by Jim Fingers

(If you are offended by detailed descriptions of sexual activity between consenting adults, please stop reading right now. If you like these detailed descriptions, please email your remarks to jfingers@hotmail.com.)

Part 1 – The Invitation

She tried not to lie to herself very often, but she couldn’t stop herself this time.

She couldn’t afford to raise her hopes too high. She hung up the phone.

“Dammit, I don’t know why I did that! I’d much rather stay home tonight.”

Angela fiddled with her hair pensively as she weighed the invitation she had just accepted. She really ought to stay home. She was still moving in, still had some boxes to unpack. At least the place was presentable now. She had only one outfit left to wear. She had made sure of that in advance. Everything else was in the washing machine. She slammed the lid and started the cycle just as the phone rang. Her last clean outfit would have to be okay. She stepped into her bedroom to get ready. He would be here in only an hour.

“Okay, I admit it. I really miss him.”

During her shower, her mind wandered back to the time they had first become friends. It was her first job out of school almost ten years ago. They sat near each other, and then they worked on some projects together. They worked well together and maintained a friendly banter that made the workday go faster. He was a few years older than she. They became friends. She figured he was attracted to her, and if things had been different, maybe they would have dated. No telling, really. It didn’t matter anyway. He was married. Very married. Angela eventually transferred to San Diego. They stayed in touch through the company for a while. Then she changed jobs and they lost track of each other. That was two years ago. Now his plane had just landed.

She finished drying off and gazed at herself naked in the mirror. A lot can change in two years, she thought ruefully. She had always been sensitive about her weight. When she was younger, she always believed that men disapproved of her curvy figure, especially her hips. That was one reason she had liked him. Far from disapproval, she always felt that maybe he secretly admired her figure, but wasn’t in a position to speak up. Now she was thirty, and she was surer of herself. Still, though, those old insecurities never quite left her, particularly right now.

“Well, then, let him admire this”, she sighed as she turned from side to side.

She gave her breasts a little shake. They wobbled heavily on her tummy and slowly came to rest.

“I can’t believe I’m meeting him when I’m almost thirty-seven weeks pregnant!” she groaned, “What was I thinking?”

Her areolas, usually pale, were a deep reddish brown. Sensitive nipples thrust forward like thick pencil erasers. Her breasts had grown a lot during her pregnancy. Early in the second month they began to feel heavier and fuller. Soon she had to start buying new bras, a long series of them. Her breasts had been filling and swelling for months, inflating on her chest and lifting higher as they grew. They soon jutted straight out on her chest and filled bigger and fuller as time passed. Now late in pregnancy, they were full of milk, tight, firm, and tingly. Not sore exactly, but they were very sensitive. They felt so good, and she was aching to nurse. When she rubbed lotion on the nipples, it lit a warm glow between her legs, a low flame she enjoyed. She hefted them in her hands. They felt good, warm and full. God, they’re so big and sensitive. My two-ton tits.

She always had large breasts. She got used to it in her teens that she’d see lots of boob when she looked down. But now, it was almost ridiculous. When her breasts first grew so large and full, when they’d first swelled out of her chest so firm and high, she didn’t think she’d ever see anything else down there. She was wrong. Her belly quickly dwarfed her large, luscious tits. From the day she learned she was pregnant, she watched her belly for changes. She didn’t have to wait very long – ten weeks. At 5′ 3″ tall and with a very short waist, her baby had no place to grow but out. So grow it did – out and out and out some more. She was worried for a while, but her doctor reassured her.

“You and the baby are both fine and healthy,” she said. “There is no medical reason to restrict your activities in any way. Don’t worry. Some women carry small and some women carry big. And some women, well… some women carry very big. Try not to worry. You’ll be alright.”

Her hips spread a bit early in pregnancy. Then her belly rose up out of her. Angela swelled bigger and fuller and rounder as the months passed. She just never stopped swelling, never even slowed down. Now, today, she still couldn’t believe it. Her belly spread like a vast globe before her. She let go of her breasts and allowed her hands to wander over the huge expanse. It looked and felt like her belly had ballooned out three feet in front of her. She knew it wasn’t true, but, god, she was big. Her hands looked so small now as she slowly ran them over herself. I’m amazed I can still reach my own pussy, she giggled. She lifted her tummy as she admired her astounding profile.

She carried high until well into her eighth month. She shopped every week, waddling through the mall. As her belly grew larger, her waddle grew slower. Soon people slowed down as she walked by. Soon after that, she got so big that people stopped and stared at her. She was uncomfortable with the attention at first until she learned to ignore it. A few of the men even seemed to like it. Their eyes followed her eagerly. She learned to enjoy the attention she got from those guys. They were nice, really. If she had packages, one would always step forward to help carry them to her car. If she was in a good mood, he got to touch her big tummy. If he was especially nice or handsome, she would take his hand and show him where the baby was moving. They always rolled their eyes in disbelief when she told how many weeks she had left to go.

She grew large enough to become very unsteady on her feet. Her boss worried about liability if she fell at work. Her doctor finally agreed and authorized disability leave because she grew so big. Thank God! The baby settled low into her hips as her ninth month started.

What kind of a feminine hormone cocktail could ever cause a woman to get this big? she wondered. She gazed at her puffed out middle. Everything she saw was okay with her, though. Her warm, fluffy tits and swollen belly felt just right to her. God, I’m so slow and swollen and heavy, she thought. I weigh a ton, I can hardly move, and I’m growing out of all my clothes, she continued, why do I feel so good? I never thought I’d ever get so pregnant and feel great! Everything she saw in herself and every reaction she got from others told her that she was every inch and every ounce a woman. She was strong and fruitful and nurturing and everything a woman was supposed to be. Her hormones were running riot indeed. Since the day her morning sickness eased, she had been horny. She plugged in her vibrator every day just to get some relief. Maybe I caused these rolling blackouts, she giggled, because I spend so much time plugged into this thing. She hadn’t been with a man in months. Well, she had a date with a man tonight. An attractive man, a man she liked, was on his way over to spend the evening with her. She liked the prospect.

Of course, she also had to be realistic. Not much chance of anything coming of this, Angela thought. He’s married, he’s faithful, and there’s no reason to think he’s looking to get romantic. He might not want to, anyway, even if he were available. Not with me. Not like this. Most guys just aren’t attracted to pregnant girls. And I’m awfully pregnant, probably too pregnant. He might even be embarrassed to be seen with me! Oh, no, I hadn’t even thought of that! Well, what’s done is done. I’ll just have to find out when he gets here.

She pulled on her cream colored slacks and struggled with the elastic. Her new bra was too tight already, and her overflowing breasts gave her cleavage a mile deep. The buttons on her summery white blouse were a close fit across her belly. God, even this thing is getting too small, she thought, this is getting ridiculous. She slipped into her sandals.

The doorbell rang and she jumped. Steady, girl. Take a deep breath and relax. It’s showtime. She opened the front door a crack and peeked out.


Part 2 – The Meeting

“Jim? Is that you?”

He smiled warmly. “Hi, Angie. It’s good to see you again. How you doin’?”

She pulled to door open and invited him in. “I’m great! Come in and sit down. Tell me all about yourself.”

He stared at his huge pregnant friend and his mouth slowly fell open. Then blinked and smiled broadly.



“Well, you DO look great! You look FANTASTIC! Yes, it IS good to see you. You should have told me you’re pregnant. Is this a good time to visit?”

“Yes. Absolutely yes! I haven’t seen you in so long, I’d never miss this opportunity.”

He handed her a large bouquet of flowers.

“Here, Angela, these are for you. If I’d known you looked this good, I would have brought more.”

“Oh, you’re sweet… And thank you! They’re beautiful! Come on in!”

She turned away from him, glad to have a moment to compose herself after that first look. She was excited. He looks great! He was always handsome, but now he looks better than ever. He dealt with the shock okay. At least he didn’t run away. I guess having a date with a pregnant girl doesn’t scare him off too much. I still don’t know anything about his life these days, but I don’t think it matters. I want him. I’m too pregnant to wrestle him down, she purred to herself, but I might have to try anyway.

She waddled into the living room intensely aware of her every movement. She could feel his eyes moving up and down her back. It felt good. She slowed down to give him a good look. Her bottom swayed in a wide figure eight. They sat on the sofa. He looked her up and down intently.

“WOW! I wish I had known you were pregnant.”

“Oh,” she made a worried face, “I should have told you, I know. I even didn’t think until later that you might feel strange about going out with a pregnant girl.”

“Strange? No way! You’re a real looker, Angie.”

“Oh, go on! What a flatterer! I’ve missed that about you.”

“It’s true! Word of honor. Can I touch?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

Her heart skipped a beat. This was going to be so good.

She leaned back and beckoned him. He touched her belly, first with one hand, then with both. His hands were warm. His touch was light. He explored every contour of her huge belly. She relaxed and began to breathe deeply. This felt good. His hands lingered near her breasts. He obviously wanted to explore her boobs. Would he? No, good manners won out. His hands moved on to explore her again. Now his fingers pressed deeper into her full, round belly. This was different, more sensual. Her breathing grew heavier as the heat rose within her. His hands moved slowly down the sides of her belly to where her waist had once been. He explored her weighty womb, softly caressed her flanks, and slowly wandered down where the heavy swell of her underbelly erupted from her hips, testing the tight skin and the firm, heavy bulge. She closed her eyes. Suddenly, she felt as though his hands were inside her, exploring her pregnant figure from within. He searched out every soft, sensitive place within her and made her feel more alive somehow. She welcomed him; she warmed under his touch. He caressed the whole surface of her womb. Her whole body glowed, but she felt it the most between her legs. His hands never left her belly, that nice polite area he had permission to touch, but she knew a lover’s touch when she felt it. She felt the wetness between her legs. She wanted his hands between her legs, stroking her pussy, his finger between her lips, gently raising her to orgasm. Her breasts grew hot and uncomfortable in her bra, her nipples white-hot points under the constricting cloth. An hour ago she hadn’t thought it was possible he would touch her at all. Now his hands knew her more intimately than any lover ever had. She wanted more. She took his hands in hers. She arched her back to lift her heavy breasts slightly and placed them in his hands. Oh, yes! He weighed her pregnancy-swollen tits in his expert hands. Then he gently squeezed the tightly packed, tingling flesh. She gave a soft gasp and moaned as her tits welled up out her neckline. Her nipples flamed hard and jutted through her bra. He rested his hands on her belly, gave it a soft pat, and withdrew.

They both took a moment to breathe deeply and slow their hearts.

“Oh, Angela, you are so, so beautiful. Just look at you! I just love…”

“Where in the world did you learn to do that?”

“You like?” he grinned, “I don’t know. Other people mention it, too. People like to be touched, I guess. I like to touch them. When I touch someone, the feeling goes deep. I try to sense how they like it and let the feeling guide me. I take my time and enjoy it, just like everyone else, I guess.”

“No, Jim, that was not like anyone else I ever knew. I enjoyed it, too. It was… more than I expected.”

“Well, I’m glad. Thank you. It was wonderful. Maybe you’ll let me touch you again later, hmm? You look just beautiful. Pregnancy agrees with you. When are you due?”

“Three weeks plus some.”

They chattered on about their lives. They talked about old friends. He was still with their old company. He had just finished opening an office in Portland. They wanted him to check out San Diego now, too. Maybe they’d want to open an office here next year. They didn’t seem too urgent about it. This was mostly a junket, time to relax after the demanding Portland job.

She worked for one of their suppliers, she said, but not right now.

“They made me stay home,” she grinned and patted her belly, “because I got too big to work.”

He looked around at her apartment and all the feminine furnishings before continuing, “Uh, will I get to meet your husband?”

