“Suzuna Rolls Out”

Suzuna Rolls Out
by Mr–Jolted

Suzuna’s Big Day: Suzu Rolls Out

It was the last minute of the game. The two teams were facing off and the tension was high! The crowd was screaming. And the cheerleaders were all bouncing, except for one. Suzuna wasn’t very well built for this line of work, but her spirit always impressed the crowd and inspired the team! Or gave them something to point and state the obvious.

“Check out the flat pom-poms on that one…” was one of the comments she had to live with.

But right now, it didn’t matter! Her Sena was on the field and his skills were leading the Devil Bats to victory! She couldn’t help but falter her cheer a little when he smiled and nodded to her.

Suzuna was giving it all she had, and then some, in the hopes it would motivate Sena to do his best. In the middle of her cheer, she couldn’t help but think of Sena and her cheeks flushed at the post game victory date they might enjoy. Thoughts of their life together filtered in. Children came to mine and it made her smile, turning her face an even deeper shade of red.

That’s when it happened.

An odd quiver of her insides and a tightening of her skirt. It felt odd and strange, but it didn’t hurt or bother her much. Not wanting to let down the team, especially Sena, she carried on and ignored it. With each skip and cheer though, she felt bouncier?!

Still cheering, she let her eyes drift down to see what was shifting on her body. To her disappointment, tt wasn’t her chest, but her belly! What was once athletic and flat, was now a small little pouch that started to fill out. Dedicated to the team though, she ignored it the best she could. But that didn’t last, as it swelled out until it seemed like she was hiding a foot ball in there!

It was starting to seem odd to her. It didn’t seem much of a surprise to her as the ball seemed to be filling her hips and getting heavier, was still growing out. The skin of her belly getting more taut and stretched, but she felt use to it.

It was becoming obvious her cheering suffered from the growing mass. as she couldn’t jump as high. Resorting to lifting one foot or the other. The swell of her belly hung out more and more, and her back arched further and further back.

The crowed was starting to really notice now and to most, she seemed to almost be ready to drop a baby right there! One comment from an especially annoying man almost made her drop her pom-poms and stomp over to rip his ears off.

“HA! Her pom-poms are still flat!”

Some strange instinct, or something deeper, just kept her cheering! All the while, she was still swelling. From a profile of a woman about to have a baby any moment, to over due and past. Her massive belly on her small frame, jostled and bounced on her hips. The over filled belly settled deep in her hips, and was getting uncomfortable. Now it was becoming painfully obvious to her, she really had to pee now. Having a small frame, the belly over-exaggerated her swelling belly,  making her appear far larger than she really was.

The other obvious effect of having such a large belly, Sena finally noticed. His focus turned to Suzuna’s new overblown figure, and fumbled the ball. And before Monta could recover it, he spotted her as well and froze in his place like a deer in head lights. His nose dripped a little blood, before the ball knocked him in the head and a rival player smeared him across the grass.

And just like that, it was over.

With the game was lost, the team slowly shuffled off the field, some giving her looks of disappointment. Monta, however, was getting carried off on a stretcher. But he was still conscious enough to stare at her, giving her a shiver up her strained back. Sena looked lost and didn’t know what to do. But all she wanted right now, was for him to come and hold her.

Suzuna rested her arms resting to her sides as she felt all the pressure from the fans and team, almost as much pressure as she felt on her bladder. Everyone seemed to look away, disappointed at her. Like it was all her fault! The crowd blaming her for the lose, panic gripped her and she slowly began to cry. Her heart was racing in her chest, and the screams and rude comments from the fans only made it worse,.cutting deep into her self esteem. All she could do was hold her belly and feel the two lives inside her, that she some how knew were Sena’s, move and kick inside her. One hit her bladder and the other hitting her ribs, almost seeming to blame her too!

Well, not everyone blamed her. Himura had quickly pulled out a gattiling gun, and had started spraying bullets all about the field. Most of them directed at Sena. With his speed, Sena managed to dodge most of them by luck, and the rest by practice from all the previous murderous rages. It didn’t last long though, as Mamori stepped out onto the field and grabbed the gun away from Himura. She sighed, turned and walked away with the huge gun over her shoulder. Himura, seemingly defeated, slouched over and left.

Suzuna, however, wasn’t paying any attention. There were so many new sensations going on inside her. It was odd, though. They seemed like sensations she had gone through all ready, and a feeling of reminiscence filled her. Well, almost as filling as the feeling of the two lives moving around inside her over blown belly, that seemed far larger than her body seemed to be able to sprout. But there it was, as she slowly slipping to the soft grass. Her taut belly nestled onto her hips and thighs. It weighed her down like an anchor at the worse time.

Everyone just passed her by. Some pointing. Some laughing. Others simply ignored her, like she had committed some horrible crime. But none of them hurt as much as the little child that pointed at her and said

“Mommy, why is the cheerleader fat?”

With tear streaming down her eyes, Suzuna blinked, and all went dark.

Then it was over.


