“A Difficult Centaur Birth”

A Difficult Centaur Birth
by Unknown

It was morning in the grassy homelands, high up on the mountain. The summer air was warm, and the sun had just finished rising in the sky. On this mountain, hidden from humans and other predators, a herd of centaurs thrived.

The herd was large, dozens of females and males. They were ruled and dominated over a powerful stallion leader. His coat was as black as night, and he was a stern ruler. They were however, the last centaurs.

So they were close to ceasing to exist. To prevent the dreaded extinction, it was constantly breeding season for the herd.

Pregnant mares filled the area, while one foaled almost every day. And only minutes after one foaled, the stallion would be ready to conceive again.

It was a harsh and painful existence for the mares, but one to ensure future herds wouldn’t have to live such cruel customs.

It was a quiet and peaceful morning, the herd were standing in an open grassy area, socializing or eating.

The leader watched over the herd on a tall hill, but his gaze was more focused on something else.

One mare had strayed from the herd. She was several feet away, and she was kneeled on her front legs. Her human hands pressed firmly against the ground to keep balanced.

She was a palomino mare, with beautiful golden tan hair, and she wore a dark red cover for her oversized breasts.

Her belly was massively swollen, touching the ground from just her kneeling. She was heavily pregnant, and in advanced labor.

The mare was soaked in sweat, as her huge palomino colored belly squeezed violently with a strong contraction.

“Heehee hoo…heeheee hooo…heehee hooo…ooohhhh!!!”, the mare tried to breathe through the labor pains, but it ended in a deep groan of urgency.

She crushed a handful of grass with her hand, as her light tan golden tail flicked urgently and anxiously. She had been laboring since early last night, and she’s been in the transition stage all through sun rise.

And now, she felt something so unbearbly heavy drop on her cervix. Heavy as a boulder. She felt weighed down by it, as another sharp contraction seized her.

“Ohhhh god…! Nnngghh….heehee hoo heehee hoo heeeheee hoo!!”, once again she tried to pant through it, but it was clear her foal was finally ready.

“Nnngghh…nngghhh..ohhhh…ohhhh it’s TIME!”, she announced loudly, groaning deeply in pain, as her legs gave out, her body heavily falling onto its side.

Her water bag broke the second her back end hit the ground, and water splashed out. A lot of water.

The other mares of the herd watched the laboring mare from afar, with looks of concern on their faces. “The poor girl…it’s gonna be a big one”, a pinto commented, seeing the sheer size of the palomino’s contracting, hard stomach.

The pregnant mare lay her head down on the grass as well, some milk leaking from her breasts. She gripped a handful of grass, as her belly contracted abnormally strong.

“Nnggghhh! Ohhh god…! I have to PUUSSSH!!!”, with that loud grunt of agony, through gritted teeth, she braced herself and gave a massive push.

Her horse legs rose and stiffened with the force of the push, while her human face sweated immensely, and her hand gripped the grass until her knuckles turned white.

“Nnngghhhh…!!! Hhggngnnhhh….! Aaaah…aaah…”, she stopped to catch her breath, her huge belly heaving violently.

It was her first foal, and it was also the leader’s foal. She never knew she could feel such agony. Another contraction seized her.

“Nngghhhh…! Ooohhhh…!”, she stretched her horse legs far out as she bore down, pushing with all her might.

“NNGGGHHHHH…IT’S COMING!”,  she screamed unnecessarily, she was becoming delirious from the pain, feeling an odd need to commentate on what was happening.

The mares listened to her commentary, all worried for the laboring centaur. After a long hard shove, she could feel her nethers begin to open up, the foal’s hooves right behind them.

“Aaah…aaah…heehee hoo…heehee…ohhh its right there…”, she cried weakly. Struggling, she heaved her human body up, to try and see what was happening. But her belly was so huge, she couldn’t see between her horse legs.

“Come on baby, come out…we’re ready for you”, she begged as she patted her huge belly, trying to coax the foal out.

Suddenly, another sharp contraction squeezed her huge belly.

“Aaah…! Nngghhhhh…OH FUCK!”, her face screwed up in pain, as she cried out loudly, her human body collapsing back down, as she gripped another handful of grass.

She’s never had a foal before, but even she knew these contractions were not normal. It felt like she was dying.

“Nnngghhhhh….!”, grunting and moaning she pushed again, her legs rising and stiffening once more, as she struggled to shove the foal out of her.

Grunting, exhaling, groaning and gasping, the mare spent the next three hours trying to push it out.

“Heeheeheheee hooo heeheeheeheee hoooo…ooohhhh! OHHHH GOD!”, she screamed in agony after panting through a hard contraction, and shoved again, her legs stretching in agony.

The foal’s hooves were out, but the head was barely poking out.

“Oh my word…she’s got a BIG one in there!”, a chestnut commented, the other mares able to see the enormous hooves from afar.

“It’s surely going to kill her…”, a white mare added, worriedly.

“NNNGGHHHHH!!!! ARRGHHHHHH!!!”, the mare screamed in agony, as she pushed and pushed nonstop, with no end in sight.

Her body stopped straining then, as she gasped for air, at this point drenched in sweat.

“I can’t…no more..it’s too big…it’s much too big…!”, she cried defeated, unable to push it out. She was going to perish here, with the massive foal’s hooves sticking out.

However, another sharp contraction seized her. “Nnngnghhhh…nooooo!”, she sobbed, wanting it to end.

But then she felt the heavy pressure get stronger.

“NO! I can’t…no more…I..I’m pushing…!”, she cried urgently, her body suddenly having to push. She strained deeply, her legs stretched and rose up, her belly extremely hard, and her body tense.

“NNGGHHHHHH!”, she bore down, pushing even harder, as the head began to squeeze out slowly, ripping her nethers apart.

“AAAHHHHHHHH!!!”, she screamed in agony, as she pushed longer, needing to get this huge head out before it tore her in half.

“Aaah…aaaah…”, she stopped for a second to inhale a gasp of air. “Nnngghhhh…!”, but she instantly strained again, shoving hard, desprete to expel this monster of a foal.

“Come on, baby, come on!!!”, she grunted. She suddenly stretched her legs hard, and shoved with all her might.

“NNGGGHHH…AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!”, with a final scream of agony, she felt the head pop out with a rush of blood and fluids, soaking her tail and the ground.

“Aaah…aaaah…oh my god…”, she gasped for breath, needing to recover from delivering the huge head. She rubbed her belly, knowing the swell wouldn’t be there much longer.

She panted heavily, her body limp and exhusated.

“One more push…that’s all..”, she encouraged herself. “Nngghh…oh boy, here we go…!”, she cried, feeling the next contraction reach its peek.

“Nnngghhhh….! Come on! Come on! Aaaah…! NNNGGHHHHH!”, with a final huge straining push, the rest of the foal’s body slid out of her, falling to the ground.

Panting and gasping for air, and hearing sighs of relief from the herd, the weakened mare heaved her human body up, to see a massively huge black colt laying there.

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