“Tale Of Two Children – The 6th Night”

Tale Of Two Children – The 6th Night
by Maxi

The day had been rather tiring for the prince, having met with the king’s officials for the whole morning, then discussing military strategies with General Tania. By the time that was all done, he had to even visit some villages to maintain the royal family’s positive image.

He returned to the castle, stopping by the table for some supper. Though he was surprised Princess Lisette didn’t join him for the meal, and was even informed she ate early.

“I guess she had a reason..” Edward said to himself.

Lisette was already on her 6th month, but she was still active as ever, doing her best by often speaking to some of Astrad’s representatives and keeping in touch with kingdom. So far, Isolde’s relationship with Astrad are still going, despite the past events that happened a few months ago.

He went up to his royal bedchambers, and was surprised to see the room was dimly lit with candles, as if there was a special occasion to it. The bed was strewn with rose petals and the usual white drapes had been replaced with red silk ones.

Curious as to why his room was redecorated, the tired prince stepped inside..

Lisette grinned and stepped out from the dark corner of their bedroom, a scarlet red robe covering up her pregnant body. The Princess was already so small and skinny, making her belly look extremely large on her, almost as if it didn’t even belong there.

Her sex drive had increased over the past few months as a part of the raging hormones she had. The couple had not had many nights of love together due to how busy the Prince was but despite this, she asked around and found out he was free before it was time for her to get rest.

“You look so tired, Edward..” Princess Lisette said quietly to her husband, a red face as she reached behind him and shut the door, her large belly pressing up against his flat, fit stomach.

Edward’s eyes shifted to the beautiful young woman in front of him, his wife and the person he loved and trusted the most.

He smiled and gave a soft laugh, leaning down a little to greet Lisette with a kiss, his body feeling just how swollen Lisette’s belly has gotten.

“Somehow, I always forget that whenever I see your face.” complimented Edward, looking around his room in question. “What’s with all the special decorations?”

She blushed at the complement, then grinned when he asked what the whole deal was with the decorations.

“Well, today is the day I’ve made it to my sixth month, dear. Just thought we could celebrate that.” Lisette kissed him again, stepping a bit closer into the room with her hands on his shoulders, rubbing them softly.

Edward gave a soft sigh, feeling a little more relieved as Lisette massaged his shoulders. He began to take off his outer clothing as he settles down in bed with Lisette.

“That really hit the spot..thank you, Lise’. ” said Edward, gratefully.

He was unaware how charged up Lisette’s hormones were, thinking it was just those cute moments where the wife would ease the husband’s stress by doing some massages.

The prince laid down on the bed, the sweet scent of the rose petals reaching his nose as he did so.

“Celebrate? Of course, we shall hold a banquet tomorrow in your honor..” offered Edward.

Lisette smiled at Edward and laid down beside him, her belly popping up the air, making it hard for her to see anything past it. She took Edward’s hand and laced their fingers together, smiling at the offer of the banquet.

“I just meant celebrating with you. Just all alone…” Princess Lisette’s smile with to a large grin as she scooted closer, turning his face to her as she kissed him softly. Some pieces of her long, brown hair fell into her face while she continued to kiss him, leaning over, or at least trying to.

Edward blushed lightly at Lisette’s touch, but soon adjusted to her advances.

“Oh, so that means this was for-” his voice trailed off as Lisette turn his face to her and kissed him, the smell of her hair and her breaths being audible to his the prince’s ears now.

He can feel Lisette trying to lean on him, with the belly making that a little awkward. So gently, the prince planted his two hands on the sides of Lisette’s pregnant belly and gently guided her to him.

When he pulled away a little, the prince stammered, before joking, “Now why can’t you be sweet like this every night?”

“Maybe I’m only in the mood certain nights..” Lisette grinned and felt her husband softly press his hands on her round, swollen belly. She took his cheek into her hand and kissed him again before he could speak, biting his lower lip.

