“How Many?”

How Many?
by Unknown

Layla McDonald; 21 years old,fairly slim body, C-cup breasts, cury hips, and long, brunett, almost black hair. She was a really nice person, anyone you asked would tell you that. She was always willing to help if you needed it, and she was always there to talk to if you were expieriancing some sort of distress.

    She lived with her older sister, Sara, in a marvelous house out on the beaches of California. The two decided to move out here after Sara, who was a fantastic scientist and one of the leading minds in virtually ALL feilds of research, acquired a highley sought after position at a nearby university.

    This is where our story begins.

    Layla stood in the shower, rinsing the shampoo out of her hair as she sang the second verse of an obscure song from the 60s that very few people knew. She was in the best of moods; Sara had to work today, and she didn’t, which ment her boyfriend, Ryan, could come over for some “fun” without the risk of them being interrupted by Sara.

    Just then, her singing was interrupted by Sara.

    “Layla!?” she asked, knocking on the door. “I’m going to work! I’ll see you at five!”

    “OK!” Layla responded. She began rubbing in the conditioner as she continued her singing.

    “I know Ryan’s coming over later,” Sara continued, “So…Experience chocolates in the fridge..ok?”

    Layla wasn’t sure what exactly was said, she couldn’t quite hear Sarah over the sound of the shower and her own voice. It couldn’t be anything too important, she had said something about chocolates, which is ALWAYS a good thing.

    “Alright!” Layla replied without another thought, hoping Sara was actually leaving this time. Sara offered one last “fairwell”, and then left.


    Several minutes later, Layla emerged from the shower wearing her bright blue robe, her hair still extremely soaked. She wandered into the kitchen, realizing she was quite hungry. As she strolled past the microwave, she stole a glance at the digital clock on it.

    “8:55? That’s it?!” Layla asked herself. Ryan wasn’t supposed to be over until 10, which ment for the next hour, Layla would need to do something to make time fly by so the two of them could come together and enjoy the afternoon.

    She pulled open the fridge, and immediatly noticed the chocolates her sister had been talking about. Right in front, in plain sight, 5 boxes of Russel Stovers. She pulled one out, and pulled off the lid. Underneath sat several little chocolates, all sitting on little paper holders. Layla looked at the underside of the lid to see what each chocolate was.

    “Well, chocolate IS supposed to induce feelings of love,” she said to herself, grabing the other four boxes out too. She made her way over to the couch, and began making her way from box, to box, to box, to box, to box…


    Sara pulled her car into the garage. She had a fantastic day at work; the government approved a grant she’d submitted, and now she and her colleagues were going to be getting a new, extremely powerful electron microscope. She couldn’t wait to tell Layla.

    “Lalya?! I’m home!” She shouted into the house as she shut the door behind her. “You’re not going to guess what happened at work today! We FINALLY got -“

    Sara froze with fear. She had opened the fridge to grab a bottle of water, and noticed that her five chocolate boxes were missing. This was not good.

    “No no no no no!” She murmed to herself, running into the living room. Sure enough, left out on the coffee table; five empty chocolate boxes.

    “Damnit!” She murmered to herself, rushing down the hall. “LAYLA!?”


    The door to Layla’s room flew open, as Sara rushed in. Layla and Ryan both sat up immediatly. They weren’t doing anything at this point, but Sara’s sudden appearance startled them. Layla was only in her bra and panties. Ryan, just his boxers.

    “Layla, what the hell did you do?!” Sara demanded.

    “What are you talking about, Sara?” Layla was so confused.

    “The chocolates! In the fridge! I deliberatley told you NOT to eat them, so eat ALL of them!” Sara’s eyes were wide with anger and what appeared to be fear. Whatever was wrong, it was deffinatley something VERY wrong.

    “I didn’t hear you say ‘don’t eat them’! I was in the shower! What’s the big deal, they’re just chocolates, right?” Layla sure hoped the were “just chocolates”, though, she was certain by this point that they weren’t. If they were, Sara wouldn’t be THIS upset over Layla having eaten them.

    Sara took a deep breath, and tried to calm herself down. She needed to, for what she was going to tell her baby sister wasn’t news one would want to hear from someone yelling in fear and anger. She sat down on Layla’s bed next to her, and looked her in the eye.

    “I was experimenting with helping barren women become fertile. My plan was to find a way to allow them to get pregnant, without the need for major procedures or anything like that. Just eat some chocolate, have some sex, and it SHOULD impregnate you.” Sara paused. She noticed her sister was now looking fearful too.