She woke up in tears, hair matted to her face from sweat. The emotions carried over from her dream, along with the mountainous belly towering over her. Her racing heart woke up the twins. They stirred and pushed around inside her, adding further to her emotional stress. She loved her twins, but this was to much. Being so big and having to stop her cheer leading, along with most other fun things she use to enjoy, was just to much for her handle. Then she looked to her side. The man sharing her bed had her full attention. Her sadness and emotional beating from the dream, turned to rage for what she reasoned was the cause of her current condition and misery.  Turning sideways on the bed, with one strong push from her legs, knocked him right off the bed.


Sena, who was sleeping peacefully, suddenly found himself on the floor. His back and side hurting, like a horse had just kicked him.


Hearing the voice of the one he loved, spitting poison at him brought him out of it. He sat up, rubbing his back to sooth the pain. He looked on the bed to find not a hate filled Suzuna, but a pile of tears and sniffles.

“Suzu… what’s wrong?”

He knew, however, what it was. The dream again. She missed cheering him on. And with the twins weighing her down, she had not been able to fulfill that desire in a long time. Mood swings didn’t help things either. Feeling guilty, and the love for her, got him up off the floor and he sat back on the bed next to her. Attempting to wrap one arm around her, only to be met with a push back. He gave her a little more time to calm down, and the second attempt was met with less resistance. She crumbled in his arms.

Suzuna hated and loved the man holding her right now. She hated having to hang up her cheer leading uniform. She hated not being able to move around easily. But now she carried a part, well two parts, of him inside her. A mix of their blood, feelings and love that will one day enter the world, grow up and carry on for them. Something more then she had ever dreamed of and hoped for! But the hormones, cravings, tender parts and back pain was getting out of hand. Rubbing her heavy belly sitting on her lap, she couldn’t wait for them to arrive! And she couldn’t wait to get her slim figure back either. And it was more than a little disappointing that, with all the stress on her body that the twins where putting her through, her chest still remained petite.

It was almost an hour before she finally calmed down. His tender touch and loving kisses pulled her back to the reality of her condition. That he loved her, and the proof of that was growing inside her, and she was calm again. Calm enough to notice her bladder was yet again full. And with a little help, she made it to the bathroom just in time. Emptying her bladder, she splashed her face to clean off the salty tears. She sighed, putting a hand on her back to help support the heavy weight. Waddling back to the bed, she gave Sena a smile that assured him that he didn’t have to sleep on the floor or couch tonight.

With a lot of effort and strain, she hefted her weight back onto the bed and sank back into the mattress, covering her swollen frame. Sena leaned over and kissed her cheek. They both smiled at one another, both feeling how lucky they were. Drifting off again, she hoped to have better dreams and a more peaceful rest before the light of day woke her.

—The Next Morning—

The suns light pierced their bedroom window and graced Suzuna’s soft face. With the twins putting more and more strain on her body, Sena had gotten into the habit of letting her sleep in. And she needed more and more rest as she grew. She was very healthy and strong before and it only seemed to fuel the growth of their twins. That and the meals he learned to cook for her. At the moment he was making a BIG breakfast to serve her in bed. Though, with all the room the babies had started to take up, he had to serve her a little at a time.

It wasn’t Sena that woke her, or the sun’s rays, it was one of her twins pushing on her bladder that motivated her to get off the comfy mattress. When Sena walked in, he wasn’t too surprised to see her missing. A moment later, the toilet flushed and Suzuna was waddling out of the bathroom and back to the bed, rubbing sleep from her eyes. Picking up the sent of the breakfast, she waddled a little faster and met Sena with her first plate of food. The diet he kept her on was working a little too well and the babies gained a healthy size. Along with her backside, much to her dismay.

“It’s your fault they’re so big…” She teased, though part of her was serious.

Still, she kissed him, thankful he was there for her every step of the way, even though she pushes, or in last nights case kicks, him away.

Sighing, she knew after this meal, an hour or so later would be another. She didn’t mind much, it was keeping her and the babies healthy. Though, it made her rear end a little TOO healthy. That was something she noticed Sena didn’t mind. But she wished he’d feed her something that would make another part of her anatomy better! Sena watched Suzuna on the bed, clenching her fist in anger as her mind wondered. It was something he had to gotten used to as she went on mini rants in her own mind. He simply picked up the empty plate of food and left.

Breaking out of it, Suzuna straightened herself out the best she could and tumbled back in a lazy pile of hormones. Mumbling and flicking crumbs off the bed sheet, she plotted out her day, which was more than likely going to be her stuck in bed working on a Sudoku puzzle. That’s when something deep inside snapped. She was fed up being stuck in bed! The sun was out there and she hadn’t had any guests since her last mood swing while company was around. Kurita, in particular, was still depressed over the comments she made about his weight. Plotting it out, she eyed the closet, hardly filling in a number on her puzzle. Today was the day. Her mind was set, her determination was iron strong. Until Sena brought in the next plate of food!

With the plate of food being taken away, Sena told her that he’d be picking up groceries today. It was all to perfect, and the best time for her to put her plans into action! Sena left her with a glass of milk and a kiss to the cheek, before heading out to restock their food supplies. Hefting herself out of the bed, she downed the glass of milk with gusto and wiped off the white mustache.

