“Blood & Milk – Alleyway

Blood & Milk – Alleyway
by Miss Mouse

This piece is part of a larger project, a story set in Victorian London, focusing on Cecily Marston, a governess for a wealthy family who falls pregnant by her employer. Not long afterwards, she is predated by a vampire named Anila, and the two develop a relationship. This scene, “Alleyway” is set somewhere in the later part of the story.

A hand reached out of the fog, taking Cecily by the sleeve of her coat, pulling her into the shadows of the alleyway. She was turned around and forced up against the bricks of the wall, her eyes settling dizzily on the face of her lover.

“Running errands, are we?” Anila’s voice was an eager hiss as she leaned forward against the wall, her arm positioned between Cecily and the street.

“Ani!” she squeaked, clutching one hand to her breast and looking around in a moment of panic. “What are you—not here!”

“Now, what’s this?” She traced one finger along Cecily’s cheek, down her neck, prying inquisitively between the buttons of her coat. She bit her lip in a hungry smile, her fangs pressing hard into her skin. “A well-bred young lady alone on the street at mid-morning? Ah—” Her hand moved lower, finding the swell of the Cecily’s belly beneath her coat. “Perhaps ‘well-bred’ of a different sort.”

Cecily shivered as the vampire’s hand wormed its way into her clothing, first her overcoat, then the picking gently at the buttons of her dress. She undid one

And then another

And then went deeper, rubbing her chemise against the tight skin beneath.

“I’m so glad you’ve done away with that corset,” she said, leaning in close. She could feel the warmth of the woman’s skin as she flushed. “They are silly and—in your condition—the effect is lost.”

The young governess opened her mouth to speak and found Anila’s lips pressed against her own. Her head touched the wall behind her, her shoulders fell, her knees weakening beneath her.

Anila’s hand came back out, working with its partner to undo the buttons of the long coat, pulling it open to reveal the drab, grey dress beneath. Without the coat, the fact of Cecily’s now-advanced pregnancy was plainly on display. She had grown large in the long months, so much so that even her coat was not enough to hide it from more than a passing glance.

“We—” said the woman, still kissing. It was an automatic thing, but there was a passion to it, a need that simmered beneath the veneer of propriety, a deeper part of the machine that drove her. “We can’t do this, not here—”

Anila’s only response was to press harder, her hands stroking along her lover’s sides, the bulges of her once-narrow waist, the flare of her spreading hips…she was changing and it was a beautiful, intoxicating thing.

“We—” said the vampire, her kisses moving out along her lover’s face and neck. “Are all that matters.” One hand entwined its fingers in the straw-colored curls, traced the curve of an ear. “You’re beautiful, you know, and with each day that goes by—” Her other hand undid another button of the dress, slipping inside to feel the firmness of the woman’s belly. “—You grow. Fuller. More beautiful.”

Cecily was panting, her eyes shut…it was all she could do to stay on her feet. This was wrong but she couldn’t stop it—didn’t want to stop it. She needed this, needed it more than anything. Why here? Why now?

Maybe it had to be here.

Anila’s lips danced across the side of her lover’s neck, parted in a kiss that pressed deeper, her fangs just beginning to prick against the sensitive skin. She could feel it—blood, red and hot—so close, surging with each beat of Cecily’s racing heart. It was maddening, enticing, the sort of thing that one might hate for the power it held over them. With a sudden rush of hunger, she pressed—

“No!” Cecily cried out, far louder than she intended. With one hand she held Anila’s cheek, pushing her away. With the other, she held the child within her belly. “No.” She measured her voice, her eyes glancing towards the foggy street. “Not now; it’s too soon since the last time. I need my strength… the baby needs me to be strong.”

Anila hissed petulantly, fuming like a spoiled child denied its wants. She cared nothing for the baby, excepting the changes its presence had wrought upon her lover’s body. That was a beautiful thing, something new and enticing that she wanted to savor. To explore.

She did not love Cecily. She couldn’t love, monster that she was. But she felt some strong. Something undeniable and animalistic. It was not just desire—there was a deeper, more basic connection involved—but whatever this…affinity was, it was the one ruling force that she respected, and so she abstained from feeding. For the mother’s sake.