“Well… no. I’m going this one alone. My boyfriend and I didn’t plan on me getting pregnant. It was a BIG surprise. Our birth control failed. Once I was pregnant, I couldn’t abort it. I’ve always loved children, and I want this one. I decided to go ahead. My boyfriend disagreed. We aren’t together anymore.”

“How do you feel about it?”

“Fine. He didn’t want marriage and family. Truth is, I didn’t want to marry him either. I’m fine.”

“So you were just using him for sex, eh?” He grinned.

“You creep…”, she smiled and rubbed her belly, “Well, if I did, it sure worked, didn’t it? Want a drink? How about a Bloody Mary?”


She huffed and puffed to her feet and waddled slowly to the kitchen. Her maternity slacks squeezed tight around her beautiful, shapely legs and round bottom. She knew he was watching, so she showed herself off. Her hips swayed with each slow step. Left… right… left… right. Her round butt worked hard behind her swaying belly.

She could still feel his hands all over her belly everywhere he touched her. What was he doing to her? How embarrassing! She couldn’t believe that just his two hands on her tummy made her so hot. Oh, God, please don’t let me get any wetter, she whispered, I don’t have any clean slacks. He looked so good to her. Nothing had changed, though. He was still charming. She still wanted him …and he was still married. +!#+…

“So, how’s Liz?”

“Well, in fact, Liz and I are divorced. It had been building up for a while. The, ah, big reason was that she didn’t want to have children. We split up more than a year ago.”

“I’m sorry, Jim. That’s a real shame,” she said. Oh, really?

She opened the cupboard door and got out a pair of tall glasses. The liquor was on the top shelf. Her belly was too big to let her face the counter, so she faced him and reached. Her blouse slid up on top of her belly. The elastic panel slid down. Her belly pushed out through the gap. Omigod, she thought.


She blushed. She pulled her clothes back into place and reached. Again, her maternity clothes peeled off her swollen figure. She blushed redder as she adjusted herself again.

“Nice peep show?”

“Yup… You look wonderful.”

“Well, thank you. This is why my doctor put me on disability.”

He rose and came to her rescue.

“Here, how about if I mix them for us? You have a seat.”

“Thank you. No vodka in mine, okay?”

She returned to the sofa. Now she could watch him. His hands moved gracefully over the glassware, his touch quick and sure. His hips shifted as he rummaged for utensils in the drawer. His slacks fit him well and his cock stretched down one of the legs. Hey, wait! Was he getting hard? Really? Yep.

He handed her a glass and sat down.

“I’m sorry about Liz.”

“Thanks for saying. It was just the breaks.”

“I suppose… Hey, maybe we should introduce her to my ex-boyfriend. They might have a lot in common.”

They laughed. She sipped her drink.

“Did you make me a Virgin Mary?”

“It’s obviously much too late for that, and don’t call me Mary.”

She was taking another sip when she got the joke. They both started to laugh. It was so good to see him again. As she laughed, her hand shook and tomato juice spilled down her front.

Cold tomato juice soaked in. Then she remembered.

“Oh, no! I can’t ruin this blouse tonight! +!#+, +!#+, +!#+! I can’t believe it!”

She tried to jump up and failed. The stain soaked into her bra and flowed down her belly. Jim was faster; he dashed into the kitchen and returned in a moment with a roll of paper towels and a wet cloth. He helped her get off the couch. She stood helpless while he cleaned as fast as he could.

“I can’t believe how clumsy I am. I was really looking forward to going out with you. Now I’ve gone and ruined everything.”

He dabbed at her with the wet cloth.

“Oh, come on now, nothing’s ruined at all. It’s not such a big deal, is it, Angela? Just change into something else and we’ll go. No harm done. You’ll look great.”

“Yeah, except for one thing. I don’t have anything else to change into. All my other clothes are in the wash. I can’t go out like this. And I really want to spend the evening with you…”

“No problem. Let’s forget about going out. We’ll stay here, maybe get something delivered, and take it easy.”

“Good,” Her voice sounded different somehow. She had made up her mind, “I didn’t really want to go out anyway. It’s a lot of effort when you’re this big.”

He heard it, too. He took her in his arms. She turned her belly to one side so they could embrace. He held her close and stroked her hair.

“Well, it would’ve been a big effort tonight,” he breathed into her hair.

He held her in his arms and she cuddled against him.

“Geez, just look at me,” she smiled, “I’m so pregnant I can’t even give you a nice hug without my belly getting in the way.”

“Shh,” he rocked her and held her close, “You’re perfect just the way you are.”

And then she felt it. His cock slowly grew larger and warmer and harder as it pressed against her belly. It felt great. She liked it. She wanted it.

“Mmm, you like me all big and pregnant like this, don’t you?”

She lifted her face to look at him playfully. He smiled.

“Yes, I do! I adore pregnant ladies. Always have. And you look wonderful.”

“Give me your hand.”

She kissed him and pressed his hand to her belly.

“Here… Liz is a fool. I’m glad you get pleasure from my figure…”

She heard the catch in his breath and his cock pressed harder. This is perfect, she thought, I’m going to tease him to his limit and them I’m gonna fuck him until he can’t move.

“…You should have a woman who will give you children, who will get pregnant and share herself with you. I want you in my bed tonight. I don’t have anyone to share myself with since my boyfriend left. I’ve missed it so much, and I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. Can we play make-believe tonight? I want to pretend that we’re lovers…”


“…and we made love every night. It was wonderful. And I got pregnant. I got a little sick at first, but it was worth it. And my breasts filled up and my belly swelled out. Oooh, and over time I got nice and big. I’ve wanted this evening for such a long time. And as long as you enjoy pregnant girls so much,” she whispered, “why don’t you come here and enjoy me now that I’m so big…so round…and, oh, so pregnant.”

She released his hand and wound her arms around his neck. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him hard. The dam broke on months of sexual frustration for both of them. She practically devoured him. She had his face in her hands as she stretched up to explore his mouth with her tongue. He pulled her against him as his hand traveled her body in all the ways he couldn’t before. His dick swelled stiff and hot against her belly. He popped her buttons open one by one and peeled down her maternity panel while she moaned encouragement through her kisses. His hand was on her bare flesh. Touching her… Exciting her… He worked his magic on her breasts. She jolted at his first touch, and didn’t want him to stop. He followed her movement… and pressed… and rubbed … and listened to her flood of sensation…and squeezed… and gently pinched her nipple. He opened the floodgates of her pent-up desire. The wetness between her legs became unbearable. Oh, god, yes! He wants me so much! My pussy is on fire. That cock, that hard cock pressing against me… I need it between my legs. I need it to part my lips and slide into me. Oh, god, he’s gonna fuck me, and I can’t wait! His finger at her pussy, she felt the wetness soak through. Suddenly, she felt so heavy she thought she would collapse. Her hot pussy had taken over. Her legs were weak. She wanted to sink to the floor. No, she wanted to enjoy this for a while.

She broke free of his embrace. They panted and stared at each other. Her blouse hung open; her naked, swollen belly bulging out; her chubby breasts heaving in her tight bra. His cock struggled painfully against his trousers.

“Oh, Jim! This will be so good. Let’s make a long, long night of it. Give me a second. I don’t have much I can wear if we are going out. But staying here is different. Can I show you some things? Would you like a little fashion show?”

“Sure I would! As long as we end up in bed together.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s the plan. Well, excuse me while I get out of these things,” she winked, “and change into something less comfortable.”

She turned and waddled toward the bedroom. Jim sat and waited for his breathing to slow. He wondered what she meant. He wondered how he could ever be so lucky.

Angela tried to keep her life as simple and uncluttered as she could while she was pregnant. She didn’t want a boyfriend now. Subtle or not, all relationships are a tug of war, and she didn’t have room for it now. But she was still horny, still needed a man. Well, this man was right for her tonight. I’m in heaven, Angela sang to herself…

She ransacked her drawers and rummaged her closet. I know just how to drive him crazy, she thought; let’s see how far I can push him. So he thinks pregnant girls are sexy, eh? I think I know what to do with that…


Part 3 – The Teasing

“Jim,” she called through the open bedroom door, “Would you come in here, please? Sit down on the bed. I’ll be out in a minute.”

He settled nervously on the bed.

“Did you ever want to take me out when we were working together?”

“Yes, I did, Angie. I wanted to every day.”

“Thanks. I would have accepted, you know.”

“I’m glad.”

“I was thinking about that night a little over eight months ago. Remember? You asked me out, and we came back here afterwards, and you made me pregnant. You liked making me pregnant, didn’t you, you stud?”

“Oh, yes, indeed…”

“You’re sweet… Okay, let’s think about that. We went out on a nice date. You like dancing?”


“Good. We went dancing. And we came back here, and I invited you in…


“…And you took me to bed…”


“…And we fucked our horny little brains out…”

“Oh, yes…”

“… You didn’t wear a condom because I love feeling your stiff, naked dick stroking my pussy…

“Oh, god…”

“…It was glorious to feel your sperm gushing deep into my belly…”

“Ohh, ohhh…”

“…I wanted it so bad. I was so fertile and you made me pregnant…”

“Oh, God, yes…”

“You know what? This is the dress I wore.”

She opened the bathroom door and waddled slowly into the bedroom. She wore a bright sundress. Large chrysanthemums in red and yellow randomly decorated it against a sky-blue background. A long line of widely spaced buttons ran from its hem up to its bodice. Broad straps of the same bright material held up her low-cut bodice. It was tailored nicely, gathered at the waist and breasts to show off her figure. The straight skirt ended at mid thigh. This beautiful, sexy dress fit Angela like a glove… before she got pregnant.

Now the dress had to fight to stay on her at all. The three bottom buttons closed tightly over her plump legs. The much-too-tight skirt only allowed her tiny steps. She slowly waddled across the room to model the dress for him. She used a string to pull the dress tight under her breasts. His mouth hung open and his eyes bugged out. He stared fixedly on her swollen form in the pretty, inadequate dress. She cupped a hand under his chin and lifted his jaw closed.

“Try not to drool, hon,” she giggled, “A little too much to cope with? Here, let me help you. Stand up.”

He kicked off his shoes. She began unbuttoning his shirt. He reached for her, but she stopped him. (“I’m going to play with you for a while, Jim, and seeing you naked will get me hot while I do it, okay?”) She stripped off his shirt. Then she loosened his belt, opened his pants, and pulled down the zipper. She lowered his pants to the floor, and he stepped out of them. His dick was rigid inside his shorts. Her delicate fingers gently released his throbbing cock and peeled off his shorts. She admired the naked man in front of her.

“Mmm, nice dick.”

“It’s all for you. Touch it. See how you like it.”

She looked into his eyes as she slowly reached for his cock. He smiled back at her as she caressed and petted it. His breath came in short gasps. She wrapped her soft hand firmly around it and jacked it once, twice, three times and let go. It grew longer and harder as she watched. Red veins bulged and the tip swelled. It throbbed with his pulse. She was satisfied… for now.

She gave his chest a gentle shove and sent him tumbling onto a pile of pillows on the bed.

