“One Way to Cure Loneliness”

One Way to Cure Loneliness
by Smokey Blue Dragon
Commissioned by ECMajor

– – – – –

Life bustled about the farmers market. It was a rather warm day, one of the first days of summer in fact. It promised to be bright and clear while not becoming oppressively hot. Fruits and vegetables were being sold as well as livestock, and that was just what a pair of violet and emerald eyes wanted to see. A tan and cream colored lady strolled along the stone path, a soft clop following her every step as she entered the stables. The bold aroma of farm animals wafted into her nostrils, sending a soft shiver down her spine, even causing her to give her tail a soft flick. So much to choose from, and she had plenty of money to spend. A giggle escaped her as she glanced left and right, giving each stall and its occupant a good look. As she all but squealed looking over the stock, an elderly fox in overalls and glasses approached, gazing at the youthful unicorn standing before him.

“Hello little lady, anything I can do for you? Got any questions about my animals?” Equustra looked up as she crouched in front of a goat she found particularly adorable, a little overly eager in her response.

“How much for this cute little guy??”

– – – – –

The day had gone well at the market and as the sun slowly moved towards the western horizon, the horned equine arrived home with her new purchases, utterly giddy over what was to come. The dingy old truck squeaked to a halt in front of a sizable barn and out hopped Equustra, gazing back down the dirt road she had driven. A soft cloud slowly settled back to the ground after being kicked into the air by the aging vehicle and the trailer it pulled. A soft breeze saw to it that the airborne soil would not land on the house standing a few yards away. She sighed softly as she looked over the isolated little farm. It was wonderful being home again, but it still felt somewhat empty. She was the only one to call the little rural utopia paradise, but then, that was soon to be fixed.

Equustra moved to the trailer she had acquired to drive her new purchases home, pulling them out one by one, guiding them into the barn. A special stable had been prepared, larger than normally designed for the usual horse. In she walked a healthy goat, a good natured donkey, and a large, brilliant specimen of horse. He had caught her eye the minute she passed his stall at the market, almost drooling over him as she gazed over his solid frame covered in short, rich brown fur. All three seemed to get along with one another fairly well, though the burro did seem to enjoy nibbling on the goat’s ears. The little fellow shook his head, his long, floppy ears slapping lightly at the sides of his head. The unicorn chuckled and scratched along the donkey’s scalp, pulling her away softly.

“Hey, be nice. Alright gang, we’re all here. Time to get things started,” she reached into one of her pockets, pulling out what looked like a personal digital assistant. A few taps on the screen brought up a display of curious readings. She had begun treatment the night before and it seemed to say that whatever job the microscopic machines she had been making use of was finished, and with no ill effects at that. They were quite the marvel of science indeed. If this worked the way she hoped it would, she would definitely owe their inventors a great many thanks. The device was slipped back into her pocket before Equustra began to disrobe, revealing her figure to the trio housed within the sizable stall with her.

A soft breeze flowed across the land outside the barn, cooling the warm earth as the light of day continued to fade. The movement of the air carried through the building, preventing it from holding too much of the heat from the afternoon. The horned lady basked in the cooling atmosphere as her form was exposed, settling in the hay near the smallest of her three new friends. She stroked along the back of the goat’s neck softly, smiling to him as he bleated to her. The affectionate equine pulled the unwitting creature closer still, coaxing him to lay down adjacent.

“I’m sorry my cute little boy but what I’ve got planned uses a lot of energy, and if I’m gonna do this, I should have a big meal before hand. It’s nothing personal sweetie,” the goat just stared blankly at her as she spoke, not understanding in the slightest. Equustra knew this, but still felt obligated to say something. Once her little speech was over, she wrapped an arm around the hoofed creature to keep him immobilized as her jaws began to open, her lips stretching wider until she began to guide the little goat’s head in. He attempted to pull back, struggling softly against the equine’s embrace, unable to retreat far enough. A noisy bleat escaped him as his muzzle slipped inside the other, the dark, deep maw pushing over his head claiming his sight. A gentle push worked his entire head into the unicorn’s mouth, her lips sealing around his neck ever.

