room, you could hear the sound of running water as Jen drew her bath. Jen let out little squeaks and giggles of joy, always enjoying washing off the days sweat and grime. A few minutes passed and Jen had dried off and slipped on her nightie. Feeling the gentle fabric flow across her lithe body as she made her way back into her room, she frowned, realizing how late it was as she passed her kitten clock that was hanging on the wall. 

The dinner meeting had taken longer then she had liked, but the meal was filling and tasty. Probably the best part of the meeting! Jen had thought her day would end badly with that meeting, but was so happy at the little gift she came across at the tag sale. With a little skip in her steps, she went to her dresser and smiled at her little doll. “Oh I have so many precious memories of you my little friend!” Leaning over her doll, her mind flooded with memories. Playing tea time, hide & seek, and suddenly her face turned red. Playing mommy was one of her favorites! 

Memories floated up from her past, her mother’s tummy growing out larger each day as her little sister grew inside. Her mother had told her that her little sister was growing inside that large bulge. After that, she used to go to her room and place her dolly under her clothing, to make her own large belly. Red filled her cheeks even more. As she remembered her hands rubbing over her dolly stuffed clothing and pretend it was her own baby. Her heart sank though. Looking down at herself, she remembered how her under developed body looked and how it seemed men were never really interested in her. Then work had taken up so much of her time. In her heart she had always wanted to start a family. Jen could only imagine the feeling of her belly growing and filling with a son or daughter of her own. Slumping down onto her bed, she laid back and stared up at the ceiling her mind racing with regrets, what ifs and sorrow. 

It was a while before a grin finally over came her frown, with a start, she sat up, her dark hair flopping into her face. With a delicate finger she brushed the dark strands from in front of her eyes. She hopped up and walked over to her doll. Picking it up, she looked it over closely. It looked clean enough, considering what condition it was in. Turning to her sliding closet door, she pulled it out, revealing her full length mirror on the other side of it. Looking over her body closely, a frown crossed her face again. She wasn’t very tall, or shapely, though she didn’t mind being thin and healthy. It was “good” would cross her mind as she looked over her body “kind of” she frowned looking at her almost flat chest. Shaking her head to clear the fog of doubt away, she looked to her doll with another smile “Well, you’re about the size of a baby, if not a little bigger. You’re also so soft and clean!” Holding the doll close to her chest, Jen could feel how fast her heart was beating. 

Looking the doll right into those button eyes with her green eyes, she gave it a little kiss on its cute red stitch mouth. Biting her lip, she lifted her nightie up, and placed the doll slowly under it. Her face flushed as she started to actually get a little excited about this childish game. Letting her nightie fall over the bulge the doll made, she smoothed it out with her hands, turning in profile to see her playful accomplishment. Rubbing her hands over the bulge lovingly, smoothing out the wrinkles in her nightie. Her heart skipped a beat at how much she loved this feeling! Staring down as her hand caressed over the round belly that was stretching her nightie and pushing out from her thin waist. Looking up, she smiled at herself in the mirror, rubbing every inch of her false belly. 

Jen admired herself for a long while, taking in the feelings and the sight of her belly pushed out. Her eye caught sight of her little cat shaped alarm clock. Pouting a little, she felt like she could go all night like this. It was getting late, she had lost all track of time and she had things to do tomorrow. With a sigh, her hands started to lift her nightie to put her doll away. When suddenly her belly stung painfully, causing her to bend forward with a gasp. “Ugh… Wa-What was that…?” Jens hands clutched the doll hidden under her nightie, finding it was firm and unyielding now. Gasping slowly for air, she slowly tried standing up again. Her hand rubbed across the bulge again. Still feeling a little odd, she started to lift her nightie, only to be hit with another pain even worse the before. Leaning forward, she braced herself, with the mirror/door. Jen hung on tightly as the pain shot through her. Jen panted meekly, rubbing the doll under her nightie absentmindedly. The pain slowly passed and she weakly stood up again, feeling an odd sense of weight pulling her forward “A pulled muscle?“, the thought of a pulled muscle passed though her mind. 

This time, she just let go of her bulging middle, thinking her doll would just fall to the floor. Rubbing some stray tears from her eyes, she waited for the soft plop her doll should have made. It never came. Jen steadied herself on her feet, and with both hands felt for the doll. Her mind was flooded with an odd feeling, as if she could feel her hands on her belly as she caressed the doll under her nightie. Jen looked closer in the mirror. Her belly seemed smoother and more rounded then a nightie with just a doll under it should look. Shaking, her hands rested onto her rounded nightie. It felt almost solid now and it was too much for her to understand all at once. Her eye winced as her hands slowly slid down and griped the bottom of her nightie, fearing the pain again as she tried to look under it. Jen could feel her heart pounding faster in her chest. Jen had to see what was going on under there. She had to see for herself and she lifted her nightie. Standing wide eyed, she stared at herself in the mirror, taking a shaky step back. Her nightie was lifted up and over a pink, swollen belly with a pushed out belly button, pointing at the mirror. 

Bottom lip quivering she held back a scream, her hands let go of the nightie, only it didn’t slide down by itself. Instead, her nightie remained perched on top of her swollen form, her hands shaking just inches away. Gulping, “Th-This can’t be real…! I mean” With a little effort, she coxed a hand to touch the pregnant looking belly sticking out from her. Jen’s hand gently rested on the tight skin of her belly. making what she saw all the more real to her. She started to rub in a circular motion, feeling how tight and firm her belly was. Jen’s mind was racing trying to make sense of everything. “My belly, but how…? The doll?” Reaching up with the other hand, she began probing the taut sphere. With no give, her belly poked out and pushed back into her hand. She turned, taking in her profile again. Biting her lip again, “I look pregnant” she rubbed her belly “feel pregnant…” a sudden shift from inside her belly, followed by the sight of her taut belly bulging from a kick, confirmed it all. “I’m pregnant…” 

Slowly, she backed away from the mirror. Sliding the nightie back down over her belly, it stretched slightly at her poked out navel. With a plop, she sat down on her bed, regretting it quickly. She didn’t spread her legs wide enough for her belly, and it was pushed up into her ribs, giving her a pinch. Wincing again, she rubbed her ribs, spreading her legs slowly letting her heavy belly settle down between her thighs. Taking a moment just to take deep breaths and calm down some, she leaned back, finding it difficult to pull herself up to her pillows with her thin arms. 

Lying back in her soft bed, she kicked at her covers to push them out from under her. Out of breath she lay back for a moment, all the kicking tired her out. Grunting, she sat up to reach them again and pull them over her form. Frowning at the hill her belly made in the blankets, she gritted her teeth, lifting her heavy middle and turned herself sideways. It was only slightly more comforting to not see the covers propped up by her belly. Jen could still feel it though, as it rested heavily across the sheets. Feeling it again as she tried to curl up and her legs bumped into her belly. Mixed feelings flowed through her, eventually finding her eyes, where tears started to flow. Deep down, part of her was happy, almost giddy. Jen had finally got to feel what it was like to be pregnant. Fear and worry quickly took over “w-what am I going to do tomorrow…!” she chocked up as she cried. All the things that she could think of going wrong was filling her head, feeding the flow of tears running down her cheeks. The only relief was that she had tired herself out and quickly fell asleep.

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