    “How many babies was one box supposed to give you?” she asked, realizing how bad the situation was.

    “It wasn’t determined. Maybe you would get pregnant, maybe you’d concieve twins, triplets… it was supposed to be as random as trying to get pregnant usually is. However, I miscalculated with my first formula. Animal test subjects who took one single piece of chocolate from the first formula chocolates all became pregnant with twins. Even one of my lab assistants took one piece home and got pregnant.” She waited again, knowing that Layla was probably really frightend by this point.

    “Those five boxes…. they were all first-formula, weren’t they?” Layla asked. Sara shook her head ‘yes’. Layla shed a tear in fear for her current situation.

    “Ryan, what are we gonna -” Layla turned to address Ryan, but he was nowhere to be found. She got up, and looked out her window. His car was gone; the bastard had bailed on her. She sat back down, and tried to sort some things out in her head.

    “How many chocolates were in each box?” she asked her sister.

    “thirteen,” Sara responded. The two of them did the math in their heads; five boxes with thirteen chocolates equels sixty-five chocolates. Each chocolate impregnates you with 2 babies, which means Layla would be carrying 130 babies.

    Layla burst into tears, and rested her head on her sister’s shoulder. “I’M GONNA BE A BLIMP!” She exclaimed through the tears. Sara embraced her sister, and attempted to comfort her.

    “I know it’ll be hard, Layla, but you and I are going to get you through this pregnancy”.


    One month into her pregnancy, and Laya already looked like she was 9 months with twins. She wasn’t sure why, but she sorta enjoyed being round like this. Her belly, for whatever reason, made her feel…. well, like a whale, but also sexy. Presently, Layla was laying on the couch, rubbing her belly as she reflected on the past month…

    Layla was only one week into her pregnancy when she came to a shocking realization: she couldn’t button her jeans anymore. She really shouldn’t have been THAT surprised, she knew she’d be growing faster than most pregnant women, but it still shocked her none the less.

    By her second week, Sarah had recommended streatchy pants and a really streatchy shirt; this way they were buying new clothes every few days. She and Layla had gone shopping, which was a little awkward for Layla, who already looked 9-months with one baby.

    By the third week, she realized that there was something about being pregnant she was enjoying. Something about rubbing this massive belly of hers that just made her feel… sexy.

    As Layla continued thinking about her journey so far, Sara came in and sat down at her feet.

    “How’s it going?” she asked, trying to get a conversation started so she could reach a point.

    “Can you rub my belly? It feels REALLY good,” Layla asked, as she continued rubbing it herself. Sara reached out, and began rubbing it too. The two rubbed in silence for a moment, until, finally, Sara decided to speak.

    “I was doing something calculations, and I thought you’d want to know what your…. proportions will be after you give birth,” she said, a little uneasily.

    “Proportions? What like… how big my boobs and ass and hips will be?” Layla asked. That was the silver lining on the situation for her; if she could go through nine months of fat, she’d be rewarded with bigger boobs and a curvier ass.

    “Yeah…” Sara said, not comfortable talking about this at all. “Your ass SHOULD come out near Kardashian’s size, if I’m not mistaken, and I think your boobs will be near F-cups.”

    “Damn!” Layla exclaimed. “I’m gonna be hot! I might just find myself pregnant again if I’m not careful with that body”.

    “Don’t joke like that,” Sara said. “Just before they died, mom and dad told me to take care of you. Now look, I’ve knocked you up with the entire state of Rhode Island.”

    “Hey, don’t worry about it,” Layla replied, attempting to sit up. “I’m sort of enjoying this. One month in, and look how big I am!”

    “You’re enjoying being big?”

    “Surprisingly, yeah!” They two laughed about it a little, as they continued rubbing Layla’s belly.


    Layla looked at herself in the mirror. By the end of the second month, she look about nine months with quints. By the end of the third, Nine months with Octuplets.

    Here she was, first day of month five, and she could barely walk. Her belly was HUGE! Infact, it was just barely thin enough to go through a doorway; which was why Sara was moving all of Layla’s stuff to the living room. Layla was going to be huge, and she was going to need as much space to grow in as possible.

    “Layla, dinner’s ready!” Sara shouted up the stairs.

    “Coming!” Lalya turned, and began making her way out of her bedroom, and down the stairs. Her boobs, which had balloon substantially, jiggled the whole way down.