“That’s right, baby. You just amuse yourself for now, okay? Liz never knew what she was missing. You haven’t been around for a while. You’ve never seen first hand what getting pregnant will do to a girl. I love carrying a baby inside me. I love everything it has done to me. We’ll play show and tell tonight. Maybe I can give you a little guided tour. You’ll never know how it feels to milk your hard cock while you pump semen into my fertile belly. You weren’t here when my tits blew up so big and my belly swelled out of my clothes. Every day I wanted your face in my breasts and your lips on my nipples; I wanted to rub your cock with my swelling belly; I wanted you coming inside me while I was getting bigger and bigger. I missed you so much then! But now you are here, and maybe we can make up for lost time. Look at me, honey. Do you remember what I used to look like? Well, look what happened to me! All from just one good, hot, juicy fuck. Oh, baby… I’ll give you every round… swollen… pregnant inch of me. It’ll be so good having you sunk deep inside me, feeling your ecstasy as you let it all go in this big belly of mine. I bet you know exactly what I mean, don’t you, Jim? Come in me all you can tonight. I want to feel every slippery drop soak into me. I’ll come over and over when I feel your cock swell up and spurt deep inside my belly. Soak me with all the semen you can; I’ve already paid the price for it. I’m as pregnant as I can get, baby, and I’m all for you. Tonight is ours to enjoy.”

“Does that sound good to you, Jim? Oh, you look like it sounds really good.”

“So you just watch for now, okay. Just be patient. Jack off some, if you want, but be very careful. Don’t come, whatever you do. You’re mine tonight. You are gonna come in me tonight. If you come without me, you go home. Okay? Understand?”

He nodded dumbly, a glazed look in his eyes.

Oh, +!#+! He’s going to explode, she thought. I’ve never seen a man so horny before, and he’s horny for me! I’ve got to be careful. He might shoot his load just looking at me. I won’t let that happen; I know a few tricks. I want that cock inside me when he blows. Her pussy happily agreed. Nestled beneath her full, round belly, her pussy signaled its readiness with every step she took. From her wet lips upward, her warm pussy begged to be filled. Easy girl, you’ll get your chance. Jim’s just dying to fuck big ol’ pregnant me. I’ll give him a nice show, and then it’ll be your turn.

She waddled back to the middle of the floor and did a turn or two, modeling the dress for him. Her big bare belly thrust out of the pretty dress. It was white and smooth and full and topped by her outie bellybutton. The sculpted bodice spread wide as her fat, pregnant tits forced it open and spilled out. Her crowded breasts welled up from her bra. She reminded Jim of a tube of refrigerated dinner rolls that you rap against the counter. The dough splits all the tube’s seams at once and swells out in every direction. The dress was still on her, but every part of her, enormous belly, swollen tits, thick legs, and plump arms oozed out of it in all directions. She had gotten so pregnant. Jim reached for his cock and slowly started to stroke.

“I love this dress. The only time I ever wore it was the night you took me out. It’s tailored to give me a nice waistline. Trouble is, I think it also emphasizes my butt. You didn’t seem to mind it at the time,” She grinned as she patted her hips. “No, I think you liked it fine. You always had your hand on my bottom on the dance floor. It made me hot. Every time you squeezed, I bumped my pelvis against yours. I wanted you nice and horny. I had big plans for you. Anyway, the best part is the bodice. It’s got lots of support in the bust, so it molds my boobs very well. It holds my breasts up and gives me big, deep cleavage. Just a tiny drop of perfume between my breasts completed the package. I knew if I waved all that cleavage under your nose, I’d have you back here later on.”

“It worked. I let you kiss me and stroke me and squeeze me until I thought we’d both explode. I thought you were going to tear my dress off me when we got back here. I barely got out of my clothes before you threw me on the bed. Then you lay down on top of me, and I spread my legs wide for you. I was so hot and wet, and you nearly split my pussy open with that hot, hard cock of yours. I love how you put it in so slowly, teasing me, making me work for every inch. God, your dick felt just perfect inside me. I don’t know how many orgasms I had. I lost count. I just wanted more. And when the time came, I wrapped my legs around you and squeezed my pussy tight around your cock while you came. It was just divine to feel your hot, swollen cock erupting deep inside me, filling my belly so nice and full. It was wonderful how your spurting cock made me feel so warm and squishy and happy inside. I knew I was getting a belly full of come. I was also getting a big belly full of baby.”

“Oh, yeah, baby, it was wonderful. I wanted to get fucked and I got fucked royal. I figured I was going to have a baby as soon as I felt you come like that. It just felt so right. I tingled for days afterward and waited to see what would happen. Sure enough, my period never came. I was pregnant. ”

“I got pretty sick for a few weeks. My poor boobs felt like they were being inflated with an air hose; they really hurt. I had morning sickness, too. That’s how everyone else in the office figured out I was pregnant. They were so nice. They said, ‘Just get used to eating a few soda crackers in the morning. It will help.’ So there I was, the brand new pregnant girl eating her crackers in the morning. It didn’t help. When my stomach started turning flips, I knew I had to race to the bathroom quick. I knelt there in front of the toilet and felt just awful. The room was spinning around and I had this terrible taste in my mouth and my poor stomach was churning away. I desperately tried to think of something else to distract me from being so sick, but it never worked. All I could think about was being pregnant and how much my boobs hurt. They were already getting bigger and it was awful. They were aching and sore all the time in my too-tight bra. If I got a looser bra, I was afraid they would bounce, and that would feel worse! So I’d have to lean against the toilet and press my aching tits against the cold porcelain. And the room would spin faster and I felt myself turn green. Sometimes I thought about our date that night. I thought about lying in my bed with my legs wrapped around you, happily helping you flood my fertile belly with sperm, and now I was sick as a dog from it. No matter how I tried to stop it, I’d feel my throat open up wide and then I’d wail and throw up everything in my stomach.”

“I didn’t think about it much at the time because I was so sick, but the rest of my body was already starting to change, too. Obviously, I didn’t feel like dressing up. The morning sickness was the worst of the pregnancy. It didn’t last long, thank god. But by the time it was all over, I couldn’t get into my pretty dress anymore with a shoehorn. I was ten weeks pregnant and already getting bigger fast.”

She did a slow, sexy turn before him, modeling the dress that was stretched so tightly around her even though she couldn’t even pretend to wear it. Jim stroked his cock harder.

“Well, I was getting bigger, all right. But I never expected this! Look how pregnant I am. Good god, Jim, look at the size of me!”

She stood up straight so her heavy round belly squeezed even farther out of her dress. She patted the sides of her belly and hefted her chubby tits.

“My pretty dress looks so small now, don’t you think? This is my ‘fuck me and make me pregnant’ dress. It’s kind of a good luck charm. Its record is one for one, so far. It worked really well, didn’t it? I’m very glad you like me this pregnant. I’ll have to shrink back down a lot before I can wear this thing again. Pretty colors, shows off my figure well, I look forward to it. I’ll slim down and get back into it. Then we’ll have a nice evening out and you can take me to bed and I’ll get pregnant again. Then I’ll swell up like this all over again, just the way you like me,” she giggled.

She looked over at Jim as he lay on his side watching her. His dick was deep red and it looked too hard to throb any more. He looked like he was in pain.

“How you doing, Jim? Don’t jack yourself too much. No matter how much you want to do it, masturbating won’t feel nearly as good as fucking me, will it? Poor baby, you look so horny. I suppose I shouldn’t be so mean to you. I gotta tell you, though, that I am really getting off on this. I haven’t had anyone to show off to for so long. Seeing you lie there with your cock so stiff watching me perform for you, it makes me feel so good inside. You get me so hot. I don’t want to be mean, Jim. Can I show off for you some more, or do you absolutely have to have me right now?”

He smiled sweetly up at her. The perfect hostess…

“I love the show. My cock feels like a piece of hot iron and I really want to come. But I know how wet your pussy is. I bet you’d love my cock sunk deep in that juicy pussy of yours. But I can stand it if you can. Sure, go ahead and show me more…”

“Oh, thank you, Jim. You’ll be glad you did. Okay, be careful, hon. I’ll be right back.”

With that, she turned and waddled out and left him in sweet misery. A minute later, she began again.

“I went shopping for maternity clothes right after I started to show. I bought all sorts of big shirts and bras and stretchy pants and stuff. And I bought this blouse. It is very pretty and I got a good price on it, so I bought it. It was the biggest garment I’d ever owned and I figured on wearing it to the end of my pregnancy. Wrong…”

She stepped out of the bathroom wearing a blue blouse that buttoned up the front – barely buttoned up the front, that is. It was stretched across her now, tight as a drum. Skin-tight everywhere, the seams were about to rip and the strained fabric puckered.

Jim groaned and released his cock. He rolled onto his back. He took a moment to regain his composure before he could roll back and watch Angela’s show again.

The buttons were barely hanging on, and between the buttons every gap was pulled open wide. They made a sexy vertical line of diamond-shaped gaps down her front. The top diamonds revealed her breasts. They were pressed so tightly behind the cloth that her cleavage was only a tight, hard line. Her swollen breasts were trying to squeeze out of the top three diamonds. The next diamond revealed her bra and the rest showed her big belly as the gaps marched down her front. Her navel popped out of one of them.

She wore white bikini panties under the blouse. Her thighs were full and round under the twin spheres of her butt. Her thighs tapered smoothly down to her knees, then flared again at her shapely calves.

“I’m really grateful to all the girls I work with. I tried to get as much wear as I could out of my regular clothes to put off spending on maternity clothes. I was a mess before I finished my third month. All my knits fit like shrink wrap. My breasts spilled out of my bra and the buttons stretched and popped open on my blouses. My tummy was peeking out of my slacks and forcing down the zipper more every day. It was happening so fast! The girls were very generous about letting me borrow maternity clothes. Everyone was amazed how quickly I ballooned out.”

“I had just gotten over my morning sickness. I was about to start my second trimester. My tits were puffed up nice and big, and I was horny as hell. My boyfriend was pleased in spite of himself. He didn’t want me to have the baby, so he was mad at me, but it was just too much for him to resist. I’d invite him over after work. I had these huge tits swelling out of my blouse with ‘fuck Me’ written in neon across my forehead. He was in heaven at first with his incredibly busty girlfriend who wouldn’t let him out of bed. I had the pregnant hornies; I couldn’t get enough. I thought maybe he’d change his mind about the pregnancy, but no. He forgot about what happens next. All of a sudden my belly began to inflate. I got a little paunchy at first, and then, BOOM! My belly blew up like a nickel balloon. In just a couple of weeks, I turned into a big-bellied, waddling pregnant girl. Now when we got naked, all he could see was my big pregnant belly sticking out. He left. Now I wish it had been you I was fucking so hard.”

“Oh, god, Jim! You would have loved me during my second trimester. Most girls have a belly at the end of their second trimester. I had a nice round tummy on the very first day of my second trimester. And I was so horny! I think I would have fucked you to death. My hormones were running riot. I was just burning up from it. I couldn’t think straight, I was so horny. I thought about you a lot. I wish I’d known you’d broken up with Liz. I would have called you just for company. Of course, once we got a look at each other, we would have been all over each other in a flash. God, I got big so fast! You see how I waddle? I was waddling around my office now, my belly so big all of a sudden that I was knocking things off the desks. I was so horny and I was ballooning out more every day. I didn’t know when it would ever stop!”

“The girls tried to be casual about it, but I could tell they were freaked out about how big I was getting, our boss, too. I felt fine, though. I like my tummy just fine, even if I was clearing off desktops with it. They were so afraid I was going to tip over or something. Finally, they just told me to stay home. They are paying me to swell up like a blimp in the safety of my own home. I thought they were nuts. It didn’t know any better. I felt good. What was the trouble?”

“I finally understood what was the trouble when I outgrew this thing last month. It looked so big when I bought it. I even laughed at how floppy it was. But I just kept getting bigger. My breasts inflated and my belly swelled up and up and up. I never was a skinny little girl. It didn’t bother me that I was getting big. It just surprised me that I was getting this big! My balance was shot, and I couldn’t even waddle properly anymore. My tummy kept getting bigger and bigger and every day I slowed down a little more.”