“Ahhh… does a belly good…” she gave a gentle rubbing of her swollen middle. Eying the closet again, she was determined to go through with this!

Opening the door, she breathed heavily from either the excitement or the short waddle over to the door. Or maybe both. Eying her goal, she pulled out her roller blading outfit and then held onto the door handle as she lowered herself down to the floor. Slipping off her PJ top and slipping her old tube top on, she found to her dismay, it still fit perfectly util it reached her belly. Next came her sports shorts. She had to lie down on the floor to pull them up past her knew thighs and over her healthy posterior, with her large belly wobbling above her from the struggles. Succeeding with her shorts, and after a moments rest, she managed to get her knee pads on. Then came the tricky part, the roller blades.

Getting them on her feet wasn’t too bad of a chore. She’d slip them on and push them the rest of the way on with the walls help. Latching the straps was a completely different story though. Her belly was obviously in the way, and she wasn’t as dexterous as before she got pregnant. She finally pulled her legs under her in a sitting position, and with one hand, she did her best to latch them with one hand. Finally, after over 45 minutes of struggle, she started to question the sanity of what she was doing. It was a little late now though. She wasn’t going to waste this chance, and the sounds of cheerful birds and warm sun was too tempting. With a slow, steady motion, she held onto the door and slowly got her bearings and stabilized her feet. With a little more confidence, she left go and slid to the bed. First thing she noticed was her feet didn’t fit so well in the roller blades. Then she realized her hips were wider and legs pushed out, and it didn’t help her balance any.

Another 15 minutes later, she was set for the most part. Grabbing a bottle of water to take with her, she rolled around the apartment. It was kind of fun so far. She didn’t have to waddle, but her belly hung out for everyone to see. Shaking the embarrassing thoughts from her mind.

“I’m getting so pale, my belly almost looks like a dinosaur egg! I think we can use some sun, right?” she reasoned.

She held her belly and waited for a kick. She got two and smiled.

“That’s my little football players or cheerleaders… time to get some fresh air!”

With that, she picked up her keys and change purse, and left. Counting her blessings the apartment building had an elevator, she couldn’t imagine making it down the steps like this. She rolled herself right out of the building slowly, already getting a few odd looks.


Outside was all she hoped for!

The sun was warm and the wind was soothing over her over stretched skin. With a few sips of water, she rolled slowly down the side walk, a few cars nearly bumping each other as she rolled her way past them. Either the fact she was overly pregnant and hanging out of a sports outfit, or the fact she was rolling down the side walk with as little speed and effort as she could. Only down a block or so and she rolled into someone she didn’t expect to see!

“Ni-nii-san!?” She stuttered.

She didn’t expect to roll into her brother, who was holding a potted plant and a bag of candies. He stopped in his tracks and watched his sister roll to a hault on her roller blades before him.

“S-sis!? What are you doing out here?!” he looked her over, not sure what was more shocking. Her size, or the fact she was managing to roller blade.

Before he could say anything else, Suzuna started to break down into tears and huffy sniffles.

“Sis…? I haven’t even called you…” he said, caught off guard as suzuna’s hormones broke her down and she grabbed him in an awkward hug. He could feel his shoulder getting soaked while he patted her back and tried to comfort her.

“Um sis… you okay?”

He pulled her away from him gently to get a better look at her. She was starting to calm down, wiping her eyes.

“Sis… you’re looking good!” he commented, causing Suzuna to smile.

“How’s the sumo training?”

He smiled, she frowned and then began pulling his hair and elbowing him on the temple.

“Sis! Sis! Stop stop! Control the mood swings!?”

She calmed down, eventually. Holding the side of his head, he kept his distance from her.

“Sorry sis… can’t help it.”

He pulled out the bag of goodies he brought over. Noticing they were candies of all kinds, she happily accepted them. Then he held up the flowers, she accepted them before he remembered the note that read

“Love you lots sis! And since you’re twice as fat now there’s more to love!”

And the beatings resumed. . .

Suzuna soon tired out, much to her brother’s relief. Though, he had a hefty welt on his arm now where she punched him repeatedly. Huffing, she backed off to give him space and to feel safe to speak again.

Thankful, he rubbed his arm. “How are you feeling, my dear sister?”

“I’m doing better Nii-san… I had to escape that apartment and get some sun light before I faded away!”

She looked down and lifted her arms to emphasize her point, flashing her pale and light skin.

He nodded, still unsure if she should be out on roller blades. But he was sure he didn’t want another beating, so he kept his mouth shut and nodded in agreement.

“I can understand that…”

Suzuna flashed him a mean look and he put up his arms in defense.

“Nii-san… I doubt you can understand what it’s like…” there was a moment of silence before she continued, as if to think of everything first.

“I’m fat, I’m ugly, I have mood swings, I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m scared, I’m angry… so very angry.” she glared back at him again, he gulped nervously.

“I’ve got 40 or more EXTRA pounds of baby weight pulling me down, tiring me out and two babies that play foot ball with my insides…” she took another breath before continuing.

