by Unknown

What happens when you give too much fertility drugs to an over fertile fox.

Let us first introduce the victim of our tail, er I mean tale. Entering a rundown barn converted to some type of primitive looking lab is our big bad wolf dressed in a lab coat. He is not a thin, short, or geeky looking type. He is a massive 9 feet tall and maybe tipping the scales at a full 1000 pounds. Yet not an ounce of fat upon this massive mountain of wolf, he is packed to bulging with slab upon slab of tight rounded muscle.

He has in one massive paw a cage holding a yapping hyperactive pink blur. If we revert to slow motion we can see that it is a massive pink fox tail attached to a tiny pink fox with great big ears. She is a non-morphic fennec, despite her over big tail and odd color. It is quite apparent she does not like the cage one bit.

Reaching into the cage after safely gloving his paw in leather he draws out the struggling fox. His other paw comes around bearing a huge needle. The fox pauses in her efforts to gnaw through the glove at the sight of the needle and her eyes go wide.

He body glows pink and begins to grow rapidly in the wolf’s grip. The little vixen changes from non-morphic to morphic as she grows. Soon she is a cute if tiny fur, not even reaching 4 foot in height. She is on the plump side with wide hips and soft rounded thighs. Her bosom being large for a normal sized is massive on her much smaller frame. Her tail has grown in relation to her body and is too long and fluffy for a normal fur.

“What do you think you’re doing,” she demands.

“Just a little experiment,” the wolf says strapping her to a table, “Now that you are in your true form.”

“True form, experiment, wha. . ,” the last being cut off as a hose is slipped into her muzzle and a band placed around it to hold it in place.

Looking around she can see that the hose is hooked to a little pump, the little pump is hooked to another hose, and that hose going into a three gallon plastic bottle. All she can read on the side of the bottle is PEFD, the rest of the print too small to read.
With an evil grin the wolf turns on the pump causing the mysterious liquid to flood her muzzle. It has a slightly sweet taste and is easy to swallow, not that she has much choice. Either gulp it down or drown in it. After a few moments of gulping her soft slightly rounded tummy begins to be not so slightly any more.

She is getting full but still the wolf won’t turn off the pump. Her belly is soon swelling outward like she is a water balloon. It is getting harder and harder to swallow as the pressure builds in her tightening tummy. Soon she can hear herself creak and stretch with each swallow. Panting in panic, she knows that if he doesn’t shut it off soon she’ll burst.

At first she does not realize the pump has been shut off. She is lost to her aching belly. It is only after some time she notices the aching isn’t getting worse that she listens for the pump. Her tummy is distended like a normal fur ready to deliver triplets, but she is so small compared to her tummy that it looks like 6 or more kits must be inside her.

“That’s a good foxy,” the wolf laughs unbinding her paws, “You drank every last drop. I’ll let you rest a bit while that works.”

When he is gone the bloated pink fox discovers she is too full to move now. Gingerly she stroked her fluid swollen belly. Her whole body shivering at the touch of her fingers on her over stretched fur. Moaning now in pleasure instead of pain she rubs and strokes her distended middle. It may be too heavy for her to lift but not too heavy for her writhe beneath in an ecstasy she has never felt before.

It is almost as if she has been alit with a fire that brings pleasure instead of pain and her whole body is ablaze. Soon she cannot contain her petting to her belly. All of her body must be touched now. Despite her stuffed condition she hungers, not for food, but for touch. She needs some fur other than her to touch her body; the need pains her like she is starving.

When our big bad wolf returns it is to a much more tractable vixen than before, in fact she is trying to claw her way to him. She calms a bit as he approaches her. A stroke along her distended belly causes her back to arch and her to howl almost like a wolf. Grinning down at her the wolf slowly strips off his lab coat and trousers to the delight and excitement of the belly bound vixen.

All goes well till he attempts to mount her and in a panic she braces her feet against his tummy.

