Unknown Pokemon Ovi Story

Unknown Pokemon Ovi Story
by Unknown

“Um, excuse me?”

“Just a moment!”

Nurse Joy finished sorting pokeballs and hurried back to the counter where a trainer in her late teens was waiting for her, a blonde-haired dark-skinned girl in her late teens dressed in a sporty black and yellow outfit with a red cap adorning her head, as was popular amongst the young trainers. She was also, as Joy couldn’t help but notice, obviously pregnant somewhere in the late second trimester, a slightly oddly shaped baby bump making itself known on her otherwise slim but curvy frame. Joy also couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t much bigger than the trainer’s rather impressive breasts, making her feel slightly self-concious about her petite chest. Kids these days were far too overdeveloped.

“What can I do for you?” She asked cheerfully, expecting to have a pile of pokeballs dumped on the counter for healing. Instead the trainer’s brown cheeks blushed slightly and she made a different request.

“Do you think you could take a scan for me?”

“A scan?” Joy said. “Well, we tend to do that anyway just to make sure that your Pokemon are doing well, so-”

“Not for the Pokemon.” The trainer said, her blush intensifying. “For me.”

“Ma’am, we aren’t a hospital for humans.” Joy said awkwardly, glad that the center was empty at this time of day. “There’s one just up the road-”

“It has to be here!” The trainer insisted. “Please? Just a quick one?”

Joy retreated slightly as the trainer leaned over the counter, hefty breasts pressing against the flat surface.

“A-alright, if that’ll make you happy.” Joy said, getting the feeling that the trainer wasn’t going to take no for an answer. She wasn’t one to be discourteous to a pregnant woman, after all. “I’m just going to warn you, the scanner isn’t going to tell us anything, it’s not made to work with humans.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll definitely find something.” The trainer said ominously.

Joy looked with disbelief at the readings as the trainer climbed out of the machine.

“Um, if you don’t mind me asking…” Joy asked nervously. “How exactly did that get in there?”

She pointed at the screen’s full-body scan of the dusky-skinned trainer, more specifically at her distended belly. While the machine wasn’t designed to give much useful information about a human, it could clearly identify the large Pokemon egg that had somehow been placed inside of her womb, looking like an ordinary pregnancy from the outside. How in the world had she managed to do that? It was an egg that looked like it was going to hatch into a Ralts, so it at least wasn’t something too big…

“Well, it was an accident with my Gardevoir using Teleport, and one thing led to another…”

The trainer trailed off, and Joy decided to not press for details. In fact, she didn’t think she wanted to know if it was deeper than that.

“So what do I do?”

Joy tried to not stare at the trainer’s belly.

“What do you mean?” Joy asked.

“Well, it’s going to hatch eventually, isn’t it? Do I, you know…” The trainer flushed yet again, but had an oddly happy look on her face. “Lay it?”

Joy wasn’t really sure how to answer that one, but made an attempt anyway.

“Well, this is just a guess, but I think it’s going to hatch while still in the womb. A human womb is probably a good incubator, after all. After that, I’m not sure.”

Suddenly Joy recalled something. An odd anecdote in the records that a colleague had mentioned as a joke a few years ago. She rushed over to the computer and searched through the records for human-pokemon pregnancies, coming up with one result.

“You’re going to have to carry it for a while.” Joy reported back to the trainer, who didn’t seem very worried about that at all. “It’ll grow a little in the womb, and then you’ll give birth naturally. At least, that’s how it worked for the woman who carried an Abra egg.”

“So for how long?” The trainer asked, stroking her belly.

“Can’t tell. Probably a month or two before the egg hatches, less if you walk a lot. Walking is good for an egg, so don’t settle down just yet. After that, I can’t say.”

“So it’s nothing to worry about then!” The trainer said happily, retriving her bag and slinging it over her shoulder. “Thanks nurse!”

“W-wait!” Joy called after the trainer who went straight out the door, humming to herself with one hand on her distended belly. But it was to no avail, the trainer leaving before she could stop her. Joy sighed, wondering if she should write a report about this. This was the second weirdest thing she had seen this month, that was for sure.

“So when are you gonna hatch already, little guy?” The trained asked her belly as she gave it her usual petting. “It’s been nearly two months! Don’t get too comfortable in there!”

She giggled to herself as she walked down the forest road, enjoying the cool breeze and isolation of the route she had picked. She had gotten quite used to her swollen belly, and even more used to the benefits it offered. Everybody was polite to the young pregnant woman, which was just fine by her. Maybe once this was all over she’d do it again! Taking care of a Pokemon was much easier than raising a human baby, after all.

She was thinking of stopping for lunch when she felt an odd rumbling in her belly. That was odd, she hadn’t felt that before. Was it her breakfast disagreeing with her? No, this was different, it didn’t feel like a stomach ache… She looked down and felt a thump as her belly was pushed out, the impact causing her to stop in her tracks. The rumbling intensified, her spherical belly starting to bulge in different directions as she fell to her knees, panting from the sensations. It was hatching! The egg was finally hatching! She groaned slightly as her belly was pounded from the inside, her usually smooth belly riddled with bumps.

Eventually she could feel that it was starting to stop, and instead the pounding turned to softer pressing along the inside of her womb. Had it finished hatching? Was the Ralts inside of her belly now exploring the constaints of her womb? It was a pleasant sensation compared to the rough hatching, she had to admit. She fell onto her back, laughing and rubbing her belly as it began to settle down. She really was pregnant now! She ran her hand down the slope of her belly, which felt a little bigger already, the eggshell left over starting to dissolve. A Ralts wasn’t very big, but it was going to grow a little after being born. Would it be enough to make her give birth? Maybe it’d just stay in there until it evolved, too small to leave its semi-mother’s protection. The thought was enough to make her laugh. That didn’t sound too bad either! She made a note to herself to make sure her Gardevoir didn’t find out about this. She got the feeling it’d make their interactions a bit awkward…

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