She was surprised that she had managed to reach this far without discomfort, encouraged to continue forward. A firm swallow encased the goat’s head in her throat, her neck distending visibly as she pressed her blunt teeth along his neck. The more he struggled, the tighter Equustra tried to hold him, squeezing her eyes shut as she worked his front legs in. She was surprised at how the goat tasted. She expected something somewhat unpleasant but what her tongue found was quite enjoyable. The unicorn worked her jaws softly this way and that as her little friend continued to kick and cry out. The lump his head made slipped lower until it bulged out the equine’s smooth, flat chest. She couldn’t stop herself, moaning quietly around her meal as her lips reached the goat’s hindquarters. Carefully, she gripped his hind legs and lifted them as she lifted her chin, letting the pull of the Earth draw him deeper.

Already she could feel her stomach slowly filling out. One of her hands moved to the mild swell, holding there as it continued to grow. The fleshy pouch was doing well containing the wriggling billy as he slid into its moist grip. Equustra shivered as the convulsions within her throat moved lower, dragging the goat inward until only his hooves rest against her tongue. These too passed and she gasped softly for air, not out of necessity but out of inexperience. Never before had she swallowed something alive, and she was finding the distended, squirming belly to be quite stimulating. Her hands danced across the writhing bulge as she lay on her back, arching her spine as she moaned.

“Oh my god! I didn’t know it could be this good! If just a goat can make me feel like this,” she gazed lustfully towards the grey burro nibbling at some of the straw, “just think of what you can do! But first, there’s something else I’d like to do,” she giggled and sat up carefully, her breath catching in her throat as the billy goat in her stomach continued to try to climb his way to freedom. All the activity brought a tingle between her legs. Her smooth, featureless chest rose and fell rhythmically, almost in time with every renewed surge Tom, as she affectionately decided to name him, attempted to make. The unicorn’s hands kneaded over the animated bulge, gazing longingly to the sizable male standing just across the stall from her. She knew of his ‘assets’ and found herself in great need of them. Pitifully, she crawled her way through the straw to the stallion, brushing against one of his forelegs. His head dipped down to nuzzle along her back, no doubt to sample her fragrant aroma which had begun filling the air already.

One hand reached up and stroked along the great horse’s chest and over his belly, caressing and soothing him should he grow agitated by something. Seeking her true destination, the smaller equine allowed her hand to wander further down along the impressive frame until she reached the horse’s hind legs. Her fingers dove greedily between those powerful flanks and wrapped around that which she sought, squeezing and fondling quite expertly. Her molestation was given but only a nicker in acknowledgement. Her lips pulled back into a broad smile as she felt the stallion’s monstrous length slowly extend out against her hand.

“Oh my, we’ll just hafta call you ‘Big Jake’ won’t we?” he did not complain in the slightest. Within only a few short moments, the male’s pride was completely exposed, hanging beneath him as Equustra stroked along it. She even dared to lean forward and drag her tongue across the smooth flesh smelling heavily of musk. A quiet hum escaped her as she licked her lips just before lifting the flaccid tip to her mouth, pressing it against a waiting pucker. A steady suckling began as she held but only the head of the overwhelming masculine device in her jaws, tongue pressing against the drooling gash as it provided an ample supply of clear, slick yet sticky oozings. The unicorn’s free hand rest atop her bucking stomach, caressing the wiggling dome as she held Jake in place with her other.

With such attentiveness paid to his genitals, it was not long at all before the stallion took a step forward, pushing himself further into the female’s mouth. The sudden shift caught her off guard, not having noticed how quickly he had come to erection. A grin formed around the insistent rod, welcoming it further into her deep maw. Another step forward brought the head to the back of her throat, forcing its way deeper still. The well-fed equine clenched her eyes shut as she awaited an expected gag reflex, but curiously enough she felt no discomfort, just as before while working little Tom into her tummy. Her heart fluttered a little at this and forcefully shoved her neck forward, consuming every last inch of the stud’s member down her gullet.

