“Aria: In her Lover’s Arms (part 3)

Aria: In her Lover’s Arms (part 3)
by Miss Mouse

It took many long weeks, but Aria recovered from her ordeal, safe in her home in the Forrell Mountains, Beryl caring for her day and night. She took it easy, spending her days laying in bed and resting, however much she may have wanted to go about her exercises and chores.

Routine was fulfilling for Aria, and a life devoid of it made her uneasy.

Beryl saw to her every need, bringing her food, washing her, massaging her sore muscles, helping her walk when the idleness became too much… It was a lot of work, but she was up to the task.

By now, Aria’s pregnancy had become a severe obstacle. In the few months that had passed since her captivity, her belly had grown prodigiously, now taking up Beryl’s usual spot on the bed. It weighed as much as she had before becoming pregnant, and Kera’s movements were extremely powerful now.

Aria was 21 months pregnant, her one-year-old daughter occupying every spare inch of room inside the small woman. Her stomach was a pale egg of taut flesh that dominated her abdomen, its shape changing as the child within shifted and moved. Aria’s body was nearing its limits, her skin thinning, stretching over the months of her pregnancy, now reduced to a paper-thin covering over her womb. It was unbearably sensitive, the movement of her blanket rubbing against it enough to send shivers through her.

On this particular morning, in early winter, Aria lay in her bed, her eyes shut, her hands on her belly and her thoughts on her daughter. She was going to miss this when it was over…the fullness, the connection to the life growing inside her, the sense of wonder at each kick… Despite the darker parts of her pregnancy, the experience as a whole had been wonderful.

But it was almost over.

“Is today the day?” Beryl stood in the doorway, her eyes on the love of her life. She regretted missing so much of the pregnancy, but these past months had been some of the most fulfilling of her life. She devoted herself wholly to caring for Aria, in awe of the woman she had become.

“Yes,” said Aria, here eyes still on her belly. Somehow she just knew it was time. She was ready. “We’ll do it tonight.”

“Then,” Beryl brought in a bowl of porridge for breakfast. “Looks like we’ve got one more day of this.” She sat down on the bed, leaning over to give Aria a kiss. Their lips lingered, warm and soft together, and she couldn’t help but smile. “Let’s make the most of it.”

After breakfast, Beryl heated a tub of water for washing. Aria didn’t mind the cold, but they decided that it might not be good for Kera at this stage, since she now had so little insulation between her and the outside world. Instead of bathing in the river, she now used a tub of warm water and a towel.

Beryl took her love’s hands, helping her sit up. Upright, Aria’s belly more than filled her lap, reaching all the way out to her knees and spreading her thighs. She had taken to sleeping in a set of undergarments: a loose, sleeveless top that only covered her chest, and a pair of shorts which she could wear low enough to not get in the way of her belly. This left her midriff bare, which might be for the best as its sensitivity made some things uncomfortable.

Aria scooted to the edge of the bed, her stomach hanging over between her legs while she took a moment to catch her breath and prepare for walking. Beryl came around and took her hands again, bracing her and helping pull her to her feet. The half-elf wobbled a little, her weight taking a second to stop after the forward motion of standing.

Beryl gave her another quick kiss, moving her hands to interlace their fingers.

“Are you ready to get clean?” she asked, pulling back.

“Are you saying I’m dirty?” Aria smiled wryly.

Unable to think of anything clever, Beryl gave her another kiss and started to push her back onto the bed, only to think better of forcing her barely-mobile lover onto her back again. Instead, she held her hand and helped lead her out to the garden.

Aria could walk on her own, though she felt weaker after her time spent recovering. Her gait was slow and wobbly, her hips shifting and swaying to accommodate the weight. It helped to have Beryl close by to lean on for support, and more than that it was nice to just be close to her. The two had been apart for so long that ever look, every touch—even after these past few months reunited—was like a gift from the gods.

Aria leaned on her because she loved her, and she loved the life they shared.

She sat on a stool in the garden, the tub of hot water beside her, steaming in the air of the winter morning. They didn’t have a tub large enough to fit her (in any case, they both usually just bathed in the river) so instead, she dipped a towel into the water and washed herself with it.

This was a pleasant activity, the warmth of the water and the friction of the towel serving to excite her nerves and loosen her muscles. She scrubbed her face and neck, then moved down one arm and then the other, feeling a lightness in her heart.

“Your hair’s gotten long,” said Beryl, kneeling behind her to wash her back. She lifted the copper curls in her hands, bouncing them, running her fingers through them. Leaning in, she took a deep breath, filling her lungs with the scent of flowers, fresh air, and the skin of her love.

