“Spherical Pregnancy”

Spherical Pregnancy
by Fatcomfortchange

Julia had only been working for Archer Chemicals for around three months, but in that time she came to learn the inner workings of the company. Things like, which floor had the best air conditioning, which water fountain was the coldest, and which snack machine was kind of broken and often gave you two bags of Doritos on accident. Yes, she was really moving up in the world. Her job was basic, answering phones, running folders from office to office, basic stuff any clerk at a big company would do. She liked it, it was simple and paid the bills, almost. In fact just barely. Things started out fine but as time went on and her bills got larger there was less and less to go around in her bank account. She was seriously considering getting a second job, although the idea was not very appealing to her. She had worked many part time jobs in the past and the thought of going back to stocking shelves or selling furniture didn’t make her happy. It was this thought that was running through her head when she entered the break room one Friday afternoon and overheard the conversation of some friends at the table.

“…I can’t believe it either,” said Helen, “$1,200! for one weekend test!”

“I know! She said she felt great afterward too, like a day at the spa.” added Danni.

Julia’s interest was peaked and she walked over to her friends.

“Hey guys, what’s up?”

“Money!” said Helen with a laugh.

“I heard! So give me some details.”

Helen and Danni began to tell Julia about what they had learned only just that morning. In the basement of the office were the testing labs of Archer Chemicals. It was there that they worked out the kinks of whatever wonder drug was coming out in the next few months. Apparently they had caught some heat from some animal rights groups and had to ditch all the critters they had been experimenting on. Apparently the groups had a problem with monkeys in cages but no problem whatsoever with genetically altered super gorillas with three arms now running free in the wild. That aside, the labcoats now had a problem. No test subjects. So an internal memo had been circulating among some of the employees sent out by the labcoats, Julia must have missed it, asking if anyone would be willing to help them out and earn some money on the side. They were asking those interested to show up on Saturday morning and stay till Sunday night, and during that time willing participants would test out new pharmaceuticals and be compensated handsomely for their time.

Apparently a friend of theirs had decided to participate last weekend and not only made quite a bit of money, but also had a very interesting physical experience as well. As Julia was filled in on the details she felt her jaw drop as the story went on. Their friend had been asked to test a new fertility drug that had quite a potent effect on her. Julia tried to hide the fact she was rotating her hips a bit as their friend’s experience was discussed. Julia always had girlish fantasies about pregnancy and the pregnant form, and now it seemed like she could not only fulfill those fantasies but also solve her financial crisis.

“Where do I sign up?” she asked, biting her lip in anticipation.


“Julia?” the tall blonde asked as he entered in the waiting room of the lab.

“Right here!” Julia said excitedly rising out of the plastic couch.

“Hi there,” the blonde began as she walked over to her extending a unbelievably fit arm “I’m Doctor Shauna, I’ll be your observer this weekend. Are you ready to get started?”

“Totally! I’m so excited! Did I get the area I requested on my application?”

“Oh yes! We’re still in the early stages of testing that particular drug so you fit right in to our schedule.”

During their conversation they began their trip into the lab itself. The soft sound of Julia’s high tops contrasted the sharp clack of Dr. Shauna’s purple heels. Julia took notice of how tall and physically built Shauna was. She looked like a stunt woman in a labcoat and despite towering over Julia, she had a friendly and sweet demeanor that eased the few second thoughts Julia had had about the experiment.

“Your testing space is just up ahead.” Said Shauna as they passed through a large area with many desks and other scientists working at them. Julia was surprised to see many of them were as tall and built, if not more so, than the amazon walking beside her. There was one gentleman in particular who was constantly leaning forward to prevent his head from brushing against the ceiling.

After leaving this room they entered a long hallway with many doors on either side. The speaker overhead pinged and made an announcement about lunch and a betting pool for an upcoming hockey game. After walking for a ways they came to door where Shauna scanned her ID and opened the room to Julia.

“Here we are!” It was a simple room, not unlike most rooms you find in a hotel. TV, small kitchen, chairs, and a very large bed. Julia smiled and blushed, knowing full well why the bed was so large and plush.

“Here is your testing wardrobe. Why don’t you go change while I get the drugs we’ll be testing today.”

Julia changed in a flash into the light blue, super stretchy PJs. Her brown hair bouncing about as she practically danced around in anticipation of what was to come. She leaped into the extra large bed and wrapped herself in the comforter. She was so excited as she knew this was a day she would remember for a very long time.

Dr. Shauna came back into the room carrying a single pink pill and cup of water. Julia scooted herself to the edge of the bed excitedly. She was shaking and blushing in joy. Shauna laughed at the sight of this small woman so eager to participate in this test.

“I’m sure you’re aware of what will be happening Julia. This is a new fertility medication we’re testing for markets in Europe. The effects should not be permanent with this half dosage. Did you use the lotion like we asked you to?”

Julia nodded remembering the sweet strawberry scented lotion she was asked to apply the night before to prevent her skin from essentially ripping apart. Not a pleasant thought to say the least.

“Very good! Ready then?”

In an instant Julia felt her excitement peak. She remembered every piece of pregnant erotica she had read, every time she had stuck her belly out after eating a large meal and pretending to be an expectant mother, every picture she had seen of beautiful women with bellies ready to pop, and every intimate fantasy and dream that had brought her to climax for many years. Yes, she was indeed very ready.

With a trembling hand she took the pill and water, swallowing it in one go. She sighed in happiness and felt herself shudder in excitement. Shauna giggled and took out a tablet.