The hand that had been holding and stroking him moved quickly to her neck, exploring the new bulge just under chin, stretching down to her collar. He was indeed quite a large specimen. Now certain of her ability, the horned woman began to pull back along the moistened, glistening shaft, feeling it slide back up along her throat and finding herself missing the occupancy. She quickly corrected this mistake by lurching forward again, consuming the whole of the rod, and began to repeat the motion as rapidly as she could. Her flat teeth grazed along the swollen appendage as Jake shook his head and nickered louder. A few hoof stamps expressed his approval with her efforts.

As she continued, she could feel his rigid manhood pulsing inside her, driving her lust onward. The hand over her midsection drifted lower, caressing her own unmentionables to keep pace with how she treated the larger horse. She wanted all of what he could give, and she would have it. Her determination was apparent. Harder and harder she shoved her nose forward, mashing it against the stallion’s groin as her chin made contact with his weighty scrotum, warm to the touch as he began to contract.

A whinny cut through the relative quiet of the stall as a great flood burst forth from Jake’s captured member, twitching with great strength in the unicorn’s neck. She gulped out of instinct, finding there was nothing more to do than to let him finish; the load was being deposited directly it seemed. The warm gooey release literally sprayed forth into the woman’s stomach below, coating poor Tom as he continued to struggle, finding it much harder now than before to get any traction with a more-than-adequate batch of stallion semen cover the walls. Finally, the climax slowed and the female retreated along the relaxing object, tasting a few splashes of the milky musk as they splattered across her tongue. She took a deep breath once her mouth was clear of the overwhelming phallus, sporting a satisfied grin. Her gaze fell upon the grey lady just a few feet away with a ‘you’re next’ look in her eyes.

Equustra stood oh so carefully trying to ignore her vigorous belly, crossing over the hay to the smaller of the two equines, licking the last of Jake’s ‘gift’ from her chops. Gingerly, she stroked along the donkey’s neck, guiding her over to nearby corner and turning her about so that her rump was directed into the joint of the two walls. With nowhere to back up to, the burro would be somewhat trapped in place. Sure she could just turn her head and walk to the side but the unicorn would take care of that soon enough.

A quiet, deep rumbling came from the confused donkey as Equustra turned around, leaned forward, and lifted her tail. Warm, soft gusts of breath spilled over her firm cheeks as the horned horse pushed backwards, the cleft of her backside making contact with the warm nose just behind her. Immediately, the burro tried to lift her head and avoid further contact but the smaller equine was more insistent, a solid push expanding the unicorn’s anus around the very tip of the donkey’s muzzle. She tried to pull her head back with more strength but her would-be captor refused to allow her free. A might push of Equustra’s legs mashed the whole of the donkey’s head under her tail. The very act sent a breathtaking array of sensations, forcing her eyes to clench tight and her mouth to part as she moaned and nickered.

Two hoofed legs powered backward against four as the swollen woman pushed over the larger equine’s neck, reaching her shoulders in but mere seconds. It was about to get much more difficult. Equustra took a deep breath, still panting quite heavily as she held her abdomen plagued with unbalancing shifts by both occupants. Betty, as she had come to call the donkey, struggled to remove her head from her new owner’s innards, shaking this way and that. It surprised the horned female that her tactic to keep the beast of burden corralled in the corner was working so well. What she did not expect was for Betty to lift her head, picking the bloated lady up off her feet. Unable to vocalize, all Equustra could do was let herself be manipulated. The donkey’s actions however seemed to work in her favor. With the downward angle, she began to slip further over Betty’s bulky frame.

Down her cheeks passed over those powerful limbs, slowly slurping them into the heated tunnel of her rectum. Without the forward legs to support the poor grey creature, the female consuming her dropped quickly to the ground, now on her hands and knees, vision blurring, mind racing, heart pounding, rump suckling away on the rest of the burro’s figure. The barreled chest was so far the most difficult portion and every inch deeper Betty plunged, the greater Equustra’s middle expanded, slowly sagging until it rest on the floor of the stall, even pushing her off the ground as she reached the hindquarters. She sucked in a hard inhale through her teeth and bore down, pushing with her arms as hard as she could back towards the corner, feeling her surprisingly limber rump slide down over the still struggling donkey’s posterior.