“So I outgrew it. I was surprised. I didn’t think I’d outgrow it, but I did. The hell of it was that I still had a month and a half to go until my due date. I still had a lot of growing to do. I put it away when the buttons were just starting to stretch. Look how much bigger I’ve gotten in just a couple of weeks. I could have worn this if we were still going out. Would you like to take me out on a date looking like this?”

“Sure, I would. I’d be proud.”

“Oh, you are SO sweet. Anyway, I couldn’t do it. It hurts. My tits alone will tear it apart in another day or two. They’re so sensitive anyway, and to have them wrapped up so tight is much too painful. And look how tight it squeezes my belly. I’m just too big now.”

She tapped the side of her belly with her fingernail. It sounded like striking a watermelon or a bongo drum, a tight, high sound.

Jim watched her with wolfish hunger in his eyes. She could nearly taste his lust on the tip of her tongue. He wasn’t jacking his cock anymore. Smart, she thought, he looks like he’d knot up and blast his load immediately. Still, he looks like he can handle it. I could turn the heat up just a little more. She planted her hands in the small of her back and stuck out her tummy. She turned her profile to him and blew him a kiss, then completed the turn. She walked slowly toward him exaggerating her waddle as she stuck out her belly. She swung it back and forth before his eyes. The muscles in her thighs and calves rippled smoothly as they carried her to him.

“When a girl gets this big she usually says things like, ‘Omigod, look at me. I’m so pregnant! I’m so fat! Boo-hoo-hoo…’ And they say it like it’s a bad thing. Not me. I’m just fine. So what if I have a great big belly? I wasn’t planning on running any races for a while. The volleyball team will have to get along without me. I’m busy having a baby. A girl is supposed get big when she’s having a baby, isn’t she? So that’s my plan: to grow a nice healthy baby in here. Getting a big old tummy like this is part of the deal. I’ll be more than happy to get as big as I can get to have a healthy baby. I feel really good about myself now. I really like how big I am.”

She stopped in front of him and slowly twisted her hips, waved her huge tightly bound belly inches from his face.

“How about it, Jim? I’m getting nice and big, huh? Do I look like I’m gonna have a ba-aby? Umm-hmmm. I sure do… And I still have some time, I’ll get even bigger than this.”

“And thank you, Jim. Thank you, thank you, thank you for remembering that I’m still a woman when I’m so big. Lots of guys back away from a girl when she’s pregnant. I get horny just like other women, maybe even more so now, and guys back away. They see your body start to change and they don’t want anything to do with you. I need you just as much now as the night I got pregnant. Maybe, just maybe, I need you a little more right now. I need your thrusting cock in this big belly of mine. I need you to play with my swollen tits. I feel like a woman now that I’m pregnant and everything has gotten so big and round. I’m hungry to take you inside me. I want to feel you come in big old pregnant me. I’m very, very horny for you now. It’s almost time.”

“Oh, Angie, oh, baby, have mercy on me! I’ve had this hard-on forever! I have this ungodly load of come in my balls. It has been building up since the second I saw you. You have to let me come soon. I can’t stand it much longer! I’m gonna burst! What more can you possibly do to me?”

“Sh-h-h, Jim, sh-h-h… I said it’s almost time. You can’t imagine how hot you’ve made me tonight. I’m very horny for you, and it’s almost time. You’ve been so patient. Can you wait just another minute or two? I have just one more thing to show you. I’ll be right back.”

She looked at him as he lay there. She was ready for him. She would give him what he needed, just as he was giving her what she needed. She gave him a look full of desire and longing. Then she blew him another kiss, turned, and waddled away. This would only take a minute.

“Jim? Look at this. I know you’ll like it. It is one of the few things I own that still fits me okay.”

He rolled onto his side to see. His eyes lit up.

“You’re right! It’s beautiful! It’s a teddy, right?”

It was a beautiful sea green color with lace at the legs and buttons and neckline. The soft satiny fabric shimmered with her movements. The buttons pulled tight across her tummy. The pretty cloth was pulled smooth around her bulging middle and round bottom. The bust was the only part of the teddy that was too small. The cups were cut large but not nearly large enough. Her swollen breasts filled them to overflowing. The big cups could only hold the lower half of her boobs. Her dark areola and stiff nipples peeked over the bodice and the rest of her huge tits wobbled and bounced with her movements. She waddled to the bed and stood over him, careful to let herself jiggle freely.

“Yep. I bought it soon after I got pregnant. It was my gift to myself for the occasion. I was hoping I’d get to use it.”

“Well, right now it’s a nice gift to me, too. It fits great! It’s beautiful on you.”

“Except for the boobs; nothing fits my boobs. It was a special order item from a maternity store. They don’t sell many of them. There isn’t much in the way of sexy lingerie for us preggos, so I thought this was a real find. And you’re right; it IS a gift to you. I wouldn’t wear this thing for myself. I’d only wear it for you. It’s for you because you really get off on my being so pregnant. Isn’t it wonderful? Sexy maternity clothes for horny pregnant girls… This is how a girl dresses when she is very, very pregnant and really needs to get laid. Just like me … right now. I’m just thrilled that you get off on how pregnant I am, Jim.”

“Oh, yes, Angie you know that I do…”

“Yes. So, then, this is a present for you. It makes me look even bigger, doesn’t it? Here, touch me. Feel how soft and smooth it is?”

“I can’t! If I touch you right now I’ll come!”

“Don’t worry, I can take care of that for you. Here, roll onto your back and spread your legs. Oh, my… You ARE ready to come, aren’t you. Okay, hold still. This will only take a few seconds.”

She reached carefully between his legs and found the spot. She found that secret spot at the base of his cock right behind his balls and pressed. Slowly, the angry purple faded and his cock slowly deflated. Soon it was back to its normal size lying limp on his belly.

“My god! What did you do?”

“You aren’t the only one who knows tricks,” she laughed, “It’s a nice little secret to use on over-excited men. Effective, no?”

“Effective, yes.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t stay that way for too long, but it’s a good way to take you back to the starting line. Now what do you think of my teddy?”

He sat up. She stood before him. He took her belly in both hands and drew her to him. He kissed her belly through the teddy.

“It makes you look absolutely enormous and deliciously fuckable.”

“Ooh, tell me more…”

“It’s beautiful. Pretty fabric, nice tailoring, tight in all the right places…” he squeezed her butt sharply and drew a yip from her. He ran his hands up the inside of her thigh, “… and it even comes with a nice wet spot between your legs. Very nice indeed. But the teddy is nothing compared to you. Without you inside of it, I’d never give this thing a second glance. You are a vision wrapped up in this beautiful teddy. I want you. Don’t make me wait anymore.”

“Nobody has looked at me like you do in months. I needed a little bit of approval tonight. Approval?” she giggled, “I’ve never seen so much lust in a man’s eyes before ever. Anyway, I’m glad you’re here. And I’m glad you want me as much as I want you. Oh, Jim… I’m ready. I’m really ready…”

They kissed again, gently this time. They fell into that odd sideways embrace, the only kind you can have when your lover is pregnant. She twisted her shoulders to one side and wrapped her arms around his neck. He pulled her round belly sideways against him. They kissed. All the teasing had burned the urgency out of them. They took time to explore each other’s mouths with their tongues. His hands wandered over her satin-covered skin seeking the soft places that drew soft groans and sighs from her. His touch was gentle and slow, turning up her heat one notch at a time. Her tits were warm and firm and heavenly to squeeze under the satin. Her stiff nipples crushed against his chest. She pressed her belly to him. He never knew how good it felt to hold a big double armload of happy, squirming, pregnant girl, all curves and belly and breasts, and consumed with desire for him.

They broke their embrace so he could undo her buttons. The teddy fell to the floor a moment later, and she stepped out of it.


Part 4 – The fucking

At last, naked flesh. Nothing now but warm, naked flesh. They kissed again just to feel the joy of their nakedness.

“Oh, Angela, you are so, so beautiful…”

“Um-hmm. Big as a house… Heavy and round and pregnant, and all just for you. Oof! Help me into bed, Jim.”

She took a moment to get situated among the cushions. She beckoned.

“Come here, Jim. Come to mama…”

He crawled up between her knees and smiled over her belly.

“Okay, pregnant lady. Now it’s my turn…” and he kissed her belly and tickled her belly button with his tongue. Deep breathing turned to sighs. He circled her belly button with the tip of his tongue, then, alternately kissing and flicking his tongue, worked his way down her belly until he reached her pussy.

She couldn’t see him now but she felt his hot breath between her legs. She felt his lips inside her thighs, kissing, licking, kissing, and licking the sensitive skin between her legs. She bent her knees and spread her legs for him. His arms crept around under her bent knees and his hands settled on her belly. He stroked up and down the length of her body up over the top of her belly and down to her tits. Her sighs became moans. He played with her full, swollen breasts like a miser with his gold; lifting her heavy tits and letting them slip through his fingers, delighting in their weight and warmth. Then he tweaked her erect nipples before beginning his massage stroke again.

He bit softly into her inner thigh and drew an excited yelp from her. He laid his lips softly on hers and gently parted them with his tongue. He touched her %%!* with the tip of his tongue. Her slick juices welled up out of her pussy and her moans became cries. She soaked his chin as he dipped his tongue deeper into her pussy. He ran his tongue around the slick opening of her vagina and sent it probing as far into her as he could.

Her hips began to twitch under his tongue. He bore down and put everything he could into eating her sloppy wet pussy. He found her nipples and gently pinched them, slowly increasing the pressure as he quickly flicked her %%!* under his tongue. She tried to buck and thrash her hips under his mouth as she rose toward climax. It didn’t work; her huge belly was too heavy to move. She was helpless under his lashing tongue.

She thought she would go mad; she thought she would explode; she thought her heart would burst and she’d die. She didn’t care if any of those things happened just as long as they didn’t happen for another few minutes. His fingers were clamped onto her nipples squeezing as hard as he could, sending waves of delicious sensation into her swollen breasts. I’d give anything to be able to hump my hips into his face, she thought. Oh, god, I can’t do it; I’m too pregnant. He’s driving me nuts and I’m too pregnant to move. God, I’m so pregnant and he just loves me like this! My tits! He’s pinching my tits! Oh, my god, I love his tongue on my pussy… I’m on fire! I’m so pregnant I can’t move and he’s gonna make me come! She concentrated on the delightful lap-lap-lapping on her pussy. The thought stuck in her brain as she rose higher and higher… so pregnant… so pregnant… so pregnant… Her cries became screams. Her legs closed around his head. …so pregnant… so pregnant… A fireball formed in her belly. Vision was lost; she saw only blinding white light; she clenched her eyes closed. She heard the blood rush in her ears loud as a freight train. …Lap, lap, lap, lap, lap…4-3-2-1-BAM! She was over the top and…

The fireball burst! The flames filled her belly and quickly spread to every part of her body. Every fingertip, every toe, every strand of hair filled with ecstasy. She saw skyrockets; she was a skyrocket, soaring into the air in a cloud of sparks. Each cell in her body danced and sang for joy. She drifted in a sea of ecstasy, letting the waves wash over her as she tumbled in the tide. Her muscles convulsed. Her head snapped back revealing the tendons in her neck. Her legs wrapped around Jim’s head and locked him to her pussy, tongue flailing away. Her back arched. She had a powerful contraction that drew her huge belly up into a hard, round ball. Her breasts stood erect on her chest, her nipples straining to reach the ceiling.

