“All in the Name of Science”

All in the Name of Science
by Miss Mouse

Warning: this story describes a woman carrying a tentacle monster in her stomach and birthing it through her mouth in a semi-traumatic fashion. If that doesn’t sound good to you then you probably shouldn’t read it.

The egg was only the size of a marble, but Kallie still hesitated. It was an orange-ish yellow, slick and ever-so-slightly soft to the touch. The thing reminded her of a pearl or a beautiful, alien jawbreaker. If she tried, she could almost make herself think of it as food, but that did little to embolden her.

It was a harmless process and had been observed dozens of times in test animals: the egg was ingested, passed through the digestive tract without incident. Something about this process incubated the egg, which would then hatch and quickly grow into a full sized copy of Subject C144. Kallie had observed the process in pigs, sheep, dogs… basically any animal that could be legally tested on and was large enough to swallow and pass the egg.

Nothing had ever gone wrong, so why was she so hesitant? It was time for the human test, and there was no one else at the research site to volunteer. Dyson-Weilig had given them deadlines to meet, and meet them they must.

Gathering up the courage, she did it quickly, placing the little sphere on her tongue and taking it with a gulp of water. She wasn’t expecting the flavor of it, all sickly-sweet, almost like cotton candy. Something about this repulsed her, so much that she began to cough, almost gagging.

Kallie finished her glass of water, but it lingered uncomfortably on her tongue.

She stood up from her desk, crossing to the kitchen area of her little dorm and opened the fridge, taking out the carton of milk and drinking a few swigs to clear the taste out. It only helped a little.

Still feeling uneasy about the whole thing, she plopped herself down at the table and crossed her arms.

It was lonely at the site when no one else was around. The dorms were all meant for two people and had reasonable accommodations for it, but that meant it felt kind of empty and lonely without a roommate.

Her stomach gurgled, a little upset that she had drunk so much so quickly.

Well, there wasn’t anything left to do but wait for the egg to pass. The time was 21:34, according to the microwave, and her report was to be submitted by midnight the next day, so she pulled her laptop over and got to writing.


By 23:00, she was tired and she was all reported-out. She could probably do a little more before observing the results, but didn’t feel like doing any more that night. There was nothing else for her to do the next day, so she might as well leave herself something to pass the time.

Kallie showered and got to bed, settling in to an uneasy sleep.


Kallie Chao arose late, oversleeping her alarm by a little over an hour. She was exhausted and bloated and—putting on her glasses and checking her phone—she realized her period must be starting a little early, based on her tracker.

What got her out of bed on this slow morning was hunger, despite the discomfort in her stomach. As she trudged from her bed to the kitchen in her panties and grey nightshirt, glasses a little askew, her hand pressed against the firm discomfort of her belly.

In a few seconds, she had the electric kettle heating for her oatmeal, then took this opportunity wash her face in the bathroom. As the cold water splashed against her cheeks, the lingering feeling of irritation she’d been harboring grew worse. The face in the mirror that stared back at her looked tired, the dark eyes peering blearily out between their long lashes. She gave her black hair a few quick pulls with a brush and tied it back in a long ponytail.

She did not pass the egg, which only worsened her morning.

Her breakfast of instant oatmeal was ready in short order and she sat down to look over the beginnings of her report from the previous night. It was titled “Observations on the Incubation of Subject C144 Eggs within the Digestive Tracts of Mammals, Kallie Chao, PhD.” It was a boring thing, mostly just “The egg passes within the expected period of time and then hatches within the next 60-80 minutes after exiting the host creature,” applied to the various test animals.

What would set her apart from her peers was the inclusion of the human test which—although certain to be entirely uneventful—had never been done. Her being scheduled near the deadline that Dyson-Weilig had set was fortuitous, but the lack of secondary test subjects was an unfortunate occasion.

Using herself was not exactly the best situation, but what choice did she have? And besides, bad scientific practice or not, was sure to get her attention in her field, probably even in society at large! Since the discovery of C144 (a be-tentacled, self-cloning, amphibious creature which some in the non-scientific field called “Squiddos” despite not being related to squids, biologically), they’d caused something of a stir, what with many people believing them to be alien beings residing on earth.