“My feet hurt, my skin itches, I’m hot, I’m cold, I’m hungry all the time and want to eat odd things. Last night I kicked Sena out of the bed… literally! Just cause I had a nightmare… I miss cheering for the boys and watching them fight so hard… I’m tired…” she leaned back and put her skates in park, taking the weight off her back for a while.

Her brother sat back along side her, looking off to the street and noticing the few stares here and there. He was starting to get a small taste of what she must be going through, sitting a little closer, he patted her on the back.

“Nii-San…” Suzuna’s eyes had started to water again.

“Oh come on Suzu… Don’t cry, you’re going to be a mother some time soon… have to be strong for them, right?” Suzuna was taken aback by her brothers words! Not just that they were kind and thoughtful, but also made sense!

“T-thank you nii-san!” She hugged him tight and he wrapped his arms around her as well, patting her on the back.

“Nii-san, I should start moving again… I want to do a few things before I get caught out here or cause a fender bender…” He nodded and gave her one more hug.

“I’ll stop by later and leave these gifts.” Raising the bags up to show off the little treats he got her.

Going their separate ways, Suzuna continued her odyssey. Rolling down the side walk, her stomach began to bump and kick. It was time to eat. Even on skates, she was wearing out. The warm sun slowly becoming her enemy as she started to sweat. Slowing down, she held onto the brick wall that surrounded the park, hanging on it while she strained and stretched to alleviate the stress on her back. Looking off at the trees swaying in the park, she thought it might be nice to stop by there. But, another couple of kicks snapped her out of her thought. First things first. Food.

Her nose leading the way, a sweets shop quickly lured her in with its sweet scents. Sena had kept her from having too many sweets, and she had missed indulging in chocolate covered treats. She picked out some chocolate covered peanuts and chocolate covered with coconuts. Never much cared for coconuts, but it seemed her babies did. Paying for all the treats, she was quickly surprised to run into someone she’d never thought to run into.

“Hiruma-san! What are you doing here?!” she blurted out as she spotted him.

“What the hell are you doing out… on those?” He pointed to her feet.

She put a hand on her hip and quickly retaliated. “Never pictured you having a sweet tooth.”

Himura seemed lost for words for a moment, till he gave in and spoke up.

“They’re… not for me…”

Now Suzuna was curious and began getting closer to Himura, her belly just inches away and it seemed to make him flinch. Picking up on this, the pregnant interigator got closer, backing Himura up against a wall of bon bons.

“Who are they for?” She threatened.

With her belly just inches away, he seemed almost nervous around it. Though her belly did seem like a huge balloon ready to blow.

“They’re… for… Mamori…” He looked down, defeated by the mighty belly before him. Suzuna backed away shocked, she didn’t expect that. There had to be some other reason!

In her stunned state, Himura took the moment to walk up and buy a box of chocolates and a few extra treats that he kept in his pocket. Sadly for him, her stunned state didn’t last long enough for him to escape, as she grabbed his shirt and was rolled along with him.

“Let go!” he shouted, and quickly got “No!” in return.

“Why are you buying her chocolates?! You’re not trying to black mail her, are you!” Suzuna’s tone getting more angered and she punched him in the arm.

“You jerk! You are black mailing her!” He did his best to ignore her, but finally gave in again.

“NO… They keep her off my back so I can be violent, so lay off already!” he grumbled back.

“Why are you too around each other so much then!?” It was starting to sink in, even before Himura answered.

“I like her…”


The two of them walked side by side, sharing glances at one another from time to time. Though Himura was doing most of the talking, Suzuna was eating her candy, as suggested by Himura for some odd reason.

“I’m meeting her for lunch today… I guess you’re welcome to come along… Can’t let a baby ball like you roll around out here unattended…” Suzuna almost choked on a chocolate covered peanut with that comment.

“… So… how long have you two be dating?” Suzuna asked back. Himura seemed lost for words.

“I good while… Now Shut up and eat your candy…” Suzuna pouted and stuffed a handful of candy into her mouth. She didn’t know why it was important to eat her candy now, but with her hormones going and her stomach rumbling and tumbling, she didn’t care.

Despite Suzuna dragging along behind him, they soon arrived at the place that Himura was planning to have lunch with Mamori. It was a cute little place, all kinds of tacky decorations on the walls, and the smells quickly made Suzuna’s mouth water again. Looking around, it didn’t seem like Mamori had arrived yet, so they took a table together and waited. Already some eyes were wandering over to Suzuna and her water melon sized middle. A giggly unsavory comment game from a table of immature males and made Himura’s ear twitch. He stood up on his chair and quickly had a fire arm aiming at them!

“What the HELL is your problem, you fckin’ little shits!”

The table of idiots had no sooner ducked for cover underneath and wet themselves, when suddenly Mamori almost seemed to appear from no where and took the gun away.

“What have I told you about pulling your weapons out in public! I’m not going to have my boyfri-…” She stopped short when she spotted Suzuna, her face turning beat red.

“Um… Hi Suzu… Um yeah, Himura is um… my friend that is… um…” Himura silenced her with a glance, as he tried to get his gun back. When that failed, he slumped back into his chair.