She couldn’t hear herself babble, “Oh, oh… aaaiiieeeeeee…Jim, I…Oh, god…I’m coming…oh, so good…oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…Mmmm…Oh, Jim, you’re… oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhh…”

It might have lasted a minute, or maybe an hour, it didn’t matter. He rode her orgasm with her, leaving the tip of his tongue touching her %%!* lightly, giving the tiniest of licks every few seconds as she settled down again. He stroked her belly with a feather-light touch as the echoes of orgasm slowly faded within her. Her muscles went slack; her legs fell away from his head. He unwound himself from her limp body and crawled up beside her, cuddling into her side with his arm draped over her, hand atop her breast. She didn’t move; her eyes were closed; she took slow, deep breaths. She might have been asleep.

She stirred. “Jim…”



“Mmm… you, too.”

“Now I want to have your baby for real…”

“Be careful what you ask for.”

“Mmm… can’t move. Kiss me…”

“Yes, Angela…”

He kissed her between her breasts. He kissed her throat. He hovered over her face for a moment letting her feel his warmth and breath. He kissed her softly on the lips. She responded. She wound her arms around him and kissed him long and deeply. She rolled slightly and leaned her belly on him.


He touched the hard surface and let his hand wander.

“What is that?”

“That’s a contraction. A nice, hard contraction…”

“I didn’t put you in labor, did I?”

“No, baby, no. You put me in heaven. A nice, strong orgasm gives a pregnant girl a contraction. It would be nice to have you around when I’m due. You can help me get labor started, or at least keep me happy while I wait. It’s too early now, though.”

“Three weeks, right?”

“Maybe more. Maybe a little less…”

He resumed kissing her neck as he massaged her plump breast.



“It’s your turn.”

She shooed him out of her way and rolled over. She climbed off the bed.

“You lie here where I was. Set up the pillows raise you shoulders slightly and support your head.”

She waddled over to the nightstand and got a bottle of Wet out of the drawer. She waited by the bed.



“Good. Ready or not, here I come…”

She climbed onto the bed. She tried to throw a leg over him.

“Here, help me. Hold my belly so I can keep my balance.”

She finally got a leg over. She straddled his thighs and sat back on her haunches.

“Oof! That was work. So you like pregnant girls, eh?”


“Well, I like you, and you are about to get the best this pregnant girl has to offer.”

He watched her hips and thighs work to balance her swollen body upright, muscles shifting beneath healthy skin.

“You are so hot, Angie.”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

She snapped open the bottle and squeezed out a handful of lubricant. She rubbed it on her belly. Soon her belly glistened. She squeezed some more on his cock. His cock was draped up his belly; he still hadn’t recovered his erection. She leaned forward and lay her belly down on his cock. She let her huge belly support most of her weight. His cock was trapped under the warm, heavy swell. She slowly began to rub, slowly and sensuously. Her voice matched her movements

“Good sex changes for a girl when she get pregnant. She starts gaining weight and getting bigger. She slows down when her belly swells up. She spends more time huffing and puffing than moaning and coming. Most guys don’t like pregnant girls as much as normal-sized girls because pregnant girls can’t do the things he’s used to. Now she’s got a big belly sticking out of her, she’s more horny than ever, and doesn’t have anyone to satisfy her.”

She lifted her belly. His cock was getting longer. She squirted more Wet on him and rubbed it into his flat stomach and took a little more for herself as well. She settled her belly on his cock again. She gazed into his eyes and continued to rub. Her warm, round belly flattened on his cock and moved without friction.”

“I haven’t dated in ages. But suddenly here you are; kinda cute and very likeable, plus you’re available and very horny for a girl with a big, pregnant figure like mine. Oh, baby, you’re getting hard again. Here, wait…more lube. There, doesn’t that feel good?”

“God, yes, Angie. You’re making my balls ache again, rubbing that beautiful belly of yours all over my cock. I must have a ton of come in me.

“I can’t have wild, athletic sex now ’cause I get so big when I’m pregnant, but I’m still so horny. You really know how to make love with a pregnant girl, don’t you, Jim. All slow and gentle and deep inside me… I have slowed down some now that my baby’s got me so big and swollen up. But, oh baby, this pregnant girl knows just what you need. For now, just let me rub your cock. You’re getting so hard, Jim. Ohhhh, your cock feels so go-o-od against my big belly. I could rub you like this until you come. Wouldn’t that be nice? You could unload that big dick all over my pregnant belly. It’d be nice, but I have a better idea.”

She sat up and squeezed the bottle all over his belly, his cock, his hips, and his thighs. She crawled another two steps up his body and sat down again, her wet pussy over his cock. She slid up and down the length of his cock a few times.

“Oh, that feels good. I want to have really wet, messy sex with you tonight. I want to fuck you nice and slow and make you come real hard. Come on, baby. Slide into me nice and slow. Take it easy. Here, I’ll help…”

In a moment he felt himself sliding slowly into that warm, wet pussy he had been dreaming about all night. She hissed softly as he entered her. She took him in slowly, deeper, deeper, and he felt his cock vanishing inside this big pregnant girl. He felt her pussy settle around the base of his cock. She sat down heavily. He was in. His cock screamed at him to fuck, fuck, fuck and empty his balls into her. He lay back and relaxed, waiting, growing accustomed to the sensation.

He looked at her. She was gazing back at him and smiling, her eyes were bright, but she wasn’t with him. Her attention was pointed inward. She was feeling herself wrapped around his cock. She ran her hands lightly over her swollen figure as she marveled at the feeling of his cock stretching deep into her full belly. Angela leaned forward and rested its weight on him. Her round belly pressed heavily into his tummy. Her tits hung round and full before his eyes. She slid forward and back just a bit, adjusted her posture, made tiny adjustments. He felt his cock straighten out inside her, stand straighter, fill fuller and extend farther in. Her pussy closed tightly around him.

“Oh, yes… You’re cock is so stiff and hard inside me. You feel divine all stuffed in my big belly, Jim. God, I’ve wanted you here all night. Take your time and fuck me real slow. Make it last as long as you want. I want to feel how big you can get inside me. Here, take this,” she handed him the Wet bottle, “Why don’t you rub me all over with this. Let’s get good and slippery together. I’m yours now, Jim. You get to play with a great, big, horny pregnant girl tonight. Let’s get slippery and I’ll rub myself all over you.”

He took a big double handful of Wet and reached for her firm tits. The gel spread smoothly and made her skin come to life. Her skin shined and he could see every pore. The nipples stood up hard on top of her huge engorged breasts. She became slick and slippery as a seal. Massaging the firm, yielding flesh was a joy. Her tits swelled further under his attention. Her breathing became deep and her eyes closed. Her vagina tightened around his cock and she began to rock gently. His penis grew larger and hotter inside her.

“Oh-h, Jim. Your cock is swelling up inside me. It’s so-o go-od. My tits filled out a lot this week. Maybe it’s milk. Maybe my doctor is wrong and you’ll put me into labor tonight after all. I wonder what it would be like to fuck you while I’m in labor, hmm? Mm-m, fuck me, Jim.”

She tightened around him again. Her weight pressed her down hard on him, her pussy pressed tight to his groin, her lips clamped around the base of his cock. His cock was trapped in her warm, slick tunnel. She was too heavy to lift herself off him. Her belly was flattened against him. He rubbed another handful on her. He made her sit up to squirt more gel between them. Now the last of the friction was gone. His hands roamed everywhere on her slick skin. She could slide freely on him now. She ground her hips on him and his cock flexed inside her belly. The baby moved and they both felt it. He felt the baby’s outline. She shivered with pleasure and pumped his cock again. The hunger grew in his balls. His cock swelled again.

“How does it feel, Angela?”

“Right now? Being pregnant is just heavenly. I feel big and full and sexy. You make me feel special and sexy and loved. Your dick feels about two feel long inside me. Right now, with your cock in me like this, having a nice round tummy is the best thing in the world. God, Jim, how much harder can you get before you come?”

He squeezed her breasts again. He matched her movements as she rocked against him, slapping his pelvis to hers, filling her belly with cock. Her low moans told of her coming orgasm. It excited him. He held her to him and squeezed in as deep as he could go.

She was getting a good rhythm going now, rocking and sliding up and down his body. Her tight pussy pulled and squeezed and milked his cock. Her oversized belly pressed hard against his tummy and slid all over him. He lay back and enjoyed the treatment he was getting, occasionally reaching out to play with her puffy tits and keep her thick, dark nipples erect. Their bodies made soft wet sounds as he pumped in and out of her. She made lots of happy girl noises while she worked on him. And it went on and on and on. He was filled with a deep sense of joy.

“Jim? How many ways are you going to fuck me tonight?”

“Well, I’d like to see you on your knees with your belly dragging on the sheets while I skewer you from behind.”

“Ooo! That will be nice. What else?”

“This is my favorite. I want to clear off your big, heavy desk and put a blanket or something on it. Then I want you to lie on it with your legs pulled up and spread wide. I’ll stand at the foot of the desk and you can drape your legs over my shoulders while I fuck you. I want to admire how pregnant you are while I fuck you. You look just wonderful pregnant, Angela.”

“God, Jim, it gets me so hot hearing you say that. You’ll make me come if you keep talking this way.”

“Good! Go ahead and come. I wanted to come when you opened the door tonight. I came over for a date with an old friend tonight. And, who knows, maybe get romantic, too. You always did have a cute figure. But when the door opened, there stood this incredible pregnant goddess. Those hips supporting that huge, blown-up tummy of yours, and your breasts! You have breasts to make a man weep for joy. You don’t need me to tell you that you have gotten very, very big, Angela. Your doctor, your boss, your wardrobe, they’ve all done that. But have any of them told you how beautiful and desirable you are like this? Well, I will, and I mean it, too.”

“Oh, Jim, you’re going to make me cry. I didn’t know anyone else felt that way about my pregnant figure.”

“Well, I do. And that’s why I want you on the desk. I want your beautiful, pregnant body laid out in front of me while I fuck you. I want to see your pussy nestled between your legs right under your belly. I want to see it right before I enter you. You’re so hot and sexy and pregnant, belly all swollen up with your pussy shiny wet and ready for my dick. And while I’m fucking you, I’ll get to see you take pleasure in sex, big round belly and huge tits shaking with each thrust, your face contorted in pleasure as you take my cock in your belly. And finally, I’ll see your beautiful round body spent with sperm flowing out of you. Mmm, sounds great!”

“That is so hot! Oh, god, fuck me, baby! I want you so much. fuck me…”

She worked on him faster, slipping and sliding, and squeezing and pumping. She was surprised that he hadn’t come yet

“Kiss me, Angie.”

They tried. She reached for him. They tried to kiss, but they couldn’t reach.

“Oh, baby, I can’t,” she moaned softly, “I’m too pregnant. It’s nice and crowded down there. Aren’t I just the biggest pregnant girl you’ve ever had in your life? Oh, god, look at the size of me, Jim! My thighs and hips, my round butt… Mm-m, look at my belly and my breasts! They’re so-o bi-i-ig… Look what having too much sex will do to a girl! Mm-m, so-o pregnant. Look how big and bloated and heavy I got from playing with cock. And now all I want to do is play with your cock!”

Again she felt him swell inside her. She was climbing to another orgasm. It was almost here. His cock was pummeling her. She felt herself get wetter.

“Oh, Jim, I never knew I’d like being pregnant so much. Feel how big I am, baby. Don’t you just want to fuck me ten times a day like this? Spout all your sperm in this big belly? I’d like that.”

He never felt so tortured in his life. His cock was locked into this lovely pregnant girl that he’d always wanted. She had him in a grip of iron and she was bathing his cock in slick juice. He felt every powerful muscle in her pussy as she desperately milked his rock-hard cock. She was begging him to come in her vast round belly. God, does she get pregnant! His moans came fast and hard now.

God, I’m so wet. He’s so close. I’m gonna come in a second.

Her muscles began to tighten. There was fire in her belly again.