After a little while she pulled away and moved one hand to unbutton the first button of his shirt, a smirk on her red lips as she did so.

Edward was surprised at how playful Lisette was. This was far from her usual gentle and quiet persona that he was accustomed to day in and day out.

But he was starting to enjoy it nonetheless.

He chuckled and nodded, allowing Lisette to unbutton his shirt. Edward can also slowly begin to feel his desire rise..

Lisette eventually finished unbuttoning Edward’s shirt, pulling it off and leaning in for another long, passionate kiss. She slid her tongue in, letting her hair fall into her face while she pulled herself up.

“How am I exhausted already..?” Princess Lisette laughed, panting a little as she tried to catch her breath, one hand on her large belly.

Princess Lisette giggled at his comment, “Me, take it easy? Oh Edward, we both know you’re the rough one.” She grinned, leaning up to pull off her robe, exposing her pregnant body.

Lisette was now a bit chubbier due to the weight gain, her belly seeming like it was basically the majority of her body. Her breasts had definitely grown too, and her hips widened. The young woman was still as gorgeous as ever though.

The Prince’s senses went wild as he watched Lisette slowly pulling off her robe, revealing that she was nearing but the robe.

The sight of such a voluptuous fertile pregnant young woman more than aroused Edward, for it was a sight to behold.

“Oh my..” teased Edward, pretending to cover his eyes. “One cannot comprehend such forbidden beauty to eyes of a simple mortal!” The prince was referring Lisette as if she was an actual goddess.

“The goddess of fertility.” Princess Lisette laughed a little to herself, her hand resting on her stomach.

She reached over to try and pull down Edward’s pants, a grin on her lips. “Why am I doing so much work, huh? Letting your pregnant wife do it all, wow..” Lisette chuckled under her breath.

The prince laughed lightly, nodded in agreement as Lisette began pulling down his pants. After all, it was only fair for her to strip down the prince as well, having exposed herself already in front of him.

With some light tugs, Edward joined Lisette in helping him lift down his pants, exposing his undergarments.

“Alright, you got me.. I wasn’t actually expecting you to be wearing nothing but your robes..” chuckled Edward, bringing his undergarments as he laid completely naked in front of Lisette, his rod already starting to rise.

Lisette helped set his clothing on the floor as she stripped him of it with a little help. She laid back on her side as he spoke, softly touching up and down his chest with her palm, a smile one her face as he spoke.

“Weren’t expecting that? I suppose I’m just full of surprises.” Lisette grinned, leaning in to kiss her husband once again, her hands running through his black hair and pulling slightly.

The prince answered back with pleasure moans, the stress and tiredness from today’s event slowly facing away as he enjoyed this night of love with Lisette.

Then, before Lisette could answer with another barrage of kisses, he gently flipped Lisette on the side, making Edward this time on top of the pregnant princess.

He smiled coyly, making sure he didn’t landed on top of Lisette’s belly as he did so. He looked down at Lisette’s eyes lovingly, her hair strewn across the bed as he pinned her to the bed.

“And so do I..” chuckled Edward, his hands clasped against the princess’. The prince dove his head in and this time answered back with his own passionate kiss.

Lisette pulled herself closer to cup his cheeks, kissing back with her legs spreading, her belly pushing them apart like it typically did. The young Princess moaned with pleasure, yanking Edward down by his hair while the two continued to kiss. She turned over to the door as she heard footsteps, looking up at her husband.

“I really hope no one in the hallway here’s, we’re extremely loud, especially now that I’m pregnant…” Princess Lisette giggled, pulling away as she caught her breath.

The prince turned around to look at the door, which was closed by Lisette before. Though she was right, the couple was surprisingly loud tonight.

“The servants will understand,” reassured Edward, “The night is long and I do not want to forget such a gift like this from you.” He rubbed Lisette’s belly tenderly, tracing down her navel all the way down. “Figuratively speaking too.” chuckled Edward.