A cry of unexpected orgasm split the relative silence, filled up until now by only the muffled brays of the disoriented animal sliding out of sight. Even Tom was quite upset by the added weight mashing against him. Somehow, through all of this, Equustra’s body managed to accommodate both without crushing either or tearing apart. The last of Betty’s hind legs slid in out sight with a wet slurp and the unicorn’s tail drooped back down over her backside. Breathless and tired, she gazed over at the large, swarthy male as he continued to nibble away on the hay, apparently not at all concerned with the fact that two of his traveling companions had just been shoved into a much smaller two-legged creature. There she lay atop the distention, managing to stay atop it despite the battle held back by her skin.

“Oooo, heh, an ass in the ass…wonder if this is a new meaning for the term ‘donkey punch,'” amused by her own lazily voiced japes, she stared at the oblivious male, licking her lips again as she felt the desire to finish the job fill her once more, “Only one more to go big boy. You’re next. C’mon over and help momma up,” she extended her arms as if expecting him to do just that, and as if he understood her request perfectly, the large stallion trotted over to the immobilized unicorn. As he dipped his head low for her, she wrapped her arms about his neck, nuzzling against his cheek as he righted himself. The strong horse’s efforts tilted Equustra backwards, letting her push against the stout wall behind her.

The two working together managed to push her far enough away from the corner to let her roll back onto her hooves. From there it was a simple process of rotating that great, swollen belly around. So much work just to get back into position. She began to wonder if this really was worth all the effort and if it was going to result in the manner she desired. It was too late to go back for Tom and Betty. What harm was there in going on with the last one?

“Alright Jake, it’s time to put you to bed,” the heavy equine spread her legs and leaned against the still shifting swell resting on the cool ground. Her tail lifted once more and she reached behind to toy with herself, delighted that she had managed to get this far and somewhat surprised that it had resulted in so much erotic stimulation. The more her two passengers fought, the more aroused she became. Her hormones combined with her own fantasies urged her onward, and the fragrant aroma wafting from her folds attracted Jake’s attention.

With his muzzle already so close to the female’s warm muff, a nicker of interest reverberated from his lips to hers, sending a new chill up her spine. This was going to be the most intense of the three, obviously, but what was less apparent was that Jake seemed more eager than the other two already tucked away. Could it be he actually wanted to join them? A firm slurp of his broad, and rather wet, tongue over Equustra’s tender vulva was only part of the answer. Her fingers quickly parted the awaiting mound, granting the stallion entry. His nose made contact, sending his hot breath deep into her tunnel. The woman bit her lower lip as she squeezed her eyes shut once more. If only she could push back against him, she would be able to get under way. It was a flaw in her plan that might cause the whole thing to collapse. Just as she was beginning to consider conceding, a steady, strong shove from behind brought a hiccup of a gasp to her throat. He actually pushed his muzzle into her!

“Oh god!! That’s a good boy!! You know what to do now do it!!” Her command came half moan and half growl of insatiable lust. She wanted, no, needed him inside her! Miraculously, Jake did not disappoint. Another forward step saw the last of his head enveloped in the sweet, sopping passage. Musculature undulated about his neck as he nickered again, shaking his head lightly to adjust to the conditions. The sound brought a tremble to her dilated tube. It was as if someone had set a fire in her loins. She moaned loudly, the sound turning more animalistic, becoming a grand whinny that echoed through the barn. Her folds clamped down with unnatural ability, dragging Jake’s chest into her excited cavity.

She could feel him already forced into a curl, his head brushing along the inside of her womb while the others neighboring him still tossed about. Curiously, they began to calm as the stallion’s vocalizations continued, easily interpreted as anything but fear, anxiety, or displeasure. Perhaps on some level he was actually easing Betty and Tom’s fears. Or perhaps they were finally running out of air. Had Equustra mind enough to ponder such things, she might have enjoyed the former more. Alas, she was rendered a drooling, kicking, screaming mass of prurient pony.