The truth is they were strange, but (probably) not alien, though the sight of the eyeless balls of black tentacles did give the observer an uneasy feeling.

As she read over her writing from the night before, she took a bite of her cinnamon and sugar oatmeal, savoring the the taste and the warmth, then washed it down with a gulp of water.

No sooner had the oatmeal reached her stomach than the movement began. That sort of bloated pressure she had been experiencing shifted, turning into a whirlwind of sensation, a wild, thrashing that she could feel against the inside of her skin.

It was such a shocking, frightening thing that Kallie dropped her spoon, standing up and focusing on what was going on in her stomach. She lifted her shirt to reveal the small paunch of her belly, the bloating she had attributed to her menstrual cycle was visible, but beneath the outer layers of her flesh, the skin, the fat, the mesentery and muscle… There was the clear and alien movement of a living creature within her body.

As soon as the shock passed enough for her to move, she dove across the room to her nightstand where she kept her voice recorder.

“Kallie Chao, observation day 19,” a brief groan interrupted her speech. “09:16. Last night’s test has produced unusual—uhf—results. The subject is experiencing a sensation of movement within the abdomen, just below the ribcage. A sonogram will be performed to determine the cause of this disruption.” She did her best to speak with her usual dry, intellectual inflection, coldly stating the facts as she saw them and relating them in an unbiased manner.

But distancing herself from this was hard.

Kallie hastily grabbed her labcoat from where it hung by the door and put it on. It had her ID card to open doors and was at least a little better than running around in the open and cold in her pajamas.

She paused a moment before leaving, then grabbed her oatmeal to take with her.

The halls of the building were open to the outside, the hard, tile floor cold beneath her bare feet. The equipment room was nearby, the glass door bearing a slot into which she hastily inserted her ID card. After a second, the light turned green and the door slid open, admitting her into a sterile, hospital-like room full of various machines. The counters sported a collection of miscellaneous objects, most being obviously medical but a few being less clear in their application.

Kallie set her breakfast down, going to a spot by one sink where a rack of callipers obscured a blue-and-white object beneath. This was a portable sonogram machine, its wand attached by a springy cord. She pulled over a rolling cart with a monitor on it and moved a bucket full of packages of sterile wipes out of the one chair in the room. She sat down, plugged the machine into the monitor, and leaned back as best she could, removing her shirt and coat.

“Subject is experiencing a reduction of movement,” she said, one hand pressing against her belly. The motions were almost completely imperceptible now. “I will begin administering the sonogram.

She opened a gel packet and used an applicator to spread it across the bare expanse of her tummy, which contracted at the tickling sensation. This triggered another series of movements from within. The nipples that tipped her modest breasts tightened, hardening in the cold of the room.

The gel applied, Kallie turned the machine on and pressed the wand to the firm spot in her abdomen, waiting for the screen to display a clear view. She watched, moved the wand, pressed in a little harder, moved it again…

The screen showed a mass of thick, muscular tentacles, coiled up and twisting around each other like a rat’s nest.

There was no mistaking it—the egg had hatched inside of her.

This was unbelievable! In over a hundred observed cases, the egg had never hatched inside of the subject! She was so shocked that she just sat there, wand in one hand and the voice recorder in the other.

“I…” she started, once she got a hold of herself. “The sonogram appears to show a newly hatched specimen of C144 within the subject’s stomach with visible tentacles surrounding the nucleus of the creature. I estimate the size to be…13cm in diameter. C144 is idle, currently resting after its previous bout of energetic movement.”

She paused a few moments, her scientific curiosity at war with the natural reactions of panic that were welling within her.

“I will—I will now introduce a stimulus to the creature.” She took up her bowl of oatmeal. “The stimulus will be the consumption of oatmeal, the sugar content of which may entice it to eat.” Squiddos subsisted on a high-sugar diet and a newly-hatched one had to consume a great deal of nutrients to get through the first stage of its growth. Normally, this involved scavenging, but in this situation…

She took a bite of the oatmeal, barely tasting it this time, although she began to salivate. Her previous bite had done nothing to assuage her hunger. Its trip down her esophagus was slow and tense, her still holding the wand to her belly and watching the screen carefully.