“I haven’t seen the need to cut it in quite a while.” Aria said as she washed her chest, using both hands to carefully rub about her sensitive breasts. They were still smallish, but they had grown quite full and dense, leaking milk at the slightest pressure.

“You haven’t needed to cut it in a very long time,” Beryl laughed, dipping a towel and starting to wash her back. “You’re not an adventurer anymore.”

“I suppose.” She suppressed a shiver as the warm towel excited her nipples. A bead of milk appeared at the tip of one, then ran down in a little trickle. Her face felt warm as it flushed in the cold air.

“Besides,” Beryl leaned in, pressing herself against Aria’s back, her lips just touching one of her ears. “I like it long.”

Aria giggled, a pleasant sound that few people aside from Beryl ever got to hear.

“You’re such a tease, Beryl.” She looked back over her shoulder, a smile on her face.

Beryl moved around in front of Aria, kneeling down again and dipping the towel. Before her was the globe of her belly, a ridge appearing and sliding across its surface as Kera moved inside. She was huge and glorious, the skin becoming pale as it stretched over the mass within. A few veins decorated it expanse and at its furthest point there was a pinkish spot which had once been a belly button.

She leaned in close, kissing it gently.

“What are you doing?” Aria laughed, tickled.

“Just enjoying this while it lasts.” She put one hand on either side of her belly, feeling the weight shifting beneath her palms. “I wasn’t able to be with you for so long, I’ve got to make the most of what time I have left with your big belly.” She pressed her cheek against its smooth expanse. It was warm and hard, like a smooth river stone kissed by sunlight.

“I think I’m going to miss it, too. It’s not easy being this big, but something about it is nice.” She stroked the side of her belly, the taut flesh tingling beneath her fingertips.

Washing the huge mound of her stomach was a lengthy task, not because of its size, but because of the frequent breaks Aria required. The roughness of the towel was too much stimulation, beginning with a pleasant tickle that quickly grew into a soreness from the friction. By the end of it, she was red-faced and panting, a mix of pleasure and discomfort warring inside of her.

Beryl sat with her, holding her hand, until she had calmed down.

“Meditation next?” she said at length.

“Actually,” said Aria, a tinge of embarrassment in her voice. “I’m hungry…”

Aria ate a little bit every hour or so to keep up her strength. In truth, she would have loved to eat more, but there was no room for her stomach to expand and so she had to pace herself. She sat at the table in her undergarments, eating some more of the breakfast porridge, while Beryl began prepping for lunch. Before becoming pregnant, she had not needed to eat, her training bringing her above such things, but Kera was a growing girl and she needed food.

“So, are you going to be alright?” Beryl asked, cutting up some dried herbs

“What do you mean?”

“What happened before…it took a lot out of you.”

“I’m fully recovered now.”

“I know but you’re also like, way bigger than before. You can barely walk!”

Aria took a deep breath, smiling to herself as she did.

“I think I’ll manage. I know my body and as long as I’m in control, I can do it.”

“Well, I’ll be there with you this time.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

They held hands across the table.

After lunch, Aria passed the time sewing. She was working on a blanket for Kera, who was now to be a winter baby. Beryl sat across from her, mending one of her boots but spending most of her time staring lovingly at Aria.

She was nearly done with the blanket, which was good considering she planned on giving birth that evening. She could sense Beryl’s nervousness—Beryl always worried about her—but Aria wasn’t worried in the slightest. In fact, she was looking forward to the experience of giving birth.

The long pregnancy had wrought a great deal of changes in Aria’s body, not just in her huge belly. Her small breasts had filled out only a little, becoming rounder and standing out from her chest as they filled with milk. Her heavy womb had settled into the bowl of her pelvis, its width and weight widening her hips noticeably. Her lower back curved dramatically as her body shifted to manage the load.

Her belly began just below her breasts, its huge size spreading her ribs and slowly reaching up her chest as it gained height. On the lower end, it began just above her pubic mound, swelling directly outward from her body as it fought for space. It was clearly visible even from behind due to its width.

Aria felt so incredibly full.

She felt like a ball of life with arms and legs, stuffed to the gills and bursting at the seams. The pressure was extreme—it was so intense now that it overcame the numbness of familiarity as it pushed against her body, a soreness growing around her pelvis and ribs from the force.

It was good that she was ready to give birth now; any longer and it might have been beyond her abilities.

When Aria was done with the blanket, she folded it carefully and set it aside, yawning and stretching as she did. Being so pregnant was very tiring, even when one did very little. It was mid-afternoon now, and the little woman needed a nap.