“She knows so theres no sense in hiding it…” Mamori seemed to be relieved

“I didn’t think he’d ever admit it to anyone…” She smiled and walked over to Suzuna to give her a hug. She hadn’t seen little Suzu in so long, and when she came up along her side and saw the massive belly hidden under the table, she almost fainted.

There before her sat Suzuna, with what looked like a watermelon hidden under her skin. She almost imagined green stripes over her taut belly, it really was that big!

“Um… Suzu, why are you out, you should be at home resting!” She couldn’t even understand how she managed to get out of the house, let alone walk. It was then she noticed the skates and it kind of made more sense. Suzuna was already feeling awkward with how Mamori was eying her, now she was getting the third degree. It felt like she was getting mouthed off to by her mother!

“Suzu! Why aren’t you wearing a jacket! Or pants for that matter! Skate shorts aren’t exactly good in your condition, they look so restricting! Do you want to cut off your blood supply?! And what’s that on your mouth?” She got real close and whipped it off with a napkin. Suzuna almost expected Mamori to spit on it first.

“It’s Chocolate isn’t! You should be eating bette-…!” She stopped there. By the size of Suzuna, maybe she didn’t need to eat better. . .

Himura had enough of this. He pulled out his secret weapon, a chocolate!

“Mamori, here, have this and leave the girl alone.” Mamori stopped the sweet before he even got it half-way over the table and snatched it, taking a seat next to Himura.

There, before Suzuna, she performed a magic trick and made it disappear in a flash of teeth and wrapper. It looked like Mamori was going to start up again with mothering Suzuna, but Himura pulled out another candy and diverted Mamori’s attention again. It was making more sense now, and she was thankful Himura told her to finish off her candies earlier. Even as Suzuna watched as Himura manipulated Mamori to leave her alone, she could almost imagine Mamor’s inner workings.

Little elves stoking a fire inside Mamori’s belly. Feeding it sugar from all the candy she was eating. Then the little elves would scream out

“We need more sugar! He’s pulled out another weapon!”

With Mamori sufficiently distracted, her attention turned back to Himura pulling out another gun. This one aimed at another boy that seemed to be eying Mamori and making rude gestures as if he was interested in her. Before a shot was even fired, Mamori snapped out of it snatched it away. Defeated yet again, Hiruma slumped back into his chair. He pulled out a fresh back of sugar-less bubblegum and ate a piece, popping a bubble a few minutes later.

Things seemed to calm down from there on out. They sat at the table together, and waited for the waiter to arrive. When he did, they each ordered their food. Mamori, however, would not stop trying to change Suzu’s orders over and over. Until Himura pulled out another candy, allowing the waiter enough time to make a hasty retreat and place their orders. Suzuna still couldn’t believe it. Himura and Mamori. She couldn’t see how it would work. But there they where, sitting before her. An odd, but very cute, couple! Then it happened.

A baby kicked and Suzuna flinched and fidgeted in her seat. Mamori nearly leaped at her, worried over what might be wrong.

“Are you okay Suzu! Is it time?! SOMEONE CALL THE. . .!” She was stopped mid-panic with a candy, this time from Suzu’s stash.

“I’m FINE… it was just a kick…” Then an idea came to Suzuna. She had never let anyone else, other than Sena, feel her babies kick. She blushed and smiled at Mamori.

“Would… you like to feel them kick?” Mamori face turned beat red, and she melted as her hand brushed the tight skin of Suzuna’s belly. Then something clicked in her head.

“Them? You don’t mean…” Suzuna nodded.

“Yep, twins” She blushed and smiled with pride for the first time in a long time.

Things seemed to calm down back down from there. Mamori seemed lost in thought for a long time after feeling Suzu’s babies kicking. Her eyes seemed to keep focusing on Himura, her own hand resting on her belly. It almost seemed she was entertaining some idea in her head and Suzuna was starting to pick up the hints and smiled. They enjoyed their meals and Suzuna felt better after getting something other then chocolate in her belly. Her babies seemed calmer and after a third gun scare from Himura, the little Café was all but empty and was so peaceful. They reminisced about their glory days and some of it made Suzuna tear up a bit, missing her cheerleader uniform. Mamori changed the subject and stared asking all kinds of baby and pregnancy questions that made Himura nervous. Suzuna caught the time, gulped  and nearly dropped her glass of water. It was getting late in the day and Sena was going to be home soon! They said their goodbyes and Himura did something very uncharacteristic of him.

He gave Suzuna a hug. . .?!


Saying their goodbyes, Mamori ordered Himura escort Suzuna home, going on and on about how she needs to be careful and safe, and how she can’t rush in her condition. Hiruma attempted to divert Mamori’s attention with a box of candy. She attempted to polish it off fast as she could, but not as fast as Himura rolled Suzuna out of the Café and on her way home. His hands were under her arms as he speed-walked behind her. It almost looked like a fellow pushing a wheel barrel along the side walked. What seemed like hours for Suzuna to do earlier, they arrived at her apartment within minutes. Helping her up to her room, he made sure she got inside. As she rolled off to her room to change, Himura stepped in and looked around.