The first mighty leg slipped into her, then the other. Much of the stallion’s weight was now on her, and much to her surprise, it was not uncomfortable in the slightest! Those microscopic machines had done their job and done it well! Tremors filled her figure as she involuntarily pulled on Jake’s great mass, countless soft tugs worming him into the silky linings of the unicorn’s womanhood. Twenty minutes it took to work down over the stallion’s ribcage, his proud, taught gut providing a smooth yet sizable obstacle. It mattered little to Equustra. She was determined to finish. A splash of nectar coated his short hair and in he glided, his own nickers of exuberance seeming to spur her onward as they mingled with her own cries of rapture.

His rump closed in quickly but just as the massively swollen equine was to reach it, she felt a familiar feature mashing its way into her opening. Her intimate knowledge of the still slick extremity brought a new dimension of exhilaration to the moment, an addition she relished. The very instant that tender stalk of meat made contact with her hot, hungry labia, Jake took to madness, bucking his hind legs fiercely and giving Equustra the ride of her life. His gentle nickers became terrible neighs of unfettered sexual drive. He was trying to mount her from inside, a difficult task indeed, but he wasn’t worried with physics or anatomy. All that consumed his thoughts was how he might slake his lust. The female could do nothing but let him have his way, in fact, she reveled in it.

With all his frustration and attempts to work himself into position, he had allowed her ravenous tunnel consume his posterior, thus sliding his now rigid shaft into the rather tight-fitting grip of her birth canal. With his first objective achieved, he began quite literally humping against her. Though his legs had begun sliding in with all his fanatic struggles, he still desired release. Precious seconds ticked by as he bounded about inside the comically stuffed unicorn, brushing this way and that until at long last relief came. A hot, sticky blast spurted across his tummy and over the soft walls dragging him in. The heated eruption brought a tingle to Equustra’s form as she felt his hocks slip within, sending shivers through her extremities and up to the very base of her neck. He was almost in. She was so full she could barely stand much more. But there was no turning back. She had to finish. And finish she did.

Her tired nethers refused to continue on without command, exhausted from the Herculean task of gulping down an entire adult stallion, especially while desiring to mate. The unicorn grit her teeth and pulled as best she could, hearing a noisy, and very wet suck come from behind, but to the result of only a few inches. Again she dragged her ‘lover’ into her with all the strength she could muster. She screamed in climax one more time as her efforts paid off finally and Jake’s hooves vanished into her puffed lips. Deeper the last of the stallion slid until he settled completely in the gravid, almost grotesquely filled abdomen Equustra now struggled to wrap her mind around.

She had done it. Now contained within her very being sat a goat, a donkey, and a stallion, all seeming to have calmed down quite a bit but still moving, perhaps to find a comfortable position to relax. The horned female lay spent atop her populated belly, unable to find even the strength to caress the shapes pressing out through her fur. As she collected herself, caught her breath, and came to fully comprehend what she had just done, a sense of satisfaction prevailed in her thoughts.

“Mmm, momma’s very happy with you Jake. Say bye-bye to your friends. I don’t think you’ll be seeing them again sweetheart. Momma needs them to do what she wants to do with you,” thankfully, Equustra had presence of mind enough prior to pushing Betty into her to move her clothes nearby, able to reach into one of the pockets of her denim jeans to retrieve the computerized device. A few taps on the display provided her with the readings she sought. Her mind at ease, the ‘pregnant’ equine let the trio beneath her slowly rock her to sleep. Slowly, the movement under her died down as the trio of farm animals she had managed to slip into herself drifted off along with her, two of which likely would not be there when she woke. An alien warmth spread through the heavy equine’s form as she snoozed, inspiring all manner of suggestive dreams. Morning would come soon enough.