“No no no! I’m too full and you’re too big, you’ll pop my tummy,” she yipped squirming and pushing against him, “I HAVE TO BE ON TOP!”

The wolf pauses in his efforts to mount her. He was shocked it wasn’t that she didn’t want to yiff it was that she was fearful of something he hadn’t thought of in his excitement. Gently lifting her from the table he takes her to the bed he uses when the lab work runs late. She snuggles happily against as she is carried.

The bed protests with squeaky springs and a creak of bed frame from the bulk of wolf settling on it. He likes this idea much better as his cock rises to an erection that impresses even him. He giggles as he helps the bloated vixen waddle herself up to his cock and laughs as her legs are too short for her to mount. It is fun to watch this doll like fertility totem trying to get his cock to enter her body.

Lifting her up he jams just the head of his cock into her and the resulting scream from the vixen makes him think he’s just killed her till she lays limp in his arms whimpering, “More,”

Teasingly she allows more and more of his cock to slide into the vixen causing her to scream and writhe with orgasm after orgasm. In shock she has soon taken every inch of him into her tiny but bloated body. He looks at her bouncing in his lap in surprise, few females could take all of his length and she took it all and wanted more.

Watching her belly and breasts bounce was even more arousing and he cupped those breasts as his knot began to expand bringing the vixen to more vocal exclamations of delight. Her light pink furred belly was like a wondrous full moon pressing against his belly. She was so big he couldn’t conceive of what she would look like once he filled her with kits or pups. This was going to be a wonderful experiment.

Even holding back till he felt he must explode instead of cum the time of cumming was coming too soon for him. His swollen vixen seemed near exhaustion as she had been racked with uncounted orgasms. He released with a pleasure that almost blacked out the world. The vixen responded with a spasm and a slumping forward against him. When the pleasure had died to a warm sleepiness he grinned at the limp rag doll his vixen had become.

Like most lovers of male Canides know that post loving results in acceptable amounts of holding and cuddling as it is rather impossible for the male to just roll over. Right now his knot felt so swollen it was a wonder that it hadn’t burst her or him. He gently stroked the little vixen’s huge ears and belly; it was going to be some time before it went down. Not that laying here was unpleasant.

He drowsed for a bit till he felt the vixen stirring. She was beautiful even waking after sex which was quite rare in most women. Most requiring at least a bit of brushing to reassemble themselves. She looked up at him giving him a dirty look after discovering they were still being held together.

“You are a naughty wolf,” she said with a grin.

“You didn’t enjoy,” he asked full well she had.

For an answer she meeped loudly and clutched her belly. She looked up in panic as she gritted her teeth and grunted in pain. Under her paws her belly swelled forward, in moments she had added nearly a foot to her already swollen middle. She was left panting and rubbing her tummy.

“Oh that was strange but good, what was it? Hey my tummy is fatter,” she said prodding it a bit.

“I, I, er, I don’t know, you should be pregnant now, but you can’t be growing already,” the wolf said gingerly reaching out to touch her belly.

“Mummmmm, I like pregnant,” she smiled then grimaced as she had another growth spurt in her belly.

She now looked nearly twice as big a bellied as she had before. The vixen was moaning and rubbing as much of her tummy as she could reach in delight. This was not in the calculation, nothing could grow that quickly. She was supposed to deliver in 48 hours but it looked like she’d deliver in 48 minutes or less.

By the time his knot had released them his little vixen’s tummy was big enough for the vixen to use as a bed. Her breasts had swollen to the size of beach balls. She didn’t seem in pain; in fact she was having an orgasm each time her belly surged larger. The wolf had to squirm out from under the tremendous globe of her belly.

“Are you hungry,” he asked, wondering where all the energy for all this growth was coming from.

“CHEESE CAKE,” she howled causing him to step backwards in surprise, “I WANT CHEESE CAKE!”

He had stocked pork rinds, pickles and ice cream, hamburger, and all the normal pregnancy craved foods but he had no cheese cake. To his great alarm the vixen begin chanting cheese cake at the top of her lungs. In a rush he grabbed his keys and pants to get the vixen her cheese cake.