“What the hell is this dump… you can’t be living here…”

Suzuna opened the door and chucked a puzzle book at him. “Shut up! And get out of here before Sena gets home!”

Himura huffed and walked out, shutting the door behind him.


Moments later, it opened again and this time it was Sena. “Suzu, I’m home!” He called out, putting the groceries down.

He had picked up some sushi for her lunch. In the room, Suzuna was in trouble. She had managed to get undressed pretty quickly, but she couldn’t get her skates off. In her panic, she got into bed and pulled the covers over her.

“Hi Sena! I’m just rest…ing! Yeah!” She huffed and puffed, out of breath from all the excitement and movement. Her twins were riled up and kicking up a storm.

“Stop kicking mommy!” She screeched through the side of her lips, as if her babies could hear her.

Sena came into the room with the plate of sushi and sat beside her. Seeing the sight of MORE food almost made her sick. She just had lunch with Himura and Mamori, not to mention all that chocolate she ate too.

“Um I’m not really hungry…”

Sena Frowned “C’mon, it’s sushi, you’ll like it. And the babies will thank you for it.” He picked up a piece and brought it to her lips.

She ate the piece and nodded. “It’s good, can I save the rest for later?”

Sena shook his head. “Now, now… if this is about you looking fat to me, for the 60th time, you don’t… now please…”

He fed her another piece, then another. Suzuna did her best to eat them, but she was really feeling sick now. Sena took the discomfort on her face and twitchy movements as her feet being swollen and painful again. He tugged up the sheets and saw the skates.

“Um… Suzu, you care to explain. . .” he trailed off as she gulped and chocked down the last sushi.

“Right after I puke…”


He sighed and helped her out of her skates, her feet instantly feeling better. After a short trip to the bathroom, Suzuna returned admitted what she had done. Sena wasn’t sure what shocked him more. The fact Suzuna rolled out of the Apartment or that Himura and Mamori had fallen for one another. She still felt bad though. She didn’t like running out on Sena like this and now she almost regretted it.

“You were real lucky you bumped into Himura and Mamori. . .” Sena started, but gave in and hugged Suzuna after seeing the depressed and sad look on her face.

“Just don’t do that again… it’s only another 8 weeks or so…” he commented.

She grumbled, “Don’t remind me…”

He patted her head and went to fetch her puzzle book. He noticed it on the Kitchen table when he brought home the groceries. Brining it to her, she seemed to cheer up a bit. Opening it to the puzzle she was on, a small of paper and a few 10,000 yen bills fell out.

“What the… what is that?!” She picked it up and read the note: “For the little ones. P.S.Aand tell that fckin shorty to work harder and get you a bigger place, or I’ll beat his ass!” Reading the last line, Suzuna couldn’t help but let out a small giggle.


Sena decided to stay by Suzuna’s side to help her relax, and secretly make sure she didn’t run off again. But he knew that wasn’t too likely, especially after he just stuffed her with sushi. Her brother finally remembered to stop by. He had gone to a dinner to kill time before stopping over to drop his gifts off. He didn’t stay though, he had picked up a girl and wanted to take her out. He begged Sena to not tell Suzuna. Suzuna found out anyway, and became upset he had just left like that. Eventually she started crying so much on Sena’s shoulder, that he had to change his shirt. Opening the gifts, she brightened right back up She held up little white baby cloths, because they hadn’t gone to see what gender the babies where. She held it to her belly and started to doubt if it was big enough compared to how huge she “felt” This brought on more tears and random out bursts of “I’M FAT!” But Sena managed to calm her down before having to put things away and clean things up.

Back in the bed room after an hours worth of tummy aching and 3 bathroom trips, Suzuna started to feel better, but pouted again.

When Sena entered the room and caught her looking down. “Suzu… what’s the matter?”

Suzuna pouted and whimpered “I wanna go outside again…! The sun is still up and the weather is wonderful! Just This time… you can go with me!” She clung desperately to him, using her puppy dog pout to ruin any resistance he had hoped to use.

He left to make sure everything was put away and nothing was left on. But when he returned, she had already gotten up and started putting her skating cloths on eager to get outside again. To her dread though, she found that it fit… easily. Which only meant she had stretched them out!

“I Ruined it!” She cried, tears starting well up again.

Sena hugged her. “C’mon… You haven’t been wearing the maternity clothes we got. You’ve been staying home so much and wearing nothing but those nighties and PJs.”

With those words she suddenly snapped out of it and brightened up. Suzuna and Sena had gotten some lovely maternity dresses, but since she’s been getting so much bed rest she hadn’t really the need to wear them in public. Hugging Sena, she waddled to her closet. Opening the closet doors, she looked at the dresses, some even still had tags on them!

“Oooooh I like this one!” She pulled out a light blue sun dress, twirling it around to make the lose waves of fabric sway like blue wheat in the wind.