Then there was a sudden lunge within her, so strong and surprising that she dropped the voice recorder. She could feel it turning with in her, stretching out for more space. Oh she was so full, its motions causing a visible and erratic thumping against the skin of her belly. Her brain was shouting at her, telling her to stop eating, that she full up, but she was still hungry, the pressure exerted by the C144 in no way stopping it.

On the screen, the tangle of tentacles was now writhing, turning over and rubbing everything to scoop food particles towards its core.

She realized her now free hand was cupped against the irregular, fluctuating bulge, and was in awe at the feeling of life inside of her, whatever it might be. The movements declined as the occupant finished its portion of oatmeal, and yet the fullness she experienced from its actions did not fade.

In fact, as she sat there now, she thought there was a clear and visible bulge in her. She did not look pregnant, exactly, as the womb was located much lower and expanded upward towards the rib cage. This was an unusually high bump just below her ribs, one which her hand fit neatly around. She touched it gingerly and it pushed out in response.

What was happening to Kallie was wild and unknown, and she was so in shock of it all that she nearly forgot to pick up the voice recorder.

“The C144,” she realized she was out of breath. “Appears to be acting as a parasite, consuming the food that I—that its host ingests. It appears to be going through its juvenile growth stages regardless of its placement inside the subject’s stomach.”

Kallie left the room much as it was, even leaving the sonogram machine on the floor by the chair. She had seen all she needed to see. A soon as she stepped into the open hall, a gust of cold wind blew across her, carrying a flurry of snowflakes through the air.

She shivered, and within her her burden shifted. She realized dully that she had left her shirt in the room, though she had grabbed her coat before leaving.


Back in her room, she grabbed her towel and went to shower, to wash the gel from her stomach and the chills from her body. It took time for the water to warm, and she spent it brushing her teeth, looking out her face in the mirror, not really thinking much about anything at all. There was a sense of unreality to everything and she continued her routine, her brain accepting everything with a simple “this is fine, I’ll be fine.”

Kallie left her glasses by the sink, stepped out of her panties and into the shower stall, letting the hot water run across her skin. The heat soaked in, chasing away the feelings of unease, that uncertain chill which had found its way into her bones.

As she washed, she found her nipples hard and sensitive, the heat apparently doing little to soften them. After a little time, the warmth of the water seemed to stimulate her occupant. Squiddos, being ectothermic, rely on natural hot springs and thermal vents to survive in their isolated, arctic gatherings. As such, they become more active in warm environments.

The stirring within her was indescribable. She stood there in the warmth of the shower, her hands pressed against the heavy firmness within her belly. It turned and flexed inside of her, invigorated by the slowly increasing temperature, stretching and wobbling inside of her.

Once clean, she wrapped herself in a towel and sat down at the kitchen table.

Kallie had no idea what to do. She had expected to pass the egg without incident; the thought of it actually hatching within her had never crossed her mind! She was alone at the edge of the world, with no more medical assistance than she could provide with the equipment stocked on the research site.

Now she was… pregnant? That wasn’t the right word. She wasn’t a mother, she was a host, and she was hungry. Her eyes wandered about the kitchen, staring longingly after the foodstuffs on the shelves and on the counter. She had food, but if she ate, she would grow—it would grow. How much could she take?

She shook her head, dismissing her thoughts of the present. She was an expert on C144 (or, as close to an expert as anyone was). She knew their anatomy, their biology, knew what they liked and disliked. If she put her mind to it, she could get it out…somehow.

As long as it stayed inside of her, it would continue to eat her food…it would continue to grow. C144 were like octopi, being able to compress themselves a great deal, but while octopi need only be able to fit their beak through whatever hole they were trying to navigate, the little tentacle monsters had a firm core at the center of their mass which could account for as much as a quarter of their diameter. It was big enough to distend her stomach slightly, but could very well still fit out of her in one piece… though likely not without discomfort.

Kallie got a bucket from the broom closet and set it before her chair, staring down into it hollow basin uncertainty. If she could make herself vomit, that might be enough to force it out, but she had never been one to gag easily, not even when she pressed her finger to the back of her throat. The most she could manage was harsh cough, which caused a bit of a stir in her belly.

