“Unexpected Things”

Unexpected Things
by Norm

Marcia arrived at school with her usual punctuality, standing outside the library in time to meet the librarian as she arrived to unlock the doors. She was supposed to be meeting with Leena to catch up after Spring Break, but Leena was… less than reliable not one for waking up early.

Or studying.

Still, they were good friends and had been for years. Marcia did feel a little betrayed, sitting alone in the library with no one to talk to except old Mrs. Anderson, who absolutely did not allow talking in the library. Marcia set her glasses on the table and laid her head down, her black hair fanning out against the old, notched wood.

By home room, Leena was still missing, causing Miss Taylors to give a deep sigh and mark her “absent” on the first day back. Marcia, now growing concerned, pulled out her phone to check for any messages from her missing friend. Skipping school was a troubling habit, especially for their last semester.

She stared briefly at her wallpaper, a picture of the two of them at the beach the previous summer. As she was about to start texting, someone burst into the room and a familiar voice panted:

“Sorry I’m late!”

Marcia looked up from her phone, then did a double take. At first, the student at the front of the classroom seemed a carbon copy of the ginger-haired girl on her phone. Both were tall and button-nosed with green eyes that were excellent at evoking sympathy and escaping punishment. Her soft cheeks were flushed from running and she stood bent for a moment, her hands on her knees, ample chest rising and falling with each breath.

That was the peculiarity. “Lithe” was a good word to describe the smiling girl in the beach picture, long all over, thin and tight, flat and smooth. It was the kind of body that resulted from years on the swim team. The Leena who stood panting by the whiteboard was tall and thin, with long, pale legs that showed bare between her skirt and her long socks. Instead of wearing the standard, warm-weather uniform top, Leena was wearing an orange knitted sweater (which was unusually warm for the current weather) and (perhaps even more strangely) was stretched showingly across a round pair of breasts that rivalled soccer balls in both size and shape.

“I, um.” Miss Taylors did not know what say. “Take a seat, Miss Carver.”

Everyone stared in silence as Leena made her way to her desk, her massive chest swaying pendulously with each step. She sat down carefully and tried to cross her arms across her breasts, but could do little to obscure them. After a few moments, Miss Taylors tapped on the board to get everyone’s attention, then started into first period.

When the bell rang, Leena was asleep at her desk, her face buried in between the mounds of her sweater. Still, she was up and out quickly, in the hall and gone before Marcia could so much as talk to her.

During morning break, after searching high and low, Marcia found her hiding behind the gym bleachers.


The tall girl looked up to see her friend coming over with a stern face. She was trapped, though, and could only back up against the wall for defense.

“I have been looking for you all morning! First you miss our library meeting, then you show up late to home room with… with these!” She jabbed her finger into her friend’s chest, and was surprised at the firmness. They swayed back and forth for a moment. “It looks like you’re smuggling cantaloupes out of the cafeteria!”

“I… I don’t really know how to explain this.”

“Well, you can start by taking of this ridiculous sweater!” Marcia seized the stretched-out piece of fabric by the hem and yanked it up, trying to get it over Leena’s head. There was a struggle and a loud ripping sound as the sweater came off, revealing a pale, narrow-waisted torso and a gargantuan pair of breasts that seemed entirely out of place on it.

Each was huge and mostly round, the skin stretched tightly across the flesh underneath. They were a little pink, but free of stretchmarks and other blemishes. The remnants of a much too-small bra hung impotently from her shoulders, taped in a failed attempted to contain the engorged globes. Her nipples were swollen and thicker, the areolas widened a slightly puff, darker, too.

The two stared at each other in shock for a moment, Marcia glancing wide-eyed from her friend’s bare chest to her face and back, Leena looking around in panic to make sure no one else could see her.

“Leena, why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” cried Marcia, trying to keep her voice to a whisper.

“I was wearing a sweater!” replied Leena in a similar tone. She snatched the sweater away and tried to cover herself, fruitlessly. “None of my shirts fit right now.”

“What happened? It’s only been like a week since I saw you last!”