– – – – –

The sun gave way to the moon, which in turn gave way to the sun once more. The light shined in on the stall as the tawny-hued equine twitched every now and again. Finally, she stirred and yawned, sitting up as her mind attempted to shoo away the clouds of dreams. Her sleepy gaze moved down to her middle which had shrunk considerably in the night, now looking only slightly larger than a basketball. She tilted her head in confusion and retrieved the scanning device.

“That’s weird. I shouldn’t be this big yet. I should be…what did the lady call it? ‘Pleasantly plump?'” The readings came back and she studied them fastidiously, going over them several times before staring in shock. Immediately she stood, collected her clothing, and walked swiftly to the farmhouse. She shoved the kitchen door open and grabbed the phone, dialing the number she had used to acquire the very nanites flowing through her. It rang several times as she tapped a hoof quietly. Her free hand had traced down to the lower curve of her belly, finding a new bulge she had indeed expected. She was already lactating. In fact, the shock of the readout had brought a few trickles of milk from her teats. The udder-like feature had bulged just below her belly, waiting to feed her young.

Finally, someone picked up and she requested to speak directly to the individual she had dealt with initially. Another brief session on hold saw the voice of the person in question crackle through the phone.

“Hello, this is Miss Swansen,” The unicorn, her voice sounding frantic, tried her best to remain calm as she simply blurted everything out.

“It’s me, Equustra! I did just like the directions said on the manual you gave me! I injected myself, I did the deed, and I woke up the next morning and the thing says there are three heartbeats!! I only wanted one!! I don’t know what this means! Please, you’ve got to help me!!” The mare on the other end attempted to console the panicked lady as best shi could, going slow and speaking gently.

“Equustra, easy…now explain everything you did. Don’t worry, I’m gonna get you through this,” The unicorn took a few deep breaths and settled herself, relaying, in great detail, the events of the previous afternoon, even going so far as to say how much she enjoyed the entire process. Nichole simply chuckled as she listened, putting the pieces together as shi was informed, “So you ate a goat, shoved a donkey under your tail, and let a horny stallion climb into your uterus? My goodness girl, you’ve got one hell of an appetite. Anyway, I think I know what’s going on in there. The machines are programmed to preserve life as long as the user doesn’t specify otherwise. You never said anything about letting go of Tom or Betty so they went under the assumption that they were to restore them. I’m afraid you’re going to have triplets instead of just the one,” Equustra had assumed that was the case upon the first readout, but her mind quickly imagined the worst, that perhaps they were still alive inside her elsewhere and that something had gone wrong. She sighed softly in relief, running her hand over the great dome tenderly.

“Well, I did want a family didn’t I? I didn’t really expect to have three kids all at once!” Nichole snickered and smiled hearing the ease in her voice.

“You’ll be fine. If you need any sort of help, I can come at a moment’s notice. You just say the word and I’m there,” The gravid equine shook her head, forgetting that Miss Swansen couldn’t see her.

“No, that’s alright. I think I’m going to be just fine. I’ll call you if there are any problems,” The two said their goodbyes and hung up. It was a lonely life she had chosen to live, so much so that she had come to the conclusion that she wanted to change it. Dating was out of the question in her mind. She didn’t want to have to weed through all the jerks and potential failures just to find one person who may or may not end up wanting to spend their life with her. No. The only option she was comfortable with was having a child. But that entailed a whole new set of problems. What if the sire wanted to keep the baby? What if he wasn’t of ‘good stock’? The best way she could control how healthy her baby would be was to simply take an already overtly healthy beast and adopt it. That was when she heard about Nichole Swansen and her company, ‘Twisted Laboratories Inc.’ A curious name to be sure, but considering the nature of their services, it seemed fitting.

The horned horse smiled down at her tummy, squeezing it softly as she let the idea of three babies roll around in her thoughts, at least until she felt the all too familiar growl of her stomach demand she do something about breakfast. It would have to be a big meal. She was eating for four after all. Perhaps another trip to the market was in order. She had found the previous day’s experience to be quite enjoyable.

– – – – –

This story is (C)2008 Smokey Blue Dragon (aka Smokescale)
Equustra aka ECMajor is (C) their player

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