With help from Sena this time, she was able to get dressed easily and her maternity slipper were far more comfortable than her skates could ever be. As she looked in a mirror, she turned side to side, and something became painfully obvious. This dress was bought while she was “smaller”. Though it still fit, it was a bit odd looking. Her back side flattened out some of the waves in the skirt and her belly pulled it up the front of it a little more than she would have liked it to. Luckily the pregnancy hadn’t marred the look of her legs with any veins or stress, so it wasn’t that bad a sight seeing her lovely legs revealed.

Sena smiled, and was enjoying the sight as well. “You look beautiful.”

Suzuna blushed and waddled up to him, a dreamy look on her face as she awkwardly held him. Picking up a few items before they left they locked up and went out into the world together.


10 minutes out, and Suzuna was already tired. The heavy burden on her back and feet, that and the lack of skates to aid her mobility this time, was sapping her strength faster than she thought would happen.

“I miss my skates…” She huffed, leaning heavily on Sena, who tried his best to not show the strain of her weight on his face.

After a breather, they continued on. Luckily the park wasn’t that far off and there were plenty of benches for them to rest on. At this rate though, she wasn’t going to make it before she had to lean heavily on Sena again. He was worried she might collapse on top of him. Some of the strangers along the side walk seemed worried, and some were more than a little curious. One lady stopped and asked if she was in labor and needed help from the way she was straining and holding onto Sena. That and in her rather ‘huge’ size would make anyone think she should have had that baby months ago.

Panting heavily, they reached the park and took up the first bench they saw. Instantly sitting on the hard wood bench relieved the worry and strain on their bodies. Breathing in the fresh air and calming their aches and pains, they leaned onto each other and sighed. Not speaking, just enjoying each others company and presence. Until their rest was disturbed by a new presence who’s shadow literally blocked out the warm sun as it approached. As Sena looked up at the looming shadow over him and Suzuna, he held her tighter for a moment. Sighing with relieve the figure came into view, it was Kurita! The big fellow was stuffing his face with a crispy chicken wing and an arm holding a big bucket of K.F.C. Suzuna’s nose caught wind, and her eyes locked on, her interests were peeked. And it didn’t take long before her mouth watered for the treat Sena had been denying her for so long now.

“What are you doing here Kurita-san?” Sena asked as Kurita cleaned off a chicken bone.

“Ah! Sena-kun! I was out picking up a quick snack and thought to walk through the park on my way home”

He noticed Suzuna eying his chicken, and he reluctantly offered her one. Reaching out, she stopped a moment and looked to Sena. To her surprise, he nodded and let her snatch the crispy indulgence and she started devouring it immediately before he could change his mind. Enjoying the treat immensely, she licked her fingers clean and started to eye Kurita’s bucket of chicken again. Kurita pulled away in a defensive manner that made Suzuna pout in defeat.

Time passed and the three of them chatted for a while. Suzuna managed to manipulate two more pieces away from the reluctant Kurita when Sena’s watch went off.

“Oh no! I… I got to get to work!” Sena seemed to panic. He couldn’t risk being late.

Looking to Kurita with a pleading look. “P-please, can you Take Suzuna home?”

Kurita didn’t hesitate. “I’ll get her home, you hurry up!”

With that, Sena ran off, putting his special talent of running like lightning to good use. They waved him off and as Kurita turned to help escort her back home, but she was finding it difficult to even get off the bench. It became obvious Suzuna was going to need extra help getting home.

Standing there awkwardly, he was torn. Looking at his bucket of chicken and the friend in need, he gave in. Handing Suzuna the bucket of chicken, he wrapped his arms under her. He lifted the heavenly heavy pregnant woman in his arms, and right away he saw the error of this choice as Suzuna eyed the chicken that was just under her nose. Kurita started to shed tears as Suzuna gave in and started to devour the pieces one by one. Motivated to save his chicken Kurita moved faster and faster to get Suzuna home, all the while he could hear her lips smacking together as she polished piece after piece off.

Along the way across the street, Monta was waiting at the light. As it changed and he started walking across, he noticed the arge Kurita rushing past. It wasnt until after he passed that really cause his attention, Suzuna in his arms. Her watermelon sized belly on her lap and a quickly emptying bucket of K.F.C. perched on that.

“Belly MAX!” he muttered in dazed state as he stared.

Unfortunately, what he failed to notice was the car that suddenly raced past him, sending a terrifying fright up his spine as it narrowly missed him.

“Watch it!” He turned and shook his fist at the offending car and again he failed to notice the other one in time as the mattress tied to the top of it clipped his head, knocking him off his feet.

“Maybe I should get off the road…”


Finally getting her home, he set her down in the hallway and took back his bucket of chicken bones now. Fishing out her keys, she opened the door, stepped inside and stretched. It was good to be home. Feeling bad about eating all of Kurita’s chicken, she offered for him to come in and keep her company while she made him something to eat. Right away he tried to change her mind, not wanting her to strain or overwork herself. Suzuna grabbed his hand and squeezed him into the apartment. She wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

The two of them laughed and caught up on gossip, and she even spilled the beans and shocked Kurita about Himura and Mamori. Suzuna stood barefoot and pregnant in front of the stove as she made Kurita a deliciously smelling stir fry. When she first started falling for Sena, she worked hard to learn how to cook delicious meals. Though in the beginning, she had made him sick a few times. Luckily for Kurita however, she had improved greatly and enjoyed the chance to make him something to eat. Sitting together they continued to talk, though it was mostly one way as Kurita stuffed his face greedily with the home cooked meal.