“I don’t know, they just started getting bigger a few days ago and, well, they haven’t they haven’t stopped.” She pressed the sweater into her cleavage with one hand and tried to spread it across herself with the other.

“Look, look,” Marcia turned and went to the edge of the bleachers. “Let’s get you to the locker room and we’ll talk about this there.”


“Hey, the coast is clear, come on,”


“Wha-” She turned back to see her friend clutching at her breasts as thin dribbles of cloudy-white milk ran down from her nipples.


Marcia snuck Leena into the locker room wrapped in a blanket. She put her in the shower, pulled the curtain closed and started looking around for a change of clothes.

“There’s m-milk on my skirt,” Leena whimpered from the shower.

“Take it off. Take off anything that got dirty and toss it over the curtain. I’ll find you something to put on.” She jimmied open a locker that she was pretty sure no one would miss anything from. “While I do this, wash yourself off and tell me what happened”

“I told you what happened.” The water turned on.

“Don’t skip anything this time.”

“Well, a little while ago, just after spring break started, I got sick. I had the flu for like, four days. Around the same time, my boobs started hurting. They were just kind of sore, you know? But then they started getting bigger and then they started getting a lot bigger. I mean, I feel a lot better now, but if anything the swelling’s sped up. I was late today because I couldn’t find anything to wear.”

“Have you been to the doctor? Anything?”

“Well… I was really sick for the first few days and even now I’m tired a lot. And, you know, it felt good at first! I finally had some boobs.”

“And now you’ve got too much.” One of the lockers had an old P.E. shirt that would probably fit over Leena’s chest. “Well, we’ll get you cleaned up, toweled off, and take you to the doctor. Missing one day won’t be a total disaster.”

The water turned off and Marcia handed a towel into the shower. Just then, the locker room door opened and a group of juniors came in to get ready for P.E.. Marcia stepped back into the shower and peaked out around the curtain.

“We’ll just stay out of sight and slip out when they leave.”

“Marcia,” came a frantic whisper. “I think you need to see this.”

Marcia turned to see Leena, naked and wet, her hands cupped on the tops of her breasts. A bump rose up on the outside curve of the left one, then vanished. Following this, the whole orb shifted, stretching out to the top and side. It turned and resumed its normal stillness.

“That is… certainly not normal.


“Ssshh” Marcia clapped a hand over her friend’s mouth.

“Sorry, it just kind— hehe —tickles. Also, your shirt is rubbing against my nipples”

Marcia had pressed her against the wall and covered her mouth to stem the sudden giggling. Now their chests were touching and Marcia’s shirt was wet. The firm orbs moved against her, feeling… alive. Leena’s nipples hardened at the stimulation and Marcia stepped back, feeling awkward.

“I didn’t say stop,” Leena said, redfaced.

Marcia grabbed the towel and started dabbing the spots on her shirt.

“I think some of this is milk.”


Once the juniors were gone, they made their escape.

“My cousin works at a clinic nearby. I don’t think she’s working today, but I can probably still get us in.” Marcia said as they climbed into her car.

“The place where you interned last summer?”

“Yeah. We’ll go there and I’ll see if I can find out what’s going on.

Marcia walked up to the reception desk doing her best to act natural.

“Hey, Lara, Celia sent me to pick up her… headphones. She left them in the locker room. She thinks.”

“Go on ahead.” Celia waved towards the admission door.

Marcia found an empty exam room, then let Leena in through a side door. The grey gym shirt was holding up with valiant effort, but it did little more than cover them. Without support from a bra, the heavy orbs hung down almost to her stomach and she had to carry them in her arms.

“Lay down on the table.”

“Should I put on a gown?”

“No, just take your shirt off and keep your boobs up on top of you, if it’s not too uncomfortable.”

Leena lay back, her huge breasts sitting perilously atop her thin frame. She placed her hands on either side of them, holding them in place. Her nipples stood out on top, hard and dark in the chilly air.

“This is an obstetrics room.” Marcia set a stool next to the exam table and pulled a rolling ultrasound machine from the corner.

Leena looked concerned.

“I know it’s not what you want to hear, but I think this is our best bet to find out what’s going on. I’ve never done this before, so bear with me.” She took out the wand and rubbed its head in the gel.