Beryl helped her to her feet, holding on to both her hands and guiding her to the bed. Aria laid down with a relaxed sigh, settling herself into the mattress and covering herself with their warm blankets. Beryl climbed into bed behind her, pressing up against her back, kissing her neck and shoulder.

“Rest up, mama,” she said, moving one hand to rest on Aria’s huge belly.

Aria said nothing, but snuggled back against her love, a hand resting on her arm. She was safe and comfortable, and she wondered if anything could be better than this.

As the sun began to set, the couple made ready to hike to the shrine. Beryl packed blankets and towels, food, water, bandages, medicine…basically anything in the house that wasn’t nailed down. She wanted to carry Aria, too, but the little woman refused.

Aria packed nothing, not even taking her walking stick with her. She had Beryl to lean on this time, and that was all she needed.

The two left their little home, going at a slow, gentle pace towards the cliffside path. Aria held Beryl’s hand, her thoughts on the woman she loved and the child she would soon give birth to. She was ready, but there was still a long path ahead.

Walking any great distance was impossible without resting, not just because she had to stop to breathe, but also to rest her joints and muscles. Aria had once been an exceedingly strong athlete, but the awkwardness with which her small frame carried the massive weight of the pregnancy and her extended period of recovery had left her weakened, her muscles losing their tone from disuse.

Now and then she would stop and lean over, her hands on her knees, her belly spreading her legs wide, as she panted for breath. Beryl watched her carefully, but said nothing, occasionally wiping sweat from her forehead or offering her water to drink. She ate a little, sitting to rest along the way.

They came to the shrine long after nightfall, a full moon already climbing high above the horizon. The ancient place was quiet and peaceful, dressed in stark shadows and a few remnants snow. The statue of the woman seemed welcoming that night, her undefined face soft and caring in the uneven light.

Stars reflected in the pool, glittering like gems.

Without a word, Aria lowered herself onto one of the benches, and Beryl knelt to remove her shoes. They said nothing to each other as they worked together to undress her, communicating wordlessly as two people who truly know each other do.

Aria was left standing naked in the moonlight, her hands supporting the weight of her belly, her eyes tracing its curves. Her skin was tight and shiny, completely at its limit. She was so small and had grown so big—this was the end, and it was going to be beautiful.

Beryl helped her into the pool, holding her hand and supporting her belly as she moved carefully down the steps. Aria sank into the water with a pleasant sigh, one hand still holding Beryl’s.

“Stay close by the water, my love,” she said, “I want you here with me.”

Aria pulled away, her hands moving to stroke her belly, to feel Kera moving inside of her. She relished this feeling one last time, the tightness, the fullness, the movements beneath her skin. She reached out with her mind to touch her daughter, stir her into motion.

It’s time, my child, it’s time to be born.

There was a sudden flutter of movement within her as Kera moved, stretched, rotated downward. Aria’s poor skin ached at the added stress, a gasp escaping her lips as she touched it reflexively. The pain mingled with a desire within her, an urge to delay, to experience her absolute fullness. Her huge belly distended and lowered as the child dropped, and Aria could feel the weight settling against the gate of her pelvis.

Kera was ready to be born.

She closed her eyes, focusing on her body, reaching down inside herself to find that little coal she had hidden away. It was almost cold after all these long months, but it never truly faded. Her body wanted to give birth, needed to give birth, however deeply she may have buried it. Now she fed this desire, coaxed it from a latent ache into a bright and blazing fire which quickly spread across her body.

There was pain, but it was an almost-pleasant sensation, the strained muscles of belly—so long concerned only with not splitting open—now forced themselves to tighten, contracting inward against the mass they contained. She let out a groan as the immense pressure focused against her cervix.

“Are you alright?” Beryl reached out a hand to help.

“I’m—hah, hah—fine,” she panted as the first contraction passed.

Aria lay back a little in the water, the swell of her belly breaching the surface. The next contraction came, stronger this time, the force of the labor drawing another moan from her. She had felt this before, but it was completely different now. There was no fear, no conflict.

Now, she and her body were working together, and it felt incredible.

With the third contraction, she began to open, Kera’s head entering her cervix, stretching it wildly. She could feel herself widening, a ring of burning tension glowing within her as the entrance to her womb neared its limits. The contraction passed and she shifted upright, treading water in the deepest part of the pool. She felt light, felt alive, the processes of her body whirring to life within her.

Aria paddled over to Beryl, taking her hands, interlacing their fingers. She crouched on the submerged steps of the bath, her eyes on her lover’s face.