The vixen stopped chanting when his car had faded from hearing and she begins to giggle. She murred as she snuggled into her belly and breasts.

“Ohhhhhh, I’m soooooo full of kits,” she moans in pleasure, “I’m going to get huge.”
The wolf drove to the Mega-Super-Shop-A-Lot-Mart and filled two carts with every cheese cake they had in panic. After waiting for the old lady with coupons and paying by check, loading the car and driving all the way back he was sure the vixen must be labor. In the door he dropped the bags he was lugging at the sight of the vixen.

She wasn’t in labor and the bed had been crushed under her tummy. The vixen’s belly must have been 12 feet across. Her breasts were globes of no less than a yard across. At the sight of him she began chanting cheese cake again. He staggered fearfully towards the giant belly. The vixen yipped happily when he touched the tight fur of her belly. She felt no tighter than a normal pregnant fur but her belly was beyond belief.

“Cheese cake,” she pleaded.

He got an extension ladder to place against the rafters so he could reach the vixen’s head to feed her cheese cake. She nearly purred like a cat as he feed her slice after slice. He was relieved to see that she was no longer getting bigger. His cock throbbed in his pants as he surveyed the acres over lovely pregnant vixen fur he had created. It was too bad she was so close to birthing, it would be wondrous to yiff such a gravid vixen.

When the last of the cheese cake had disappeared into the vixen with a tremendous belch she took up a new chant which nearly made the wolf fall off the ladder.

“Yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff,” she chanted while bouncing on her tummy and lashing her tail about.

“You, you can’t be serious,” the wolf stammered.

“Yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff,” she yelled louder and whipped her tail about his neck nearly pulling him from the ladder.

“But, but, how,” he stammered.

“Doggy style you silly woofy,” she said getting quite cross with him.

Gingerly he placed one paw on her belly and pressed down a bit. She felt like a waterbed and only burped a bit from the added pressure of his foot. He carefully crawled onto the expense of her belly causing her to moan and squirm. Snuggling atop the tiny vixen atop her massive belly brought his cock to a new level of engorgement.

His cock was painfully swollen and throbbing like it was going to burst. He tried to enter the little vixen but this time he wouldn’t go in despite the frantic squirms of the vixen. Suddenly he realized it wasn’t because his cock was too big but that she was too full. He was pushing against all the pressure in her overloaded womb.

Gripping her hips firmly he forced inch after inch into the vixen causing her to grit her teeth against her screams of pleasure. When he was at last in the vixen moaned in delirious ecstasy while rubbing as much of her tummy as she could reach, “Too much woofy cock.”

It was the most incredible sensation feeling all the pressure in the vixen. It was glorious to hug more breasts and belly than he could encircle with his arms. It was all too much, he was sure his cock and knot were going to burst they were so swollen with pleasure. He could see her belly ripple from the throbbing of his erections.

Then it happened, the vixen let loose with great scream of joy, the pressure around his cock seemed to double, and the vixen tummy under them both swelled BIGGER! He froze in stunned horror till the vixen had another growth spurt.

“By the goddess,” he screamed, “You’re still growing!”

“YESSSSSSSSSS,” she screamed in pleasure, “Bigger, huger, make me grow into the most tremendous pregnant vixen EVER!”

He watched in silent fear as the vixen’s tummy pressed them up into the rafters and her spreading girth knocked over the lab tables. She bucked against his hips as she swelled and swelled. The sensations from his cock distracted him from the slow destruction of his lab. It seemed that every time he pushed in against the tremendous pressure in her womb her belly pushed out farther. This was beyond his wildest fevered dreams.

“TOO TIGHT,” the vixen wailed as he drove deeper into her.

“What,” he yelped being drawn back from the biggest orgasm he was ever going to have.
“TOO BIG, TOO TIGHT,” she whined.