Leena jumped when the wand touched her breast. “That’s cold!” she said, scrunching up.

“I’m sorry, just try to hold still.”

Leena made a sour face tried not to shiver as goosebumps spread over her arms. Her nipples hardened, tightening to dark points atop creamy spheres. The right one shifted again, a bump rising and disappearing on its surface.

“Yep, just like I thought.” Marcia looked at the screen, then to her friend. “There’s uh, some milk coming out.”

“What is it?” Leena wiped the bead of white liquid from the breast.

“You’re, uhh, pregnant. About six months along if that chart on the wall is to be trusted.”

What? But, but…”

“In your breasts, obviously. Though I guess you probably caught that. I’ll check the other one, but I’ve got a hunch it’s in a similar situation.”

“How did this happen? Why is it happening so fast?”

“How should I know? The important thing is, if it’s happening as fast as you say it is, we won’t have long until you give birth. Also, you’ll probably have trouble walking soon.”

“But… I don’t want to give birth!”

“That might be a problem. Either way, we’re not going back to school. We’ve got to get you to a hospital. Or maybe a research facility.”

No. No hospitals, Marcey, promise me no hospitals.” She grabbed her friend by the arm and made to get up, staring her in the eye. Her pendulous breasts hung heavy to the side as she turned.

“Fine, no hospitals,” Marcia hugged Leena around the neck and tried to be reassuring. “Let’s get you out of here. We’ll go to your apartment, lay low for a few days and… figure something out.” She kissed her forehead. “Get cleaned up, I’ll drive us over there.”

As Leena wiped the gel off her breasts, Marcia grabbed an emergency kit, some gloves and a pack of scalpels. She needed to be prepared for anything.


Leena sat alone in her apartment, crosslegged on her bed. She was wearing her pajamas and trying to button up the top,knowing it was futile. Her breasts were even bigger than yesterday, Marcey had measured.

“34 inches around each, give or take a little. Almost 11 inch diameter, that’s up an inch from yesterday.” She was keeping a notebook of size, weight, and other data, but Leena did not want to look at it.

She stretched the thin, blue fabric tight across her chest. Barely, just barely, she got the button through the hole. Her nipples poked out visibly through the pajama top, erect from the rubbing they had sustained in the process.

“I should have asked Marcey to pick me up a bra while she went out.” She said to her babies. “Marcey’s the one who keeps poking you, by the way.” She had started talking to them, hoping it would help her come to terms with the situation.

Carefully, Leena stood up, hesitating to find her new balance. Her back hurt from the sudden strain of supporting to growing children. Her stomach was struggling, too. She was hungry every few hours and had gained a little weight all over, especially in her broadening hips.

She made her way to the kitchen to get a snack, carefully taking shallow breaths to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. She made a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat when her breasts began to kick.

It was a strange and exciting sensation, unlike anything she’d felt before. It was like a fluttering and a pressing. Sometimes it hurt a little. It was hurting this time, a tight soreness. They were both active, their movements visible through the thin fabric. Suddenly there was a POP! and the button shot across the table, freeing her breasts to hang heavy against the edge of the table. Before she could recover, the soreness intensified, the pains coming to a head.

Leena winced, grabbing at her breasts to try and calm her children when all at once there was a release as milk sprayed from the tips her nipples. It felt amazing, the swelling relief prompting her to squeeze harder, forcing the milk from her swollen breasts and a moan from her lips. She shuddered, her legs shaking, her breath catching; she’d never felt like this before. She continued milking herself, her fingers working and squeezing at her nipples, heedless of whether it got on the table. Each kick and motion working with her, driving her need.

It ended with her laying exhausted against the table, her head in a puddle of her own milk and her cereal forgotten. When she gathered up the strength to move, it was to get a towel. She wiped her face and dabbed her hair, then started cleaning the table and eating her cereal.

That done, she went to take a shower get the milk out of her hair. The hot water felt good on her skin, the soap washing away the cloying smell of milk and the faint tinge of sweat. Leena scrubbed herself along the arms and under her breasts, lifting each one wiping it down, careful of her sensitive nipples. The babies became active again, but empty of milk, there was less soreness and pressure to cause discomfort.