“I’m so pregnant. You feel so good in me, baby. I’m so big I can hardly move right now and I’ve still got three weeks left. Do you want to see how big I’ll get? Oh, fuck me, baby. Just think how big I’ll be in three more weeks.”

She was right! Her hot pussy was so tight around his dick. Her broad, round belly weighed a ton on him. He was breathing hard, like a runner straining for the finish line. He felt that hot tingle up the length of his cock. All the semen he was carrying wanted out, and it wanted out right now! He was about to come.

“Three more weeks! I’ll be your big, pregnant plaything for the next three weeks. I’m gonna be such a balloon …”

She started to come. Her eyes squeezed shut and she threw her head back. Another hard contraction tightened up her belly and made her sit up straight. She sat down hard on his cock, and her muscles clenched up his entire length. He caught an image of how Angela, his “big, pregnant plaything”, might look in three weeks. …big, pregnant plaything … his big, pregnant plaything …his cock buried in his big, horny, pregnant balloon… He started coming…

His cock suddenly swelled up to what felt like the size of a baseball bat. His cock stood stiffer and harder deep in her spasming cunt. That wonderful little muscle between his legs began to squeeze. Each squeeze brought him ecstasy and sent a bolt of semen up his cock and shooting into her eagerly waiting pussy. Oh, yes, YES! He hugged her to him as he emptied himself into her.

She was starting to ride skyrockets again when she realized the best rocket was launching into her belly. Her vagina gripped his pulsing cock convulsively as she bore down on him with all her weight. Oh, god, he’s getting even bigger, she thought, he’s gonna split me open. Then the first spurt of semen jetted into her. It hit hard inside her. She encouraged him through her orgasmic haze.

“C’mon, baby. Give it up. It feels so good. God, you come so hard. Fill me up, Jim. Let me have it all…”

After all the sexual teasing he had endured all night, Jim carried an extra-big load of semen. He thought it would never leave him. He unloaded spurt after thick, sticky spurt inside her. Her pussy was awash in the stuff. She had his cock locked deep inside her pregnant belly. Her strong grip kept milking his spurting dick. He held her close as jet after jet pumped her full. He had never had such an orgasm.

“Oh, you’re so full, Jim. So horny. Give me all of it, Jim. God, I’m just swimming in it. Give it all up, honey…”

And still he came in her. The urgency was leaving him now. He knew he’d be done soon. Soon the last of the come left his balls and shot into Angela’s horny pussy. She welcomed it all. Oh, it was such a relief. Even now that he was empty, he still kept coming. His little muscle kept squeezing and squeezing even though his balls were empty. It hurt so sweetly. Feeling his cock trying to shoot out the semen that was already gone acted like dry heaves, but was so wonderful. Soon, even that subsided and he could finally relax.

Angela absolutely glowed as she gazed down at her spent lover. He had been perfect, just perfect. She was so grateful that fate had sent him to her just when she needed him most. It had been ages since she’d been so satisfied. She felt him softening in her.

He slowly opened his eyes.

“Oh, Angela, you are wonderful.”

“So are you, Jim. So are you. Now… How in the world am I going to get off you?”

“Come on. Lean forward; put your hands on my chest and try to get up on your knees.”

She did as he suggested. As she did, his cock popped out of her like a cork from a bottle.

“Ohhh, here it comes…”

Semen began to leak out of her pussy onto his stomach. It pooled for a moment before running down both sides of his belly.

“God, it’s a flood.”

“You really unloaded on me, buster.”

“My pleasure…”

“No, mine…”

He managed to slide out from under her so she could collapse on the bed. He got her a towel. She lay on her side. He lay behind her and they cuddled together like spoons, his arm draped over her belly. Slowly, her contraction eased.

“Sometime in the next few weeks, that contraction won’t loosen up, will it?”

“That’s right. And a day after that, I’ll be a mommy and I won’t be pregnant anymore.”

“Mmm… A great day for you.”

“I’ve always wanted to be a mommy.”

“But what?”

“I’ve never been a gorgeous, irresistible sex goddess before. I like it.”

“You don’t want to be pregnant forever, do you?”

“No, silly. I just want to spend as much time as I can being a gorgeous, irresistible sex goddess.”

She struggled to sit up and face him.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking? How long are you going to be in town?”

“Yes, I am. I’ll be here two weeks.”

“Good. Any vacation time?”

“Yep. You’re due in three weeks? Take a week? Nah, two weeks.”

“Make it two. I’ve got a little more than three weeks. See if you can get more time off later,” she grinned, “Babies run late in my family, especially first babies, maybe a week or more.”

“Oooo, baby, you are gonna be a balloon, aren’t you?”

“Jim, honey,” she purred, “I’m on disability because I already am a balloon. The next few weeks are going to be incredible for us.” She stroked her belly sensuously. “A girl swells the fastest in her last weeks of pregnancy. Didn’t you know that? Look what has happened to me already. I think I’m really in for it the next few weeks. I’m gonna earn that disability money. I’ve got nothing to do for the next month but swell and rise and get bigger and bigger. I’ll be housebound soon; I know that. I’ll be too pregnant to go out much at all. I thought I’d have nothing to do but sit around bored and lonely and watch my poor pregnant belly swell up. Now, maybe you can help me with a few errands,” she reached for his cock, “and maybe we can think of a few other things to do while my poor pregnant belly swells up. I’ll be your pregnant plaything, just like I said. I’ll get bigger and bigger while we play. And when I finally get big enough, maybe you can put me into labor. Sound good?”

“Yes, Angie. It sounds great.”

“Thank you, Jim. I’m really going to need your help. Oh, and one more thing: let’s take lots of pictures.”

“It’ll be my pleasure, Angela.”

“Mine, too. And speaking of that,” she glanced at his cock and smiled, “it looks like it’s time to clear off my desk and set up for round three. Bring the blankets, will you please.”


Part 5 – The Last Weeks

He called his boss the next morning and arranged for vacation time after the assignment was done. Jim left his hotel room and moved in with her. She gave him a drawer in the dresser and his toiletries went into the medicine cabinet. They were certainly lovers, and maybe something more, but they certainly were not husband and wife.

“What did you tell him,” Angela asked.

“I told him the truth: that I was helping a dear friend have her baby.”

“He better hope you never help his wife the way you’re helping me!”


The following day, Jim came home to an empty house. Angela returned a short time later in a giddy, happy mood. She waddled into the living room singing a little song.

“Hel-lo, sweetie!”

“My, aren’t you in a good mood! What’s up?”

“Doctor’s appointment,” she said, putting down her purse.

“Really? What happened?”

She was heading for the bedroom. “Come on, I’ll tell you about it.”

She was standing before the mirror looking at her profile. He felt that now-familiar warm feeling looking at her and his cock began to rise.

“Hey, look! This shirt is too tight! It was fine last time I wore it.”

She showed him. The buttons were pulling apart across her belly. She kicked off her shoes and began to unbutton her shirt.

“Looking good! What did the doctor say?”

“She said the baby and I are healthy as can be and there is no sign of impending labor. The due date holds, twenty-two days and counting.”

“That’s good. Anything else?”

She took off her shirt. She wore a skirt underneath with a maternity panel stretched thin across her inflated belly.

“She said that my tummy is growing at an absolutely alarming rate, and that I’m going to be a very, very pregnant girl. Ow, my bra is too tight, too. Damn, I didn’t want to buy any more bras. Help me with my skirt, will you please?”

“We already knew that. It would be my pleasure to buy you all the bras you’d care to outgrow. There’s more, isn’t there?”

“Well, yes. The doctor said, ‘Something is up with you, isn’t there? You are absolutely glowing! What’s going on?’ So I said I had a visitor from out of town. She said, ‘Oohhhh? A visitor, eh?’ I guess I started blushing or something because she started to laugh. So I told her all about you.”

“Very nice. It was probably a good idea, actually. What did she say?”

“Well, she asked if you were gentle, and I said yes, very gentle. She asked a few more things, then she said, ‘You know, orgasms will give you contractions, which can be very helpful in late pregnancy. It appears, ah, that you’ve already discovered that. Also, semen has chemicals in it that soften the cervix and make delivery easier. So, between now and your delivery date, make sure you have lots of orgasms and it’s better if he comes inside you.'”

She dropped her bra. It left red marks on her breasts. Her huge breasts seemed to float above her belly. Her brown nipples puffed up hard and erect. She was wearing lacey bikini panties pulled under her belly and snug across her bottom. She caressed her breasts, her nipples, her belly, her hips, her belly, her breasts… She looked at him seductively through heavy-lidded eyes.

“I’m too big for my bra now. You’ll have to get me a new one. But right now, take off your clothes and take this very, very pregnant girl to bed. Doctor’s orders…”


He finished his project at the end of the following week. He was now on vacation time and could stay with her all day. They had a little celebration.

“Thirteen days to go, Jim. I told my doctor we had been following her instructions to the letter. She said, ‘Oh, yeah, I just bet you have.’ She’s funny. How did the project end up?”

“My boss likes the idea of opening a San Diego office in six months or so. He thinks maybe I should run it. I like the idea.”

“That could be interesting… Are we going out to dinner again? I’m running out of clothes.”

It was true. She was wearing the shirt she wore on their first ‘date’. But now, two of the buttons wouldn’t close. Two more would go soon. Her round, pink belly peeked out of the gap. He gave her a hug and rested his hands on her belly.

“We should go while we can. And you know I’m proud to take you anywhere.”

Just then, another button sprang open. She giggled.

“Sure, Jim, let’s go. You can’t resist showing off your big-bellied girlfriend, can you? I’ll tell you what, honey,” she purred, “I’ll wear this nice, tight shirt with my tummy bursting out of it and I’ll waddle real pretty while I hang onto your arm. But I want to be freshly fucked and tingly while I do it. While everyone else is gawking at how pregnant I am, I want your baby juice squishing between my legs.”


Once they had all their time to themselves, they could use it the way they loved the best. They woke up to make love in the morning. She’d wrestle him onto his back and climb aboard, and she’d take his cock inside herself, and she’d settle her round belly on him, and she get him to fondle her huge tits, and she’d take him for a long, slow ride. She’d rub her belly on his and milk his cock nice and slowly. And they’d talk. They’d talk about her pregnancy. They’d talk about how big she was getting and how there was no sign of labor. She’d describe how it felt to have her belly get larger and larger and how it felt to have his cock inside her while she was so pregnant. She got lots of sweet orgasms from him, and she knew what to say when he was almost ready to come. She’d say things like, “Oh, Jim, I’m so pregnant. Isn’t this wonderful? God, I’m getting so big. Don’t you love fucking your big, pregnant girlfriend? I never dreamed it would be so good.” It didn’t take long before he finally overflowed and shot his seed into her swollen belly.

They occasionally ‘disobeyed doctor’s orders’, as she put it. She played with his cock during the long, lazy afternoons. She’d take her time; she’d stroke it and squeeze it and talk to it and suck it. It was so much fun to watch him squirm while his dick got all big and hard and red. And when he couldn’t stand it anymore, she’d make him come all over her belly.

In the evening, he helped her up on the desk so he could fuck her standing up. It excited him to see her wet pussy tucked between her legs under her giant belly, eager for him to fuck her. He loved watching his cock vanish into his swollen enormous girlfriend. And after he entered her, he loved seeing her writhe in pleasure on the desk, her fleshy pregnant body laid out for him to fondle at his pleasure. Her huge belly pointed at the ceiling like some heavenly mountain with his cock tunneling into it. Her huge tits shook from his thrusts, and she begged him to fondle them while he pumped her belly full of sperm.