    “You ok? Need some help?” Sara asked, watching her sister waddle her way to the living room.

    “No, I’m ok!” She replied. She slowly lowered herself onto the couch, and realized she’d need to adjust her sitting. Presently, her boobs were being pushed into her face, which would make eating really hard.

    “Here you ok,” Sara said, setting a huge plate of food on top of Layla’s belly. “There’s two more plates after that one too.”

    “Guess thats what it takes to feed 131, doesn’t it?” Layla joked. The two eat their dinner, and continued their playful jests about Layla’s size, and how she’d look like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka by the time she was ready to give birth.


    It was about seven and a half months into Layla’s pregnancy, and boy, was she HUGE. Her belly had expanded so much, it had to assimilate part of her body into it. At this point, Layla’s whole lower half was round. Her legs were gone, her womb was just that big. Her feet were still able to sit flat on the floor, but every attempt at waddling left her rolling forward on to her ever ballooning boobs.

    By this point, Layla and Sara thought it best that Layla just wear a really big dress. So, Sarah bought some fabric and made her one.

    “You know, you’re seriously going to be completely sphere-shaped by the end of all this,” Sara said, rubing Layla.

    “Guess you’ll just have to roll my pregnant ass into the emergency room then,” Layla responded. The two laughed.

    “I wish mom could have seen me like this,” Layla stated. “I think she’d get a kick outta how big I am”.

    “What’s it like, knowing you’re going to be an immobile ball soon?” Sara asked, slightly jelous of her sister’s state of bloatedness.

    “Seriously, once I’m thin again, make another five boxes of that chocolate, and then go get knocked up,” Layla said. “It’s SO fun!”

    “Ok, but, you have to let me use you afterwards for a couple of other experiments I have,” Sara offered.

    “Do they enolve me growing round and huge?” Layla inquired.

    “Sure does!”

    “DEAL!” The two shook hands on it. Layla couldn’t wait! Not only was her sister going to expieriance this great sensation of extreme pregnancy, but SHE was going to be blown up, and inflated A LOT to “furthur scientific research”.


    Any day now, Layla was going to pop. She was beyond ‘huge’. Her whole body was womb; her arms had been pulled in so all you could see were her tiny little hands, and her head was barely poking out of her giant mass.

    As Layla thought about how great it felt to be this big, she felt a pair of hands on her back as she began to roll onto her front, and then over onto her side. Sara appear from around the other side of her body.

    “I was thinking,” she said, “We should probably start rolling you to the emergency room. You’re due at any time now.”

    “Even if I did say ‘no’, it’s not like I could stop you if I wanted to, could I?” Layla jested.

    “Hmm… true enough,” Sara responded, and she disappeared behind Layla again. “Come on, fat-ass, lets get you to the hospital!”

    Sara began rolling her sister towards the back door, the only door wide enough for her overly-pregnant body to fit through.

    As they moved towards the nearest hospital, they attracted a LOT of attention. And why would’t they? Layla was a giant human ball full of babies! Layla didn’t mind though; she thought she looked sexy, and was pretty sure most women would die to be in her position.

    The two conversed on their way, until at one point, Layla felt something…

    “Sara, I think my water just broke!” She exclaimed in a state of panic.

    “Damn! Are you sure!?” Sara asked, as she began to roll her faster.

    “Yes I’m- ah!”



    Sara began rolling her sister faster and faster. Periodically, Layla would cry out in pain from another contraction. Thankfully, the hospital wasn’t too far away…


    As they rolled up to the hospital, two doctors came rushing out.

    “What the hell is this?!” One of them asked.

    “It’s my sister!” Sara exclaimed, out of breath from all that work.

    “What’s wrong with her?”

    “She’s very pregnant, and is in labor, and ready to give birth to 130 babies! Now roll her inside, Dammit!!” Sara didn’t have time to explain everything to these two moron doctors, not when Layla was still screaming in pain from her contractions.

    The two doctors went around to Layla’s side, and began rolling her into the delivery room; Sara two paces behind them.


    36 hours later, all the babies were FINALLY born. Layla had passed out; that was a LOT of strain to put on the poor girl. Sara sat at her bedside, holding her hand.

    “You did good, little sis,” she said. She looked at her sister; her body was still a little plumped out, but her boobs and ass were noticably bigger. She watched her sister sleep peacefully,  as she put her hand on her own belly, which looked almost like she was 6 months pregnant….


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