When she stepped out into her room, a fluffy white towel wrapped around her, Marcia was sitting at the foot of the bed, thumbing through a book on childbirth.

“I’m still not quite sure how this will work out,” she said without looking up, “but I bought some stuff at the store, though, to prepare. Even found those donuts you like.”

“Can I eat donuts while pregnant?”

“I don’t think so, but I don’t think you’re going to be pregnant long enough for your diet to matter much. The important thing is we get calories into you.”

“And get these babies out.”

“Once the time comes.”

“I hope it comes soon, my back is killing me.” She sat down next to her friend.

Marcia glanced anxiously at her friend’s chest. “Well, you’ve got about 50 pounds boob on you now. Just rest and I’ll get you something to eat.”

Resting was easier said than done, though. Leena stretched out on the bed, lying on her back was crushing and uncomfortable, her breasts trying to roll off to either side. On her side, they piled atop each other. She had never had boobs worth mentioning, but these didn’t feel quite right. They were soft on the surface, the tightened skin covering a layer of fat. Beneath the fat, though, was a firmness where the babies were growing and when they pressed together, they kept much of their shape.

Marcia came back in to find Leena on her stomach, naked, face buried in her breasts, her arms holding them in place.

“Woah, why aren’t you dressed?”

“I had a mishap with my pajamas,” came the muffled reply.

Marcia tossed a blanket over her.

“I’ll pick you up a robe or something when I’m out tomorrow. Lunch is on the table when you’re ready, but you should probably at least wear a towel.”


That night, Leena lay naked and restless, tangled in her sheets. The babies were moving again and she couldn’t sleep. She was scared. One more night, maybe two, and all of this would be over and everything would be different and she was afraid of what the future would mean. She felt alone.

She wrapped herself in the bedsheet and went to the living room where Marcia lay sleeping on the couch. She was still and quiet, except for the faint sound of her even breath.

“Marcey,” Leena whispered, kneeling beside her. “Marcey, I need you to wake up.”

Marcia stirred, opening her heavy, dark eyes and reaching for her glasses.

“What? What is it? Is something wrong?” She said groggily, her hair a mess and glasses crooked.

“No, no, I’m sorry I just…” Leena’s voice broke.

“Oh, Leena, Leena, what’s wrong?” She half-rose, worried.

“No, it’s… I just don’t want to be alone right now.” Her eyes filled with tears and Leena hugged her around the neck, whispering soothing things patting her hair.

“It’s okay, Leen, I’m right here.”

She held her for a time until at length, Leena pulled away, giggling and wiping tears from her eyes.

“What is it?”

“I’m just, uh… I’m leaking.” Leena looked down at the two dark spots that slowly were spreading on the thin white sheet.

“Here, let’s go get you cleaned up.”

“No, I need to… empty first, or it’ll just keep happening.”

“Alright, well, how do we do that?”

“Well, it’s a little messy…”

Marcey came into the bathroom wearing only a long white shirt that she didn’t care about, her pale legs bright and bare below the hem. Her black hair was tangled and wild about her head, her eyes staring anxiously from behind her glasses. The shirt draped across her body, hinting at the shapes beneath.

Leena sat naked in the wide tub, her legs crossed and her breasts sitting heavy in her lap. She helped Marcia into the tub and they sat across from one another, giggling nervously.

“Well, uh, how do we start?” Marcey glanced shyly at Leena’s changing body.

“Well… like this, I guess.”

Leena took Marcia’s hands in hers, guiding them gently to her own, swollen breasts. Their fingers interlaced across her warm skin, sending tingling sensations through her body. She pressed gently and was rewarded with small beads of milk at the tips of her nipples.

“Woah.” Was all Marcia could say.

“Yeah, they’re moving.”

“Does it hurt? What does it feel like?”

“It does, a little, but it kind of feels nice, too. It’s great having something inside you, something living and growing and moving. But it is kind of tight.”