“It shouldn’t take long for the drug to take effect, I’ll be with you the whole time observing. Just let me know if anything starts to hurt or feel uncomfortable.”

Julia nodded and snuggled into the large bed as Shauna sat on the corner and turned on the TV as they waited for changes to begin.


About an hour or so later Julia began to feel the drug taking effect. She excitedly got the attention of Shauna who began taking notes on her tablet. Julia lifted her shirt revealing her bare midsection. From within she felt a bubbling sensation, one that was becoming more audible to the doctor and herself. Julia’s belly then suddenly puffed outward like someone inflating bubblegum. She gasped in ecstasy as her she felt her womb suddenly become full in an instant. Shauna grabbed her hand for support and switched her tablet to video to record what she knew would be a stellar test. Julia continued to groan in pleasure and rotated her hips as her belly continued to expand outward. The round dome now picking up speed in its growth, the bubbling within beginning to sound like a dull roar of thunder. Within seconds Julia looked as though she was overdue with triplets and yet still continued to grow.

In a moment of glee she quickly covered her belly with her PJ top and looked on excitedly as the fabric stretched over her swelling tummy. She raised her butt slightly and then dropped quickly feeling her belly lurch and slosh like a water balloon. She squealed. This was beyond anything she could have ever dreamed of. Shauna couldn’t help but laugh at Julia’s happiness. Never had she seen a test subject enjoy herself so much. Julia dropped her butt a few more times, reveling in the feeling of becoming such a gravid vessel of life. With soft ‘thunk’ her belly button popped. This was almost too much for Julia as she grinded her hips into the soft bed. She never felt so close to orgasm, and she was trying desperately to hang on to that ‘just about over the edge’ feeling. It was when she had reached ocotomom, critical belly-mass, status that she felt what she knew was the second part of her growth, and the one she had dreamed about for many years.

Julia sat upright as the next stage of her pregnancy began. She began to feel her sides press outward and become more rounded. She felt the bubbling sensation that had been reserved so far only for her womb, began to spread throughout her entire body. Her toes felt electric, her fingers grasped at the bed, and she felt her whole body begin to expand. She flopped backwards only to feel herself rising off the bed, she was being pushed away by her own swelling form. She now truly felt like a water balloon as she began to take on a more spherical shape. Suddenly she felt something inside her shift and felt her growth begin to accelerate. Shauna backed off the bed as Julia’s blueberry-esque form began to take up the entire bed. Soon she was nothing more than a perfectly round ball of flesh with a head, hands and feet, and she was still growing.

The PJs did their best to cling to the form of the boulder sized girl. With each passing second Julia felt the fabric rub against her gravid figure and it drove her wild. She was sweating and panting like a dog, her brown hair sticking to her forehead as her cheeks turned red with lust. She squeaked, moaned, and gasped as just when she felt she would burst she would continue to grow more. Within she felt movement. She felt that wonderful sensation that mothers feel but a hundred, a thousand times over. Each kick, roll, and shift of the life within her drove her mind wild. She tried to raise her butt yet again but only wobbled her great form that was now brushing against the ceiling and making her bed groan in protest. She felt so large, helpless, full, fertile, and more turned on than ever before. She was a goddess, a deity of life full to bursting and crying out for release. She flailed her hands in a vain attempt to reach herself and gasped in pleasure again at her helplessness. Shauna knew exactly how to assist her gravid patient.

Pulling up an app on her tablet she accessed the rooms more interesting features. Julia, still lost in near room flooding excitement, did not notice the bed began to rise her into a semi sitting position. A few more taps on the tablet and a small opening appeared near the foot of the bed. Out of it came what appeared to be a extra large, ultra powerful, Hitachi love wand. Shauna went to Julia’s underside and unbuttoned her PJ bottoms, exposing her swollen and dripping womanhood. As the bed continued to tilt Julia’s natural weight began to pull her closer to the viberator untill it was completely enveloped by her. Julia was nearly in tears she was so ready for what was about to happen. With a tap the device was activated. Julia’s eyes shot open as her mouth opened in a silent cry of ecstasy that slowly became an almost howl. It was primal and came from her very soul as she felt every pleasure center in her body fire off at once. She rocked her form backward and forward in rhythm with the vibrator for only a few moments before feeling an earth shattering orgasm. She screamed like a banshee and felt warm tears run from her eyes in relief. Her body continued to swell and groan and bubble like a volcano and each little sensation drove her mad. Over the course of the next hour she grew more larger and round and orgasmed about ten more times before the growth finally slowed and she passed out in exhaustion.


Julia awoke some time later. She felt like she had slept for days, her dreams wildly erotic excursions into pregnancy. In her dreams she had shattered records for most multiples, heaviest single births, breast growth, hip wideness, and even in one dream grown to the size of a small planet before giving birth to entire planets. Her eyes fluttered open as she rose from the bed. Her brown hair a tumbled mess of bed head. She was naked and felt born again. Her skin felt so soft and perfect and her mind was clear of any doubts or worry. Shauna entered the room with two cups of what smelled like the most wonderful coffee. She handed Julia one and explained the details of her litter’s birth and how happy she just made 200 childless couples. Shauna walked her through a post experiment interview that detailed every physical pleasure she had experienced. They giggled and gabbed about how lovely it all felt and finally Shauna asked a final question.

“Do you think you’d like to join us down here as a full time tester?”

Julia smiled and asked “Where do I sign up?”


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