“Experiential Learning”

Experiential Learning
by Miss Mouse

Maddie Miller was huge.

It wasn’t really a surprise—women in her family always carried long—but she had expected some leniency from her genetics on account of her carrying twins. No dice, though. So it was that at 42 weeks and 3 days pregnant, she was standing in front of her class, teaching.

She was 5’4” and slim, and had now become all belly, her heavy womb extending nearly a foot in front of her once-slim waist. Despite her astonishing size, she had had no real complications with the pregnancy and no sign of labor, though Braxton-Hicks contractions had come intermittently since 30 weeks. She’d taken off for maternity leave weeks in advance, but a series of mishaps had left no other options in this case.

She was a professor of Human Biology, a make-up lecture on a Saturday after the substitute’s sudden absence on Friday. Normally, this sort of thing would be made-up during the week, but it was the end of the semester and exams started on Monday.

Maddie had a sense of humor, and so the irony of the situation was not lost on her. The last chapter of the course was on childbirth—a process which had so far eluded her.

“…this is referred to as the ‘Latent Phase.’ It is characterized by by strong uterine contractions and the thinning of the cervix. This thinning, or ‘effacement’ actually occurs over the length of the entire pregnancy, but it is at this point that it reaches its full effect and is accompanied by cervical dilation…”

All in all, Maddie was rather comfortable sitting in her chair at the front of the class, one hand holding her notes and the other resting atop the mountain of her belly. Even as she spoke, a contraction passed through her, the tight dome of her stomach hardening a little beneath her touch, shrinking and shifting ever so slightly.

It was just the Braxton-Hicks again, she knew, and so she was completely unconcerned. They were bad today, but had been worse before and she had already been to the hospital three times with false starts.

When it was time, she would know.


It was going to be a long three hours, but as long as she kept to the notes and didn’t fall behind with the Powerpoint, she’d be fine. But, it was also a boring three hours, and by the end of the first fifty minutes, she was sore of sitting and took to waddling slowly back and forth between the lectern and her desk.

“Oof,” she grunted, leaning heavily against the low plane of the desk, half sitting on it. “Any questions?”

A few were fielded, but she was having trouble concentrating on her notes to answer them. She had a growing discomfort in the pit of her stomach—not in her uterus itself, of course; she was not in labor—and was glad it wasn’t long until the half-way break. She needed to use the bathroom, she guessed.

“Continuing,” she shoved away from the desk, using her momentum to walk her paces again. Walking helped with the discomfort and eased the false contractions. She couldn’t wait to get home, get off her feet, and get in the bath. “We have the amniotic sac, which has to this point served to contain the child and cushion it during its time in the womb. This most commonly bursts during labor, but sometimes this can be mistaken for urination or missed if it occurs while bathing. In other cases, the child can be delivered either partially or in whole without rupturing the sac.”

Maddie let out a sharp breath as the discomfort within her shifted lower suddenly, and she took a second to lean against lectern. She looked down as she steadied herself and her vision was entirely dominated by the swell of her stomach. Gracious, I’m huge, she thought to herself. If something doesn’t happen soon, I’m going to burst.

As if on queue, her belly shifted, drawing another groan as the children within her moved beneath her drum-tight skin. Their activity had slowly increased over the last hour, and now she could see the odd kick or stretch through the fabric of her dress.

“Are you alright, miss Miller?” one of her students asked from the front row. “Is something wrong?”

“Not at all,” she tried not to pant. “I just need a moment.” But she kept her eyes down on her slowly contracting belly, her mind on the pressure building between her hips. This couldn’t be it, could it?

Hastily, she checked her watch. The mid-lecture break was only ten minutes away. She could hang on until then and get this all sorted out. All she needed was a bathroom break.

A bathroom break.

She turned to the board, looking up at the diagram projected on the screen above: a cross-section of a woman in labor, the child’s head just entering the birth canal. Something about the image stressed her out, but as she flipped ahead through the slideshow, the pictures only got worse. The discomfort became an ache within her, a sort of intensifying urge that was quickly overcoming her thoughts about teaching.