“Well,” said Marcia, “the babies are putting pressure on your alveoli where the milk is secreted and stored, causing soreness and—”

Leena put a finger over Marcia’s lips.

“Let’s not talk about that right now.”

They stared into each other’s eyes and, slowly, leaned forward, eyes closing slowly, lips brushing each other. They kissed, lightly at first, then with growing intensity until Marcia was pushing her down against the the back of the tub, her tongue between her friend’s pink lips.

It felt good, so, so good. The closeness, the touching, her swollen breasts being kneaded and squeezed, her dark, sensitive nipples tingling, and slick with milk. She moaned, losing track of which hands were hers and which were Marcey’s.

Marcia pulled away, holding her hands and smiling, her big eyes looking lovingly into her friend’s, her glasses pushed askew. She moved down, her hands lightly holding Leena’s right breast, her lips going to her nipple. It was like electricity, like lightning reaching into her, touching her. She was paralyzed with the sensation, one arm moving to grip the edge of the tub, the other to hold Marcia’s head.

Marcia’s hands squeezed and tugged, drawing out the milk. Her lips kissed, her tongue playing with the nipple, her teeth brushing the sensitive firmness. The baby kicked and squirmed, fluttering like her heart and pressing against her skin. The motion drove her crazy, the feeling of life inside her, the pressure, the release— she shuddered, her mind blanking in ecstasy, her leg kicking up. She hit the bath knob and suddenly a torrent of warm water washed across them and they both began laughing, even as Leena recovered from the ordeal.

Marcia was straddled across her waist, her glasses flecked and fogged from the streaming water, her wet shirt clinging to her small breasts and round hips. She set her glasses aside and slowly pulled her shirt over her head, tossing it to the floor.

They pressed their bodies together, kissing and moaning and tangling about one another. Leena held her close and turned so she was the one on top, one knee between Marcia’s legs, her massive, swollen breasts hanging in front of her face.

“The other still needs help,” Leena muttered shyly, her eyes elsewhere.

“I think I can take care of that.” Marcia took the full breast in her hands, running her fingers across the smooth, wet surface. Its occupant responded, kicking against her palm. She guided the nipple to her mouth and began to suckle.

Leena tossed her head, cupping her other breast and tweaking the nipple with her thumb. She wanted more, more of the pain, more of the release. Marcia began to grind herself against her leg, her hands trembling as she tried to squeeze every last drop from the breast. She worked herself into a frenzy, shaking and gasping; the nipple fell from her mouth and her hands went to her own breasts, trying to imagine what Leena was feeling. Leena took over for herself and they came together in clinging euphoria, falling into each other, gasping for breath.


They slept late the next day, waking together in the same bed, with the noon sun streaking through the blinds. Leena was famished, but was not going to be the first to get up. She rolled over, suddenly aware of the enormity of her own chest. She had grown more overnight, now too big for even the largest of her shirts, certainly. Her nipples were dark and erect, eagre and sensitive.

She kissed Marcia sweetly and grew excited when she kissed back, their tongues coming together, their lips opening to one another.

“Good morning,” Marcia smiled.

“I think it’s lunchtime,”

“You want me to go get you food?”

Leena nodded helplessly.

“Okay, well, get off me and I’ll go get something together.”

“You’re not going to measure me today, are you?” Leena pouted, rolling off of Marcia and snuggling down into the pillows.

“No, I guess not. The data doesn’t matter if we’re not measuring your milk output; That’s affecting size and weight as much as the babies.” She got up and slid on some shorts. “Speaking of which, I’m picking up a breast pump when I’m out today; I don’t think I can keep up you.”

Fiiine,” she said, sulking.

“And you better go get on that now because I’m not cleaning it up if you leak on the bed. I’ll have lunch ready when you’re done.”

So they split up, one to the kitchen, one to the bath. Leena did her work quickly, too hungry to play around, then went to get dressed. Her shorts were tight, her hips now broadened to deliver the children they would never need to. Nothing fit her top, so she wore a plaid shirt and left it completely unbuttoned. The smell of food lured her out of the room.