“You’re so selfish, Cecily,” Anila pushed the young woman against the wall. “So selfish. What about me?” Her hand was around Cecily’s throat, feeling the blood flowing beneath. “What about my needs?” She was teasing, her lips curling in a wicked smile. The hand moved lower, pressing hard against one breast.

Cecily squirmed, a moan rumbling in her throat.

“You’re so sensitive now,” she said disdainfully.

“Mm… they’re sore. The milk…”

“You’re such a weak little thing.” Anila kissed her. “You want to be a mother? You’re whimpering from this little bit of discomfort. Birth is pain.” She groped, but there was something gentle about it, something teasing. Something warm.

“It’s…” Cecily continued to squirm beneath Anila’s affections. “It’s not that…” she moaned, her legs rubbing together beneath the folds of her skirt. She opened her mouth as if to continue, but all that came out was hot breath.

“Need help, my cricket?”

“I…” she couldn’t finish.

“Here,” Anila took Cecily’s hands in her own, kissing briefly at the tips of her fingers. She leaned forward against her lover, bringing one knee up to press between the woman’s legs. Cecily’s hips moved hesitantly, almost reflexively against her, acting contrary to her much-developed sense of propriety.

Please…” the governess begged, the action unspoken. Her eyes said it all: Please don’t make me do it.

Anila just stared into her grey-blue eyes and waited.

She gave in, her eyes shutting as she bent forward, bracing against Anila’s hands, her hips roll against the firmness of her knee. Cecily buried her face in her love’s chest, the swell of her belly pressing against her leg and stomach.

“Look at you,” Anila’s voice was smooth and affectionate. “You’re so cute when you’re like this.”

Cecily bit her lip to stifle a moan. She thrust her chest forward, pressing it against Anila. She was swollen and sensitive; it hurt, but it needed to happen, needed the release.

“What, afraid someone might hear you?” the vampire continued. “You picked a bad place to do this then. Ah—pace yourself, you don’t want to lose control, do you?”

The woman continued her motions with a slow but steadily-rising intensity, not even pausing as footsteps drew near to their fog-shrouded hideaway. Anila smiled as the footsteps tarried at the entrance of the alley, perhaps listening, perhaps looking. Seeing what? At a glance it might simply be two women come off the sidewalk, one perhaps having trouble breathing out in the day’s heavy fog.

The footsteps continued after a moment, fading into the sounds of the city.

Cecily either heard none of this or didn’t care, her body grinding against her lover’s in increasing abandon. She was nearing the edge, her teeth digging into the flesh of her lip, her forehead pressed against the softness of Anila’s breast.

“Come on now, you’re almost there,” she cooed, kissing the top of Cecily’s head. “Just a little more and, ah—”

The woman stiffened, her hands squeezing Anila’s like a vice, her shoulders shaking in suppressed ecstacy. Her hips continued to move, driving the sensation forward, independent of any rational thought, acting on their own desire for more. Stuttering gasps escaped her mouth which now hung open, no longer able or willing to suppress her cries.

And then at the height, they stopped all together, strangled by the orgasmic release. She remained in that way, stiff, quivering, suspended in excitation, for a few long seconds before the first wave broke, marked by a sharp exhale. More followed, coming closer and closer together as the feeling began to pass, her body shaking weakly. At the last, she gave out, falling completely against Anila, who supported her carefully, pleased with what she had been able to bring about in this young woman.

Anila cradled her, kissing her softly on her pink lips, one hand brushing a lock of hair from her face. Cecily stared up at her heavy-lidded eyes, wearing an expression of content exhaustion. She wasn’t smiling, but Anila could see the happiness in her, and that was enough for the vampire.

“You’ve dirtied your dress, my dear,” she said, her eyes passing over the pair dark spots which now marked the rising-and-falling swell of her breast. She lifted the small woman into her arms. “Come, let’s get you home. A bath would do you good.”

Cecily said nothing, just snuggled down into her lover’s embrace as she was carried off into the fog.

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