She just had to last five—

Everything within her shifted all at once. She felt herself opening up as the weight dropped, spreading, widening, and then it stopped as the child’s head lodged in her pelvic outlet. Oh that’s what it was, she couldn’t deny it anymore—she was giving birth!

“Class!” she didn’t mean to shout, but she couldn’t suppress the urgency she felt. Her hand went to the front of her tent-like dress, feeling the bulge between her legs, trying to hold it inside.

“Class, I um,” she removed her hand, squeezing her thighs together against her natural urges. “I…” she sidled to her desk. It was too much, she had to sit down, had to do something. She leaned backwards onto the desk, the corner beneath her butt. Keeping her legs spread a little, she shifted her weight to press her crotch against the flat of the desk, preventing any further descent.

Maddie checked her watch. Three minutes.

“So, continuing on,” she tried to press through. Her belly tightened again, forcing the breath out of her. It passed quickly, and she was rewarded by a strong kick to the ribs from one of her occupants. “The… The middle stages of labor are distinguish—” she cut off as another contraction passed over her. She countered by bearing down against the desk harder, leaning forward to hold the baby inside. “Distinguished…”

“Miss Miller, are you sure you’re alright?”

“I’m fine! Yes, completely fine. Now—nnngh—how about we take our break. Y’all can go stretch your legs. I just need to—” she panted “—just need to sit down. Maybe take a bathroom break. Be back in fifteen minutes,” she tried to laugh but it didn’t sound genuine. “Or you’ll miss the good part!”

Maddie Miller sat completely still on that desk corner, a pleasant smile on her face, while her bewildered students stood and exited the lecture hall at their own leisurely pace. It was the hardest thing she had ever done.

As soon as the door shut she let out an anguished groan, sliding to lay back on the desk. It was too late—she wasn’t going to make it to the hospital, she wasn’t even going to make it to the bathroom! The babies were coming then and there, and she had no say in the matter.

She felt horribly weak as she tried to wriggle her dress up, stopping twice as her massive belly tensed and contracted. All her strength was in that, her whole body focused on expelling the children within her. Her hips ached, slowly stretching around the huge head of her overdue baby. There was a huge pop as something in her pelvis gave and her labia spread tight and thin over the crowning head. The next contraction pushed it through, pressing out against the panties she had neglected to remove.

In a daze, she worked these down her thighs. She couldn’t see what was going on past the huge swell of her belly, and so felt her way about it, her hand tracing along her sweat-dappled thigh to find her poor labia stretched to their limits, a narrow crescent of the baby’s exposed head.

She didn’t know what to do. She had taken all the classes, read all the books—she was teaching a class on this for goodness’ sake!—all that vanished as her body struggled against its oversized charges, acting completely out of instinct and need.

Her hand felt around the burning opening of her labia, her fingers blindly tracing the tortured edges of her lips.

I just need to… I just need to stretch a little… further!

At the spreading pressure of her fingertips, her labia slipped open, her child’s head emerging to suddenly fill her hand. The pain receded into a needling sense retraction as her skin was relieved of the immense pressure.

“Oh, Miss Miller, I—Miss Miller!”

She looked up to see one of her students standing in the doorway, mouth agape at the scene within the lecture hall. Maddie had only enough mental energy to take this information in before returning to her task.

What passed in the hallway—a volley of panicked shouts and uncertain, half-baked ideas—was outside the little realm of her laboring body and therefore not to be considered or dealt with. Her whole existence was the children which moved and stretched within her. Minutes passed—hours, maybe, but it was useless. Her child was stuck within her and she was helpless to fix the problem.

“Miss Miller,”

A hand touched her ankle and Maddie looked up to see see Indira, a nursing student in her class, was standing by her, one hand touching her forehead to brush the hair from her face. Maddie’s eyes passed over a few anxious faces standing just outside the door, peering in through the window.

“Miss Miller, the campus nurse isn’t in today, but don’t worry, I’m here with you.” Indira dabbed her face with a cool, wet paper towel. “Everything’s going to be alright, just breathe.”