It wasn’t really clear who was whose ‘pregnant plaything’. Obviously, Angela was the pregnant one, but she played just as enthusiastically as he did, maybe more so. The playing got better and better as time passed. Her burgeoning belly burst out of her maternity wardrobe. Their daily sex play was accompanied by the sound of buttons popping open and surprised exclamations when clothes didn’t fit anymore. She swelled bigger and bigger and bigger…

They knew they wouldn’t have as much time as they wanted, so they used their time well. He took care of the last details to get the house ready for the baby. She was careful not to overexert herself, as least not between play sessions, so she wouldn’t get as tired as pregnant women often do. He ran the daily errands for them. Sometimes they’d rent a video if they wanted a change, but mostly they spent their time pleasuring each other. She could always get him hard just one more time. They both knew it wouldn’t last forever.


Time marches on, however, and soon it was her due date. The doctor said the baby was ready to go anytime and to go home and keep her bag packed. They were living on borrowed time now.


One day overdue, two days, three days… She had grown too big for her maternity clothes. He bought her one last tent dress to wear to the hospital. It was the largest in the store. The dress was laughably large in the shoulders and arms. The short sleeves reached halfway down her forearms. Jim pinned up the hem so it wouldn’t sweep the floor. It fit just right across her breasts and belly. She could only walk a few steps at a time and had to balance so carefully. Doorways were getting narrow. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Time was short.


Four days, five, six… She could no longer get out of a chair without assistance. Her breasts filled with milk and began to leak. They hurt again just like they had early in her pregnancy, so full and achy. Jim was in orbit, but he felt sorry for her. Their love-making was the only thing that distracted her from the pain of her huge breasts suddenly overflowing with milk. The pain made her weep as her tits plumped up so painfully large in just a couple of days. Between love-making sessions, she lay back quietly on the sofa with a box of tissues perched on her bare belly. She would alternate between dabbing the tears from her eyes and the milk from her nipples. Her tits grew fatter and rounder almost as they watched, and her nipples couldn’t contain the pressure. She went through two boxes of milk-soaked tissues during the cruel process of inflating her already swollen breasts. Jim couldn’t help himself. She was so huge and helpless from her overdue pregnancy. He absolutely loved her like this, but he still wanted to deliver her from her discomfort. They hoped their constant love-making sessions would start the labor. Nothing happened other than a great deal of sexual satisfaction. That was enough for the time being.


Seven days, eight days, nine days overdue… The baby was having what had to be it’s final growth spurt before birth. They didn’t think it was possible, but it happened anyway: her belly swelled out again. It grew fuller and wider and settled a little lower. Her tits didn’t hurt so much now that she was getting used to their new size. Her biggest problem was how to balance the new weight on her already hugely swollen figure. She couldn’t leave the house without assistance. No matter how slowly and deliberately she walked, she would huff and puff in less than twenty steps. She had to be so careful. The only way to maintain her balance was to throw her shoulders back, back, back as far as she could. It was almost like she was starting a backbend, but she never got to finish it. Instead, she was hoisting her huge belly and milk-laden tits up almost on top of her so she could balance their them on top of her and not topple forward. She bent back so far that she was walking on her heels. It was only for a few days, so she didn’t mind it so much, especially when she was lying down with Jim. But whenever she had to walk, she groaned constantly, “Oh, my god! Oh, my god…”. She was much happier lying down with Jim. They never let a minute go to waste.

Jim woke up on the morning of her ninth day overdue to find Angie admiring her profile in the mirror. Her shoulders were thrown back as far as she could reach so she wouldn’t topple forward. Her bent-back posture hoisted her belly into the air so she could balance it. She was standing on her heels. She smiled when she saw him awake.

“I never thought I would ever balloon up this big,” she said.

“I never though anyone could get that big,” he replied, “Are you sure there is only one in there?”

“Yep, only one. The doctor can’t explain it really. There are no problems. Maybe more fluid than normal, but no problem. I guess I just drew the lucky card. I suppose whenever I get knocked-up, I’m just going to balloon up this incredibly huge pregnant figure. I wonder what will happen to me next time.”

“Who knows? I’d like to be there to find out.”

“Mmm, I like that. Ready for some morning fun?”

And even after all that, there was no sign of labor.


On the morning of the tenth day overdue, the doctor said it was time to induce. Angela begged her to give it two more days. The doctor reluctantly agreed.

On the afternoon of her eleventh day overdue, Jim’s tongue was buried in her pussy. She was lying on the desk howling with delight. Jim kneeled in front of the desk with her feet resting on his shoulders and her legs spread wide while he tongue-lashed her pussy. Her belly towered over him. It was stretched shiny.

He knew her pussy well by now. He had a choice: he could bring her off fast or take a long time and enjoy the moans. Today, he brought her off fast the first time. Now he was doing it again. He flickered his tongue on her %%!* while he caressed the inside of her thighs. She was rising fast. Suddenly her pussy cascaded slick juice and he felt it tighten on his tongue. Her belly hardened up with her second orgasm contraction of the afternoon.

He took her feet off his shoulders and held them as he rose to his feet. His cock stood rigid and ready.

“Oh, Jim, you do that so well…”

“And the best is yet to come.”

He pressed his pelvis against hers. She rubbed his cock with her still-wet pussy. She spread her legs wide again. Her pussy looked so small now under her massively pregnant belly, small and wet and open for him. He placed his cock at the entrance.

“Oh, baby, I am just so-o-o-o pregnant. I just love saying that. I better enjoy it while I can.”

“Enjoy what?”

“Talking about,” she savored the beautiful word as it rolled from her lips, “how prreg-nant I am. About how I never thought I could get so big when I’m prreg-nant. About how I’d better enjoy it while I can because I can’t stay this prreg-nant much longer. About how my mommy never told me I’d get like this when I’m prreg-nant. About how horny I’d get be to feel your cock in my nice, big prreg-nant belly. About wondering if I’ll ever get this prreg-nant again.”

“Angela, you are absolutely the biggest, sexiest, most beautiful pregnant girl I have ever laid eyes on. I am the luckiest man in the world. You are wonderful.”

He could see her beautiful face over the top of her huge, shiny belly. She wiggled her bottom against his cock trying to get it inside her. Her face was losing its orgasmic haze and her belly was starting to relax again.

“I bet you say that to all the pregnant girls when they are eleven days overdue, don’t you?”

He pushed the tip into her. He watched it vanish inside her. She tightened around him. He fucked the tip of his penis in and out of her a few times. Her eyes began to glaze over and she began breathing heavily again.

“Only the ones I really have serious hots for. Seriously, this month has been heaven. To watch you get so big like this, to want you every minute and to know that you are mine, to see desire for me in your eyes and watch that desire lead to the best sex I’ve ever known, it has been the best experience I’ve ever had. I wish I had made you pregnant so I could have spent the whole nine months with you.”

He slid another inch into her and continued to fuck her. Oh, god, look at the size of her belly! He had his cock in this incredibly pregnant girl and she was babbling in ecstasy. They were making wet noises together now. She spread her legs wider and her shiny belly squeezed up between them. She was panting.

“Nine months, one week, three days and counting. If I’d known it would be this good, I would have had you make me pregnant ten years ago. We wouldn’t have had to tell Liz right away. It would have been our little secret. Think how many babies we would have by now.”

That got him. His breath caught in his throat for a moment and his cock slid all the way in. Mmmm…

“Maybe the doctor made a mistake and got my due date wrong. Maybe I’m going to be pregnant for another month or so. Just think how pregnant I’ll be in another month. Would you lose your job to spend another month with me while I get bigger and hornier?”

“Yes, in a second…”

“Look how pregnant I am right now and fuck me…”

They were glad the desk was so sturdy. This short little lady had ballooned up to well over two hundred pounds by now. He watched his cock slide in and out of her well-lubricated pussy. She moaned and arched her back. Her round belly was chest high on him. Her bloated tits shifted heavily on her chest as he drove himself into her enormous belly. She began babbling and her pussy frantically gripped his dick. She was coming again. Another contraction pulled her belly into a huge hard ball. Orgasm number three. He continued to fuck her, but more slowly while she recovered herself.

“Mmmm, this is so sweet. Orgasm after orgasm. God, I’m so pregnant and I just love the way you fuck me. If I had known it would be like this, I would have taken you away from Liz long ago. She didn’t deserve you. I deserve you. I would fuck you like this every day for the sheer joy of it.”

She was already rising to another orgasm, greedily milking his cock, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, pulling him into her monstrously pregnant body. He felt how much she needed him up the length of his cock. The fierceness of her need made the come rise in his balls. He speared into her full belly as deep as he could go.

“We’ve been a couple of fools, haven’t we? We could have been doing this for years! A little office affair wouldn’t have been so bad would it? Of course, there aren’t any secrets in an office like that. Everyone would have known you got me pregnant. I would have loved to feel my belly getting bigger and bigger each day at work while they stared at me. I imagine what it would be like. Go see Liz with my belly bursting out of my dress and tell her, ‘Jim is such a great lover. He just loves it every time I get pregnant! If you want to keep him, you better give him what he wants. If you don’t, I’ll have him make me pregnant again. I just drive him crazy in bed when I have a belly like this.’ Liz would have been gone in a flash and we could have been doing this for years. Oh, god, Jim, I’m gonna come again… I hope we like fucking each other this much when I’m not pregnant. This pleasure is worth anything. How many times would you have gotten me pregnant by now?”

His cock was on fire. It was more than he could stand to have this huge, overwhelmingly pregnant woman so hungry to have his cock inside her, so hungry to feel him shoot his semen deep in her blown-up belly. He hugged her pregnant belly and drove into her as hard as he dared.

“Don’t you want to make me pregnant yourself? Shoot your sperm inside me and watch it all happen? See my tits swell up nice and fluffy because of you? fuck me every day while my flat belly softens and rounds and finally swells out in front of me? See my belly get bigger and bigger every month? I’d love it if you got me pregnant again. I want your cock in me from the very first day. Look how pregnant I am. Oh, god, I get so big when I’m pregnant. Make me into the biggest, most swollen-up pregnant girl in the world and come in my belly every day. Give me huge, fat tits so you can come on them. My big, slow, pregnant waddle feels so good with lots of your slick sperm squishing between my legs. It’s so… so… Oh, god, I’m coming again… Hold me…”

Hearing her talk like this and coming at the thought was more than Jim could stand. They held each other tight while he came into her orgasmic pussy. He shot his semen into her belly while she was h nah… None of that! You are absolutely gorgeous. Being so pregnant makes you even better. That’s why all the men are jealous of me when we go out together.”

“Maybe I should stay pregnant forever, huh?” she teased, “My doctor told me something interesting the other day. She said that after a girl as a baby, her stomach muscles are all relaxed and stretched out.”

She lifted her belly and turned back and forth in front of the mirror.

“She says that’s why a girl gets so much bigger when she has her second baby. I’ve seen that happen dozens of times. A girl thinks she knows what to expect because she already had a baby. Then she gets pregnant again and her poor belly just explodes and she gets lots bigger than she did the first time. What about it, hon? You think I’ll get bigger next time? Oh… Oh, my… Oh, Jim, look!”

Her belly hung low in her hips, but it contracted round and hard as they watched. They could see the baby’s movements under her skin. Then her belly relaxed again and sank low in her hips.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“I don’t know. Let’s see…”

He went to her and held her. Ten minutes later it happened again. Her huge belly began to harden again. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him as her belly contracted between them.

“Oh, baby, we did it! I think you deserve a reward.”

She played with his hair while she pressed her contracting belly against his naked body.

“How would you like to fuck your very willing and oh-so-pregnant girlfriend one last time while she’s in labor?”

“I don’t know… Do you think that’s a good idea? Is it safe?”