Marcia looked beautiful. How had she never seen it before? Her smooth legs, the way her small, elastic shorts showed her cute butt, how her thick hoodie covered her little hands. Her hair was tied back messily as she leaned, barefoot, over the stove and a skillet of bacon.

“You said that the food would be ready,”

“Well, you rushed yourself.” Marcia replied without looking up. “Biscuits will be out soon and the bacon’s almost ready. I’ll make some eggs in the grease when I’m done.”

“Wow, you really don’t care about my diet.”

“Like I said, you need the calories. Nothing’s better for that than grease and butter.”

It was delicious and she ate until there wasn’t any left, then went and laid down on the couch to nap, full and content.

“I’m going out,” said Marcia, giving her a quick kiss. “I’ll be back before long.”

“Don’t rush,” she yawned, then flipped on the TV to have some noise. She was asleep before she knew what was on.


“I got you a surprise!” Marcia said almost giddily as she came into apartment, shopping bags in her arms.

Leena sat up groggily, struggling under the weight of her chest.

“You’ve been asleep this whole time?”

“Well, making people is pretty tiring.” She rubbed her eyes, then looked down at the heavy pale orbs of her breasts. “Ugh, I think they got bigger.”

“Not too much, I hope, else you won’t be able to use this!” She pulled an item from the bag.

“A kiddie pool?”

“Oops, wrong thing. That’s for the birth. You know, it’ll be messy and this will give more room than the tub. What I meant to pull out was this!”

She produced the biggest bra that Leena had ever seen. It was huge and blue, with cups big enough to hold basketballs.

“I got a shirt, too, one that you should be able to wear with it. No, you can’t wear it yet.” She said, smacking away Leena’s eager hand. “You need to go milk yourself first. I’ll take in the underbust a bit while you do that, since I don’t think yours is 50 inches.” She set it aside and handed over the breast pump.

“Are you not going to help me figure it out?” said Leena, slyly.

“Instructions are in the box.” Marcey gave her a quick peck on the lips and sent her off.


Later, after dinner, Leena tried on the bra. It fit nicely and was a pretty color, and the strong straps lifted her prodigious breasts high up on her chest.

“Gosh, this makes my boobs look huge.”

“Your boobs are huge, hon.”

“Yeah, but, like, wow.” She said, bouncing up and down a little, watching them jiggle and sway. “I look hot.” She grinned, self-satisfied.

“Yes you do,” Marcia smiled at her. “I got you this, too,” she said, producing a voluminous button-up shirt of similar color. “The sleeves will be really, really, long, but I can take those in eventually.

The sleeves were long, but once she cuffed them she had her hands free and began buttoning. She got all of the buttons she could see (which was just the top ones), and had Marcia do the others.

“How do I look?” she asked with a twirl, once she was all buttoned and tucked in. Her heavy breasts were clothed for the first time in days and it felt nice.

“Beautiful,” replied Marcia. “Motherly even.”

“Oh, don’t say that!” She waved her hand, embarrassed.

“No, no, I mean it in a good way.” Marcey walked over to her. “I think you look sexy.” She stood on her tip-toes and leaned over Leena’s breasts to kiss her. Leena pulled her in, pressing her against her chest. “Hey, hey,” she chided. ”Don’t get too worked up, I don’t want anything to happen to your only bra and shirt.”

“Well, maybe I should take them off.”

“Maybe you should; I want to make sure you’re using that breast pump right,” she smiled.

Not much happened in the way of breast pump education, but Leena filled a jar with milk, though she complained that it was not as much fun as their old way of milking. They did have some fun, though, and they fell asleep together in bed, snuggled up and happy.


Labor started suddenly during lunch. They were both at the table, eating, when Leena felt a sharp pain in her left breast. She winced and dropped her fork, confused at what was happening.

“What is it?” Marcia asked, worried.

“I… don’t know. I just had a pain.”

“Do you need milking?”

“No, this wasn’t like that. It was—ow!” she grabbed her other breast as a pain gripped it. “I… I think I’m going into labor!”

“Well, that would be about on schedule.” Marcia took another bite. “Oh.” She said in realization. “Oh! The pool! I need to get the pool blown up! And towels, I need towels! Take your clothes off, get ready!”