Maddie tensed and bore down in another contraction, her stomach a tight ball of concrete on top of her. She thought she was going to die from the pressure, yet nothing happened, nothing moved. As wide as the head had been, that was her limit; the baby’s shoulders were stuck fast within her.

“Miss Miller, here,” Indira reached out and held Maddie’s hand gently, slowly stroking the back of it. “I need you to listen to me. Breathe. Focus on breathing. Just—”

Maddie curled in another brutal contraction, her hands bearing down against her belly. Indira stood a moment in the shock of the sensation, the tension, the movement of the woman’s body beneath her hand. Her belly felt like a rock, yet as the contraction receded, the fervent, excited motions of the children within her became undeniably apparent.

“No, just breathe,” Indira pulled herself back into the moment. “Breathe and relax; don’t push.”

“But, but, I… I have to—nngh!” Everything she was told her to push, to get the children out whether it broke her or not.

“You need to breathe, you can’t keep going like this!” Indira wiped her face again, then her by the chin turning her to look at her face. “You have to overcome it.”

The next wave shot through her, but she resisted, her mind focusing on the the hand she held; her anchor to the world. Maddie grabbed it with her other hand, squeezing as hard as she could, so hard the muscles in her hand began to cramp.

But it passed.

“Okay, that was good. That was very good. Now lay back, I’m going to get you through this.” Indira positioned her on her back, a little raised up with a backpack for a cushion. “The baby’s shoulders are stuck on your pubic bone. This is… it’s going to be alright, we can manage this. Now, I need you to pull your legs up as high as you can. Pull them towards your shoulders now, come on.” She removed Maddie’s shoes and finished taking off the panties.

Maddie was too tired and weak to resist as Indira posed her, her legs up on either side of her huge belly. Her weight shifted back on top of her as she curled around the globe her womb had become, her hands holding her knees.

Another contraction came over her, and with it the urge to push. She fought back against it, but missed the hand that had guided her through the last one. Maddie felt alone again.

“Indira,” she grunted, her eyes shut tight, her fingers digging into her legs. “Indira where are you? What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, miss Miller, I was just… I haven’t actually done this before. I’ll keep talking, just listen to my voice.”

A gentle hand began to touch around the base of her stomach.

“I’m feeling for the shoulder; I need to reposition the baby so he can… so he will… so he’ll fit.” Indra’s face grew hot despite her education. She placed one hand against Maddie’s bare stomach, again surprised at its tightness, the shapes that moved beneath the stretched skin. Something inside her stirred, but she squashed it, her mind on her work.

“Now,” she held the belly back to keep the pelvic area clear. “Now I’m going to palpate just above the pubic mound. And, ah, there’s something.” She found a lump beneath the skin.

Maddie suddenly felt a pressing and a turning movement within her. Whereas the motions of her children had always been a fluttering, a kicking, or a spreading within her, all which she felt only at the extremities of the action, this was more complete. At Indira’s pressure, she experienced the slow and tactile rotation of the child within her passage. As she marvelled at this wondrous and thrilling sensation, she was struck by another contraction. It was a strong one, her breath escaping her in a pressured groan.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I think the shoulder has entered the base of the birth canal. Now,” Indira’s hand slid down over Maddie’s pelvic mound, glancing over her clitoris and eliciting a shiver from the laboring woman. Her fingers touched gently at the opening of the vagina, feeling around where the infant’s chin emerged from its mother’s labia. “Now I’m going to free the arm. This is, um,” She stuttered, her face warming. Indira felt so embarrassed, but she couldn’t leave it like this. “I’m going to have to reach in and maneuver the arm. I’m so sorry, miss Miller.”

Then there was a gentle intrusion as her lips were pressed aside and Indra entered her, her delicate fingers feeling around the child’s neck where Maddie’s entrance closed around it and then slowly probing deeper to the shoulders. She maneuvered to feel out where the catch was, where the arm was, but the child was so big there was no room for her hand. There was so much pressure that she couldn’t tell what was what.

And then came another contraction.