Lisette smiled at her husband and gave him a peck on the lips after he finished speaking. She spread her legs until they reached their limit, which wasn’t as far as before the pregnancy. The Princess was trying her best to get herself situated, her belly causing some problems.

She placed both of her hands on the two sides of her belly, rubbing herself softly and looked up at Edward, “Promise me you’ll be gentle, alright? You know I can’t handle as much as I used to, Edward.”

The prince stared at Lisette in disbelief, a look of worry on his face. “Are you sure about this?” asked Edward, running his hands on her belly. He knew from word of mouth among the women that sex during pregnancy was frowned upon.

Lisette nodded back quickly, smiling and placing her hands on his back. “Yes, of coarse. Why do you think we’re both lying here naked and kissing?” She chuckled, pulling him closer to her, their noses nearly touching.

“Besides, we did this nearly a month ago. It’s not going to hurt.” Princess Lisette smiled at Prince Edward, nodding with assurance to him. “I’ll be okay, Edward.”

Edward hesitated, before needing in reassurance at Lisette. He didn’t wanted to do anything forceful to Lisette, not when she’s at this delicate state.

Yet, despite that, the Princess went through all that trouble just to relieve him of the stress.

There was no point in rejecting her now not when it’s presented right in front of you.

“Ok.. I’ll be extra gentle then.” promised Edward, getting close as he inserted his rod inside Lisette’s wet shaft.

“U-Ugh…” Lisette moaned softly, gripping Edward’s back with her hands for support. She kept her eyes tightly shut, trying to take everything all in. Six months pregnant was definitely different from five months, and the feeling had changed.

She moaned into her husband’s ear, her hot breath pressed againist his neck as he thrusted in and out.

Edward was slowly getting into a rhythm as he slowly penetrating his rod inside Lisette back and forth.

The two were in a missionary position, but Edward was very careful to put his full weight on Lisette, for the fear of causing pressure on Lisette’s belly.

However, that was also making it very difficult, as the belly was in way whenever Edward would try to go deeper.

Lisette could tell Edward was trying to push himself deeper inside of her, so she pulled one hand off his back and slid it between their stomachs, trying her best to pull her belly slightly up, but it didn’t do much. It was already pleasurable enough to her, but she could tell Edward wanted more.

“W-What can I do to make this better for you..?” Lisette asked her husband, looking up to him.

The prince was still pelvic thrusting back and forth, but paused when Lisette ask him.

He smiled, planting a kiss on her belly before speaking up, “You have already done a great thing for me. This will do nicely.”

Edward can feel his rising urge to release, but held in because he didn’t want to leave a mess inside Lisette. Instead, he decided to give a few last gently thrusts before pulling out.

Lisette watched as he pulled out a bit after their small talk, watching him lay down beside her. She kissed his lips softly and placed one hand on her belly, taking the other to push her hair out of the way.

“Also, I’ve had something I’ve been wanting to ask you, Edward..” The Princess gulped and avoided eye contact, “Do you think it’s possible I’m having more than one child? I’m enormous for six months..”

Edward scratched his head, before pressing a hand against Lisette’s belly to feel it. “Well.. I’m not denying that it’s not possible.. I guess we’ll just have to see after 3 more months.” He smiled back at Lisette, lying down on the bed again to settle down in preparation for sleep.

Lisette nodded and lied down beside him, putting a hand on his chest and cuddled up, feeling his breath against her.

“I love you, Edward.” She grinned and kissed his lips one last time before her eyes could barely stay open.

Edward smiled, wondering what did he do to deserve such a woman like her. It felt like only yesterday that he met the princess on her first visit with the Astradian ambassador.

Now, here she is, carrying their own child together. It felt like a dream, but it wasn’t.

“I love you.. both.” chuckled Edward, leaning in to plant a kiss on Lisette’s cheek and then on top of her belly, where their child lay sleeping. He caressed her face, brushing some of her hair.

“Get some rest, my love. We have a long day ahead of us..”

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