Looking about he was stunned to see that the vixens belly was pressing against all four walls of the barn. All his lab equipment had been crushed under the tremendous belly of the vixen. Worst of all he could still feel her growing larger by the second.

The vixen was panting and whimpering as the pressure built in her belly and boobs as she pressed outward against the barn walls. She squirmed and moaned but there was no place for her growing belly to go. Just when she was sure she was going to be crushed with the pressure the barn gave an alarming creaking groan.

With a tremendous crack the barn began to break apart from the amount of vixen it was trying to contain. Luckily the roof fell away with one of the walls so they weren’t squished. The vixen sighed in ecstasy as she had room to expand. She tail bapped the wolf on the nose as he was neglecting his ravishing duties in a state of near shock.

He resumed trying to yiff her but it was becoming more difficult with each passing second. The pressure of all those kits was getting harder and harder to push against in her ever so tight body. At last he was frozen in her unable to move, the throb of his pulse having to work hard against the taunt vixen. His knot holding them together despite the cock crushing pressure.

The vixen was whimpering and shivering as she was lost in the waves of pleasure of her rapidly growing pregnancy. She didn’t hear the stretching and creaking of her poor overloaded breasts and belly.

The wolf heard it and in a panic he was trying to pull free of the vixen, but there was just too much pressure around his cock. He was pressing against her boobs and belly which felt like fur covered steel. He knew it was going to happen at any moment.

At just when he was sure she was going to explode the vixen stopped growing. He looked at the expanse of vixen in wonder. Her belly had to be a hundred feet across, her breasts twenty five feet or more. She was delirious as she was in a state of endless orgasms from the pressure.

He had to get out of her before she went into labor and the only way to do that was to cum. Straining every muscle he managed to push in against causing her belly to groan and vibrate. It was pleasure so intense it was almost an agony. He could only thrusts inches but it was enough to start his climax growing again.

He felt like a volcano about to erupt. Right before he was about to cum two thoughts collided in his brain but by then it was too late to stop the nature’s course. He came flooding the overloaded vixen. She had enough time to meep, “Uh oh.”

Five miles away Farmer Scott was just finishing feeding the chickens when he heard the distant boom. Moments later something wet landed on his head. It shook itself and began to yap excitedly. It turned out it was a tiny non-morphic black fox or wolf like thing with giant ears and tail. Looking about he found there were more of them about pink, black and both running about yapping and chasing the chickens. Trying to shoo them away from the chickens proved a mistake as they decided the morphic cat would be more fun to chase anyway.

A short time late Missus Scott saw her husband lurching about trying to run from dozens of yapping wolfoxes while several hung from his clothes.

Our villainous wolf awoke shocked to find he was still alive. He wasn’t sure where he was but he was unbroken even if he felt otherwise. A pink ball of fluff bounced onto his chest and yapped at him. For a moment he thought it was the vixen but this one was smaller and younger looking. As he was looking at it another one scrambled up, this one black and pink. It stalked up his belly sniffling as he went, when he got muzzle to muzzle with him he happily barked, “DADDY!”

He stared at it in horror as the other one began to bounce up and down yapping, Daddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddy.”

Then the real terror began as the others started to chant daddy as well. Looking about he saw a group of about 30 or more dancing about a bush. Then he saw another group and other. Looking about he saw was surrounded by hundreds nay thousands of bounce happy little wolfoxes.

He was last seen running and screaming chased by a tremendous horde of black and pink fur balls with ears and tails shouting, “PLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAY!”

The pink vixen laughed as she watched him run. She stretched and flexed her new body which was much bigger and stronger than her former one. She was nearly 8 foot tall and packed with enough muscles for two body builders. Unlike a body builder though she had a lovely full bust line like twin round melons. She giggled and dug through the wreckage of the barn till she found what she was looking for; two dented three gallon containers marked PEFD.

“I’ll give him a few days to recover from playing before visiting him again,” she said easily hefting both the jugs.

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