Maddie was lost to the world as all of this occurred. It was so strange. She was so full, so unbelievably full. It didn’t hurt, it didn’t feel like anything but fullness, an incomprehensible pressure exerted on her form within. She was aware of her bones, how they had shifted, parted to fit around the child which now was lodged inside her. It was a foreign object, something not-her that her body was changing to accommodate. Indra’s hand was like an independent creature moving against her inner walls, the fingers standing out individually to her. She could feel each of them, how they rubbed and flex within her, how they worked and prodded the taut flesh of her womanhood.

Beneath all of this, swelling slowly with an inexorable urgency was another wave of pressure, another contraction passing over the swollen bubble her womb had become. It wasn’t a cramp, but force, a power welling within her. Her hips spasmed reflexively against the younger woman’s hand, desperate for more. This all was too much for Maddie to experience, and as it came over her she tightened, her whole body tensing, and she could feel it all, feel everything alive and moving within her, the tightness, the fullness, the size… it was too much, it was all too much and she couldn’t stop it, didn’t want to stop it anymore.

She was completely overcome and her body coiled in ecstasy, the energy of her orgasm coursing through every fiber of her being, spreading through her muscles like lightning. It was shattering and awesome, a pinnacle of physical sensation.

Indira experienced this from the other end, but was no less awed by what was happening. She could feel the woman around her hand, the muscles rolling and flexing, the motions that had awakened within and now drove her to curl, to buck, to do whatever she could to take it all, to feel it all. This was a woman who was at the mercy of pleasure.

And that little feeling, that wish she thought she had smothered, the desire, the ache to be like this woman, to know what it was like to be a being of fullness and motion and life, that was rekindled within her loins, and it would remain with her the rest of her life.

Amidst the tightness, the contraction, the crushing pressure, her fingers found a tiny hand pressed against the infant’s chest and she seized this opportunity, pulling with a gentle effort, aided by the forces of the mother, to draw it out. It was as if she had uncorked a bottle of champagne. The shoulder bent and the catch vanished, the baby coming out in the echoing waves of its mother’s ecstasies, emerging into the nursing student’s arms.

Indira held the enormous child in her arms—he must have weighed eleven pounds—and watched in awe as Maddie continued to shiver and squirm in the throes of what had consumed her. She wrapped the infant, a pink-faced little girl, in a jacket and stared down at the little face, her heart filled with a motherliness brought on by the experience.

When Maddie began to recover from the ordeal, Indira carried her daughter over to her.

“Are you feeling alright?” Indira asked warmly. “How are your contractions?”

“I’m alright,” Maddie said hoarsely. “I’m alright, I just… Oh, she’s beautiful, here let me.” She reached up with enfeebled arms to accept the child. She sat up a little, one hand unbuttoning her dress at the shoulder and folding it down to reveal a swollen breast. Indira noted the pair of wet spots on the front of the dress where milk had already begun to leak. The baby latched, sucking thirstily at her mother’s nipple.

“I—Oh…” Maddie shivered, a contraction passing over her like the shallow waves of the ocean. “Oh…Indira, the baby…I…” One hand held her child, the other going to grasp at her diminished belly.

“Is something wrong? Is the other one coming?”

“Indira, please,” she leaned back, her legs bending to expose her womanhood. “I can feel it coming, I can feel it—” she was cut off by the full force of the contraction, the rest of her words becoming a longing moan on her lips.

The nursing student went to find the problem, but found the second child crowning easily, a shock of red hair visible between the parting lips. Still, Indira reached out, touched gently at the crowning head, cupping it as it swelled into her hand. The contraction passed, fading slowly amidst the mother’s laboring moans.

There were a few quiet moments as before the next rise of contraction began, the second child passing into Indira’s arms amidst a long and pleasant sigh from her mother. Her mother. This one was a also a girl, though smaller than her sister by a pound or two.

Indira wrapped the newborn and carried her up to see her mother, who lay exhausted by the ordeal.

“Indira,” she said in a trembling voice. “Thank you for this.”

“Miss Miller,” Indira laughed, almost embarrassed by the attention. “I just—”

“Uh-uh,” the mother shook her head, one hand reaching out to rest affectionately on her student’s arm. “Call me Maddie.”

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