They continued chatting, reminiscing on past times and big games. Moments when Suzuna’s heart raced for Sena. When he first revealed his true identity, and she could cheer him on by name. The time she stood up for him when all the other clubs tried to recruit him while he was sore from the previous game. The time she helped him stand when he was too tired and strained to on his own.  Time happily passing on quickly as night fell. Kurita made sure that Suzuna was set for the night before leaving to go home. She didn’t want to keep him to long and playfully belly nudged him out the apartment.

“Take care Kurita-kun!” She waved to him as he reluctantly walked down the hall.

“Call me if you need anything!” he called back happily.

Yawning, she waddled to her room and gathered up her bed time clothing, then waddled off to the bathroom. Awkwardly undressing, she never really could get use to the changes in her center of gravity with her ever growing middle. Running the water, she started a bath. And while the water ran, she looked herself over in the mirror. Checking her face she smiled at it’s youthful glow and the luck she had avoiding acne during her pregnancy. Looking lower she sighed with disappointment.

“C’mon… you’re supposed to grow during pregnancy…” She pouted at her chest.

Looking past that at her belly, she sighed again. Her small hands seemingly smaller as they rested on its tight surface.

“You on the other hand don’t have to grow anymore already!” Feeling a little kick, she smiled and all the aches and pains just washed away.

Suddenly remembering her bath, she turned the water off just in time before the tub overflowed. Having to let some water out so it didn’t overflow like last time when she “sank” in, as she put it.  

Slowly stepping into the hot water, she gently lowered herself into the waiting tub. Immediately she felt the weight on her back fade and the strain on her feet evaporate with the steam. Leaning back and letting her mouth sink into the water, she made bubbles and smiled. Looking forward, she saw the island her pale belly made in the middle of the bath. Taking the soap and placing it near the top, a sudden kick knocked it off and she giggled as she put it back. A moment later it was knocked into the water again. Reluctantly she strained and stretched to clean the day’s sweat and worry off her skin. The once easy and quick chore of washing herself becoming a half hour strain and work out, but at least the water helped support her. The water was still warm and she rested another hour, doing little more then rubbing her belly and make bubbles with her mouth.

Getting pruned now, she reluctantly pulled herself from the bath. Groaning, it was as if she had to get use to the heavy weight resting on her hips all over again. Slowly, she pulled herself out of the tub and dried off with 2 towels. They never could find one big enough. Yawning again, she made her way to her room and waiting bed. Wrapping one towel around her head, she slipped into her nightie and slowly lowered herself on the bed.  It was starting to get late, but she wanted to try and stay up for Sena. Flicking on the light and pulling her Sudoku book off the night stand she started working at a new puzzle. Time clicked on as she slowly closed her eyes and slipped off into sleep without knowing it.


Hours later, a tired and worn out Sena arrived home. Sighing from exhaustion, he grabbed a banana from the table and ate it. Quietly as he could, he snuck into the bed room. The sight of Suzuna sleeping made him smile, her puzzle book perched on the table her belly made. Gently, he removed the towel from her hair and the puzzle book from her stomach. Getting ready for bed was tricky while trying to note disturb her, but he managed to keep quiet enough and flicked off the light. Slipping in bed next to her, he couldn’t resist leaning over and gently planting a kiss on her for head. Her lips curled into grin, her eyes flickering open, but being half asleep and in the dark she could not make out the loving figure over her and her fist suddenly lashed out.

“OW! MY NOSE!” Knowing that voice anywhere, she whimpered and reached out for the face of her love.

Pulling him close, she kissed Sena tenderly, the pain on his face lessening until it no longer mattered. Snuggling close, his arm draped over her belly, his sore nose nuzzled close to her neck. They slowly drifted off to sleep together. One feeling as if in a dream, the other hoping their loved one will have a pleasant dream so he wouldn’t get kicked onto the floor. . .again.





The phone rang. Half asleep, Sena fumbled around and picked it up.

“Hello?” he groggily answered

“About time you picked up, fckin’ shorty” the abrasive voice answered back.

Trying to muffle the phone as best as he could, he responded; “Hiruma-san! Why are you calling me at this hour?”

“Shut up and listen! You’re quitting you damn job and working for me” Hiruma ordered

“W-What are you talking abo-. . .”

He was cut off. “Shut up and do as I say fckin’ shorty. I’d blackmail you if I could. But you’re just to fckin’ nice! Like I can go and say you’re cheating on Suzuna or anything. So just do it for the fckin’ brats on their way…”

Sena didn’t know how to respond. “B-But. . .I. . .Okay. . .Thank you Hiruma-san! Tha-“

But before he could finish, Hiruma interuppted again. “Don’t thank me. Mamori’s making me do it” And before Sena could even think of a way to respond, Hiruma hung up and all that could be heard was a dial tone.

“W-Wait…He didn’t tell me when I start. . .!”

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