Two New Tags

I’ve just added two new tags!

Burst-Teasing – Which is for near-bursting stories, stories where bursting is discussed (to some serious degree), where a character thinks they’re going to burst, etc. I guess I would say it requires at least one scene where bursting is discussed or presented as a real possibility.

Stuffing – For stories which involve stuffing, either self-stuffing or force-feeding.

I’m not going to go back through the library and check every story to see if they fit these tags, but if you let me know I’ll update the listings to reflect the new tags.

— Miss Mouse

“For the Babies”

For the Babies
by Miss Mouse

“Marceline, this is ridiculous,” said Bonnie, her hands folded atop the mountain of her belly as she sat in her chair. She had been relaxing in her study, minding her own business, when Marceline tracked her down. “I’m fine.”

“Are you? Because I was by your side all evening and you didn’t take one bite of food.”

“I was busy with the party and all the guests coming by give gifts and congratulate us. You know how these things are, they’re a lot of work!”

“You shouldn’t be working in your condition!” Marceline pleaded, taking Bonnie’s hands in her own. “Think of the babies.”

“I’m fine, Marcy. We’re fine.” She pressed Marceline’s hand against her belly. It seemed the babies were almost always moving these days, turning over, looking for space in their increasingly-cramped womb.

The birth was imminent. She’d been having irregular contractions for almost a week, but that was normal at this stage. Actual labor had yet to begin, and Bonnibel was constantly reassuring her anxious and overprotective lover that she didn’t need to be on bedrest or in the hospital yet.

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“Fertile Hunting Grounds”

Fertile Hunting Grounds
by Unknown

>Chapter 1<

0 Months Pregnant

“Ha! I thought you were better than this, but it looks as though I was wrong… You’re sluggish, you’re getting tired, and that means nothing but death…!”

The words echoed in Latt’s mind, and in his ears. They were words that seemed to have been said to him far too many times in his short life, and if it wasn’t those exactly, it was something like them. “Too slow”, “Try harder”, “Be better”…

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by Miss Mouse

This story is a sequel to “Willow” and you should probably read that first. It should be available anywhere this story is.

The storm hit as I was coming back down the mountain. It was one of those freak things, a summer storm clear out of the blue. But as the first raindrops fell on the path before me, I knew that Willow had been right.

Very right.

“Willow? Hey, Willow, can you hear me? Over.”

Silence, a short burst of static.

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