“Beryl,” she said, her voice soft with emotion, “I—hah—I love you.”

“I love you too, Aria,” the woman replied, tears filling her eyes. She pressed her cheek against her lover’s hand.

“Here, feel her,” she moved Beryl’s hands to her belly as another strong contraction passed through her. Kera was moving beneath their fingers, trying to position herself comfortably as her little world tightened against her. She kicked fiercely, sending ripples through the water.

The contraction pushed Kera further down, the crown of her head entering the birth canal. Aria guided one of Beryl’s hands down the underside of her huge belly, coming to rest just at its base. She pressed the fingers in, feeling the mass beneath.

“I can feel her head,” Beryl said in awe. “She’s huge.”

“She’s ours,” Aria panted, leaning forward to kiss her hungrily. The pressure was driving her wild, her mind clouding with desire as the sensation built. She could feel her child’s enormous head filling the bowl of her pelvis, each contraction spreading it wider and wider as she tried to escape.

The two kissed, their fingers entwined, their lips quivering with excitement, Aria tensing, moaning as each contraction built her up further, spread her wider, filled her more and more. It was intoxicating, the closeness, the tightness as the labor built, the feeling of Beryl’s lips against hers… she was in love, and she felt it in every fiber of her being.

The orgasm came with the next contraction driving through her at the peak of her sensations. It hit her so hard that she broke off the kiss, her body seizing, shaking with pleasure. Beryl gripped her tighter, keeping her upright as she lost control.

Kera’s head fully entered her birth canal, the pressure forcing her labia to bulge as they slowly began to stretch around the huge mass. It burned, but not unpleasantly, its heat joining with the heat that grew within her, exciting her further.

She was ready, and her labor progressed quickly, the bones of her pelvis shifting, widening to allow passage of the child. It was tight, but her muscles grew lax as the first orgasm began to fade, her labia spreading, thinning, the child first beginning to crown.

Beryl moved further down the steps, taking one hand from Aria’s and placing it against her waist to hold her close. Aria’s free hand pressed against the top of her belly where a number of kicks from within made bulges. She was panting heavily, her face aglow with life and pleasure. With each contraction she pressed down, curling about her womb, squeezing hard against the child inside her.

It felt good, the pressure, the stretching. She wanted more, wanted to feel the weight fully against her pelvis, wanted to be pushed to her absolute limit. Another orgasm crashed through her and her lips opened, the child’s enormous head emerging from her. Her hips bucked, trying desperately to grind against something.

Aria pulled Beryl’s hand down between her thighs. She couldn’t talk but she needed this, and her lover took the hint, her strong fingers pressing against her distended pubic mound before moving lower to find her clitoris. Beryl was amazed; she could feel the pressure within, the child moving downward beneath her hand.

Aria was in her own world, her thoughts wholly on the sensations of her body, the process of labor, the feeling of Beryl’s skin against hers. Every movement she made was to further this, to press herself further, to stretch, to grind, to feel.

Even as the head emerged, the shoulders pressed against her cervix, the pressure building up behind them as the contraction failed to move them deeper. It hit her so hard that her eyes went wide, her breathing stopped, her head falling backwards as her mouth opened.

Beryl placed her hands on her waist, pulling her as close as her huge belly would allow. As the next contraction came, Beryl could feel Aria’s hips widen, the huge child forcing her small body to its limits. Aria’s arms held onto her shoulders weakly, shaking as she felt the shoulders press into her birth canal, rubbing against the bones as the were pushed apart.

The tendons relaxed, the pelvis separating to allow the impossibly large child to pass through. Aria was in ecstasy, but it was all too much. As the next orgasm built, she could only weakly lean forward against Beryl, kissing clumsily at her face and neck.

This was all she could ever have wanted.

With one huge, lingering contraction—an orgasm that reverberated through her bones—she reached her widest point, the shoulders fully entering vagina. Her body flexed, her hips bucking…unable to do anything, she bit her lover’s shoulder gently, stifling her cries of pleasure.

Her labia stretched out around the shoulders, retreating suddenly as they emerged. The motions of her body continued, and the rest of the child followed in a rush, being born at last.

Aria slumped against Beryl’s chest, completely exhausted by the experience, her face glowing. Beryl took the mother and child into her arms, cradling them lovingly. Kera had a full head of dark-red hair and was breathing peacefully, perhaps tired from the ordeal, too.

“She’s beautiful, my love,” said Beryl as she stared at the two lights of her life.

“She is…” Aria smiled weakly. “She is, and she’s ours.”

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