Leena sat naked on the floor doing her best to breathe like she always saw women do on TV, even though the contractions hadn’t started again. Her water hadn’t broken yet, either, but they were both so anxious that neither wanted to be unprepared.

“Okay, it’s done.” Marcia rolled over, breathless and exhausted. “Get in.”

“Alright, but I don’t really think this is necessary just yet.” She sat down in it anyway. “It feels kind of nice though, all soft and— ahh!” A sudden contraction gripped her left breast, causing a sudden spray of milk.

“Okay, breathe, breathe.” Marcia tried her best to be reassuring, stroking her hair. “I guess we should have expected the whole milk thing.”

“Yeah, maybe we should have.”

Slowly, the contractions became more and more frequent, each accompanied by a squirt of milk. It hurt, but not as badly as Leena thought it would. It was intense, though, a pressure unlike anything she’d felt so far. When her water broke, it came as a gush from her nipple, followed by stronger contractions, closer together.

“I think it’s coming!” She cried, leaning forward. The soft bottom of the pool cushioning her sore breasts. She held her left breast in her arms and Marcia climbed in next to her.

“This one?” Marcia placed a hand on the heavy, heaving breast. It contracted beneath her fingers, and the baby within squirmed.

Leena moaned as the pressure increased, running her hands across the stretched-out skin and feeling the child kick with her. The urge to push came over her and she leaned forward, squeezing from the base. She groaned as milk and amniotic fluid was expelled, then cut off as a bulge formed near the base of the nipple, her areola pushing out.

Marcia put one hand on hers and used the other to wipe sweat from her forehead, then kissed it.

“You can do this, Leen, I know you can. Just breathe.”

With each contraction, the bulge grew bigger as the baby’s head worked its way out. It burned as the nipple stretched thin, and the other breast was contracting more and more. Soon, the nipple opened, a dark-haired head crowning slowly.

“I can see it! Just a little more, a little more.” Marcia pressed gently around it, her fingers working the nipple open until she could see the forehead, then the face.

With giant push, she got the shoulders out, her breast a tight-cramping ball. Her hands pressed, squeezing, then in a gush the whole baby was out, umbilical cord trailing up into her nipple.

Marcia picked her up, a little girl all pink and wrinkled.

“Leena, look, look,” she said, reassuringly. “She’s beautiful.”

Leena couldn’t help but agree. She was beautiful, a beautiful little child. Her child.

The afterbirth followed before long, as contractions increased in her other breast. The emptied one was much smaller, though still huge by normal standards.

“I’m all lopsided,” Leena said with a grimace.

Marcia laughed and rocked the baby in her arms.

The pain in her right breast intensified, coming more often and greater in intensity than before. It was… misshapen, distended, and not like the other. No bulge was forming beneath the areola, instead the whole breast was oval with the nipple on the broad side. It hurt and with each contraction, the child struggled within her.

“I think something’s wrong,” she panted. “It… it’s not coming out.”

“I think the baby’s turned,” Marcia set the first child down, wrapping her in a towel. “I read about this; we need to turn it so the head is pointed out.”

“Which end is the head?” she asked, desperate.

Marcia held the breast, pressing around the bulges, feeling for any sign of what each end might be. She found what must have been it, and together they began massaging it towards the nipple. Slowly, so slowly, the child turned within her until one sharp contraction pushed the baby’s head into crowning.

Together they squeezed the breast, and all at once the baby slid out into Marcia’s waiting arms. Another beautiful baby girl, exactly like her twin.

Leena laid back, exhausted by the ordeal. She felt light… empty. Her breasts were sore and wet. Marcia handed her one of the babies.

“Seven pounds, six ounces.” Marcia said as she started cleaning the second one.


“Looks that way. Think you can hold both?”

“Yes, please.” Leena accepted the other child, holding them both in her arms.

“I’m going to go get some of the milk ready.” Marcia kissed her forehead. “Need anything?”

“Just some water, thanks.” She kissed her back. “Marcia,” she said as her friend stood to go to the fridge. “What are we going to do now?”

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