She rubbed her hard belly playfully against his cock. His cock began to rise again. Her contraction eased. She smiled and took his hand and motioned toward the desk.

“Just one last time? One last time while I’m still pregnant? Please? We’re already naked. It’ll be weeks until I can have sex again. The doctor said it’s okay until my water breaks, and I don’t need to call until the contractions are five minutes apart. You watch the clock.”

“Call your doctor first and tell her the contractions are ten minutes apart and see what she says.”

She called. Angela described the contractions and answered a few questions. She smiled and made a thumbs up.

“She said just wait here until the contractions are five minutes apart, then call again and then we’ll go. Here, help me over to the desk. C’mon, baby, we’ll have to be quick…”

He helped her stagger over to the desk and gently got her into position again. He stood between her legs and fingered her pussy. She moaned as her slick juices rose and soon her pussy was wet again. He positioned his cock at her ready pussy and looked over her belly into her shining eyes. She was breathing hard and massaging her belly.

“Come on, Jim. I’m as pregnant as I can be right now. Isn’t it wonderful? I’m ready to deliver. I want to feel you in me one last time before we have to go.”

“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, Angie. I never knew a woman could make me so happy.”

His cock slid into her in one long, smooth, steady push. She moaned and let her head fall back. She was on her way to another orgasm. He held her belly and fucked her in long easy strokes. She had another contraction. He glanced at the clock. She laid her hands on his as he fucked her contracting belly.

“Oh, god, you’re so good, Jim.”

She was moaning loudly now and her pussy tightened around him. Her huge body was ripe and sweet before him. Every inch of her was ripe and round and full of life. Look how she had swelled to prepare for this day! Her skin was healthy and glowing. A beautiful, smooth layer of fat had rounded out her figure to protect her and feed the baby growing within her. Her breasts had grown large and full to feed the baby after it was born. Now her breasts were ready for the job ahead. They were full and firm and ready to feed the baby she was about to deliver. Her astounding belly rose up before him. She had obviously pushed her remarkable childbearing abilities to their limit by swelling so large. How does a woman’s body know it can do this, he thought. He would have sworn she was due the day he met her. But no, she had had weeks to go and her belly had gone on to inflate to immense proportions. Well, now she had reached her limit. Her womb had to give up the child so her breasts could continue to nourish it.

The contraction eased and Jim moved to fondle her full, milky breasts. The hard brown nipples reached for the ceiling. She moaned encouragement, so eager for his cock, so eager for the sweet climax that came with it. She’ll come soon, he thought. He picked up the pace and fucked her more rapidly. Her moans were rising to cries. The contractions were still easy for her, but she had a long way to go.

Now this immensely pregnant woman was laid out before him. Her job was nearly done. She had grown as big as she could possibly get. She was a huge, ripe fruit, perfect and ready to harvest. She was celebrating the end of the job the same way she celebrated the beginning of it – with pleasure. She’s right on the edge, Jim thought. He looked down to watch his cock spearing into her eager pussy again and again. Her pussy lay at the base of her great mountain of a belly. She’s stretched out to her max. Her belly just can’t get any bigger. She wanted him so much. He fucked her deeper now, feeling her reaction as his dick penetrated deep into her huge laboring belly. She threw her head back, all her muscles tense, and gave herself over to another orgasm. She had another contraction, but Jim knew it was from the orgasm, not the labor.

“Oh, Jim, this is great! Give it to me! Oh, Jim, please don’t stop! Oh, Jim, I done good, didn’t I? I’m about to have a nice, strong, healthy baby. I sure got pregnant enough, didn’t I? I got nice and bi-i-ig, huh. A big, pregnant mama with a healthy baby. Mmm, it’s wonderful. I’m as big as I can get, Jim. Nice and pregnant, just the way you like me. fuck me while you still can.”

Another contraction gripped her, and her huge belly knotted up tight as a drum. This was a labor contraction, and she felt it. He glanced up. Nine and a half minutes. She started breathing like they taught her in La Maze classes. It lasted for a two minutes and then eased. He never missed a stoke. He was enjoying this. He liked fucking Angela while she was in labor. It added fresh vigor to his stroke. She liked that, at least.

“Oh-h… That was nice. I’ll miss being pregnant. What I mean is, I’ll miss being pregnant with you here. Mm-m, that feels so-o good… I may want to do it again sometime. You want to be here when I do? I’d love it…”

She massaged her huge belly, relaxing after the contraction and enjoying the sensation of Jim’s cock stroking inside her. She could feel herself rising again. Maybe she could have another orgasm before she had to go.

“I really want you around for my next pregnancy, Jim. You’re a real treasure. Such a wonderful, considerate lover for a pregnant woman. You think I’ll get this big next time? Bigger? I hope so. fuck me from the beginning next time. I’ll be your sex slave. You can be with me the whole nine months, watching me swell up under you. Maybe you even want to make me pregnant, hmm?”

She was really getting to him. He looked in her eyes as she lay on the desk. God, she was big. She was so pregnant. Her belly was so huge and heavy she could hardly walk. She was the biggest pregnant woman he had ever seen. She was in labor, with powerful contractions seizing her immense belly, preparing to push her baby out. And all she wanted was to make love with him one more time. All she could talk about was doing it all over again for him. He felt himself swell inside her. It won’t be long.

He loved her figure now that she was so pregnant. He remembered what she looked like when they first knew each other. She had been a petite woman, curvy, and with a nice round squeezable butt; tiny, busty, and energetic. Not now. Her sexual energy brimmed over one evening months ago. She took her boyfriend to bed. She mounted him and ground his cock into her, seeking the release she needed. She got her release, all right, but look what it did to her! The tiny woman was gone for now. Once she had given herself up to be fertilized, her body worked under a different set of rules. The rules were simple: give the baby as much room to grow as you possibly can. And here was the result. She had been hidden away under eighty pounds of beautiful flesh. Except for that pregnant glow, her face had not changed, but her round, compact figure had blown up beyond recognition. Thighs round and plump and wrapped around his waist; breasts huge and round and ready to nurse. Her bottom had grown big and round, too, the new muscles allowing her to stand upright under the new load on her belly. As she lay there before him, he couldn’t believe any woman could grow that big by herself.

She was as big as she could get, swollen up huge before him. She was puffing and panting, clenching his cock, twisting on the verge of yet another orgasm. He hugged her huge belly to him and hammered into her. It put her over the top again. She was moaning and babbling nonsense in her bliss and had another orgasm contraction. Then a labor contraction hit.


The last of her orgasm was swept away by the powerful contraction. Her belly knotted up tight in his hands. Now she was puffing and panting her way through the contraction, dealing with the surprisingly strong pain. Her pussy squeezed him tight and lubricated furiously. He stroked her hard and deep. She began to sweat from the effort of the contraction. Her huge body grew slippery against him. She urged him on.

“Oh, god, Jim. Don’t stop. fuck me while you can. I’m not going to be pregnant much longer. You’ll have to take me to the hospital soon. Let me go in with your sperm dripping out of me. Don’t miss your last chance with your big, pregnant girlfriend.”

The contraction tightened its grip and she went back to panting. Labor started in earnest. Jim was getting close. His cock began to tingle. He remembered all the sexy fun they’d had together. He thought about how hot it was to watch her belly swell to this unbelievable size. She loved being pregnant and feeling her belly grow so big. She celebrated every new inch and every popped button in bed with him. This was the best experience of his life. Yes, he wanted to do it again! Yes, he wanted to make her pregnant himself!

He heard the blood rushing in his ears like a freight train. The last thing he saw was his arms around her vastly swollen belly while she was knotted up in labor, her tits leaking milk and shaking under his thrusts. His vision when to ecstatic white light. He began to come.

He didn’t dare pound into her any more so he pressed his cock in as deep as it would go. Her pelvis met his and she squeezed him again. He started spurting inside her. She felt it and answered him. He spurted great jets of sperm into her, again and again and again, ecstasy in every jet. He quickly filled her pregnant, laboring belly with all the sperm he could muster.

He wanted to collapse on her, but didn’t dare to. He slowly stood upright. Her contraction was gone, but another one would be here soon. She was looking at him with love in her eyes. He returned it.

“I’m going to get your dress. Do you want to lie here, or shall I help you down first.”

“I think I’ll lie here. Hurry back.”

He gently pulled his cock out of her. Her wet, glistening pussy began to ooze his semen. He stepped back shakily and went to the bedroom. He returned with a glass of water. First he helped her sit up, then he gave her water. She sipped gratefully. She climbed carefully off the desk and waddled slowly to the sofa.

They sat through a couple hours of her contractions. Eight minutes apart, eight, seven and a half… Slowly her contractions accelerated while they talked and cuddled each other. They kissed. She actually wanted to have another session before they left. (“Come on, Jim, the doctor said five minutes. We can do it again before I’m down to five minutes.”) They made out like a couple of horny teenagers on the sofa. He played with her firm, newly-inflated tits, and held her close to him. He stroked her pussy and made her come again and again while they waited. She rubbed his cock with her full, round belly between contractions. Finally, her contractions were down to five minutes apart. She called the doctor and told her she’d meet her at the hospital. While she walked so slowly and carefully with her huge pregnant shape, he helped her out the door and down to the car.


The Epilogue

Angela had a beautiful baby girl. Jim helped with the delivery. The doctor whispered to Angie that having Jim around helped a lot to get her ready. Angie passed the message on to him.

She called her family, and her mom said she’d be there in two days. Jim stayed with Angela until her mom arrived. He had his bags packed to leave when mom arrived. Angie’s mom thanked him for taking such good care of her daughter during the last few weeks. Angela winked at him. He assured her that he was glad to do it.

Life returned to normal. He went home and resumed his job. It looked like he would be transferred to San Diego in six months, so he prepared to move. He and Angela talked on the phone several times each week. Talking about her daughter, and about work and moving to San Diego, and about all the hot, sexy fun they had together.

Finally the big day came. The movers took away his furniture, and he got on a plane for San Diego. He settled into his new place for a day or two and called Angela.

“Angie! How you doing? I am arrived and settled. Can I take you out Saturday night?”

“No, Saturday won’t work, but how about the Thursday after that?”


When he picked her up, she was wearing a lovely blue flowery sun dress that looked great on her. (“You’re all skinny now! I can’t believe you’re skinny!”) She had her figure back almost perfectly, but the dress was still tight across her boobs. They sat next to each other the their table, and every time she leaned toward him, he got lost in her perfume. She teased him and touched him and kissed him all evening.

She asked to see his new place and soon steered him into the bedroom. They began to kiss and slowly their clothes came off. He and his very un-pregnant friend were soon pleasuring each other in bed.

“I can’t get used to being in bed with you when you aren’t pregnant. I’ll have to wear a condom.”

“Why? When have you ever worn a condom with me? Besides, you know how much I like feeling your naked cock inside me.”

A memory caught Jim by surprise.

“I remember that dress now! You showed that dress to me on our first night.”


“Well, it fits you beautifully again. Say, why did you want to go out tonight? I could have gotten a babysitter last Saturday.”

“Because I wasn’t ovulating last Saturday. I’m ovulating tonight. Now shut up and kiss me.”

He rolled over on top of her. She pulled her knees up and spread wide for him. He kissed her as he firmly pressed into her wet pussy. She groaned in pleasure and wrapped her legs around him. She squeezed her pussy tight around his cock and started to milk him. She kissed him hard as her first orgasm shook her. His cock stroked deep inside her warm welcoming belly. He couldn’t get used to her flat tummy. No matter. He felt the first load of the evening building in his balls. He wondered how many times he would fill her pussy tonight. He’d make her swell again very soon. How big would she get this time with his baby? He couldn’t wait to find out.

The End

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