Her next attempt went as such: she took a piece of dental floss and threaded it through a lifesaver, tying it at one end of the string. She was going fishing. Kallie bent her head back, trying to to find the easiest angle for this. It took three attempts to swallow, the strange shape moving slowly down her esophagus. The other end of the floss was held gently in her hand with just enough slack. As soon as she was sure the creature had latched on, she’s pull it out.

It happened quicker than she expected, catching her off guard, the floss suddenly retracting into her mouth. She caught it just in time, holding steady against the immense strength of the little creature within her. Like cephalopods, they were mostly muscle and quite intelligent, capable of solving simple puzzles to get to food. Now, she pulled, being careful not to break the floss, her head bent back to keep the line straight. But as hard as she pulled, she made no progress. She could feel a pull deep within her as the creature braced itself against her insides to maintain its hold.

She let go with one hand, trying to use it to dislodge the thing from the outside, but even before she could reach down to touch it, the squiddo yanked the floss from her hand, quickly reeling it in to consume it.

The friction sent her into a coughing fit, muscles of her stomach contracting against the agitated mass within. With each spasm, it kicked outwards, upset by perceived assault on its home.

When everything calmed down, she simply sat there, hollowly clutching the roundness of her stomach. It was bigger—not by much, but it was bigger.


The next hour was spent in anxious thought, pacing back and forth across the dorm. She went through a dozen different plans in her head, each one going worse than the last as she played them out. Waiting wouldn’t do anything, either. Their tendency to live around hot springs and geothermal vents meant they could survive in both extremely alkaline and acidic environments, so her body wouldn’t be able to digest it, and as long as it remained inside of her, it would continue to eat any food she consumed. She needed to eat.

There was one option that continually came to mind, as uneasy as it made her: when a specimen of C144 outgrew its den, it would move to to a new location that better fit its size. It had received food from above, so it would most likely elect to climb up out of her esophagus…

But that would mean it would have to get bigger.

This running through her mind, Kallie turned the electric kettle on, got down a bowl and a few packets of oatmeal. It was her best bet, being sweet and calorically dense… Plus, feeling as full as she did, she wasn’t sure she could get something solid down, even if she was hungry.

“In order to induce the creature to leave,” she said into her recorder. “I am going to administer nutrients to stimulate growth. Once it has grown large enough to be uncomfortable, I theorize it will exit the host orally.”

After a few minutes of anxiously tapping on the counter and watching a pot trying to boil, she got her extra-large batch of oatmeal mixed together, dusted with cinnamon and ready to eat.

Kallie Chao sat down at the table with a spoon and a big bowl of oatmeal, ready to be done with this whole thing. She wanted this to be done as quickly as possible, so she dug in with a fervor that she didn’t quite feel.

The second spoonful was in her mouth before the first reached her stomach, and as she lifted the spoon a third time, her occupant encountered its meal. The squiddo writhed and riggled, consuming the oatmeal hungrily. It was an uncomfortable sensation, like the worst indigestion she’d ever felt, a strange, burbling pressure against her insides, but she pushed away the feelings of distress.

Bite by bite she made progress, her stomach growing fuller with each passing second. The Squiddo ate and it grew inside her, pressing against her other organs. And the bigger it got, the stronger its motions became, and soon its movements were no longer small pulsations and flutterings against the skin, but fully visible and outlined tentacles writhing and swirling within her.

Her belly expanded, tight and full, pushing aside her lab coat as it spilled into her lap. She tried not to think about it, tried not to look at it… even when she began to hiccup as it pressed against her diaphragm.

She ate the last bite and leaned back with a sigh, her eyes on the ceiling before slowly moving down to observe what she she had become. The once-high bulge of her stomach had descended with its weight, swelling outward like a basketball made of thick, tapering tentacles beneath her skin. These made made swirling patterns as they flexed and curled inside her, trying to get every inch of room they could. Her fingers traced the tightness of her skin, feeling the ridges and valleys her once-flat belly had become. The Squiddo could feel her touching it and it pressed out against her hand, curiously trying to learn about her.

“The—hic—subject has grown dramatically. Its outline and movements can be seen clearly through—hic—the host’s skin.” Her hand shook as it held the recorder. “No effort to escape has been made yet.”   

Kallie had done as much as she could. She was afraid to eat any more, afraid she might suffer some sort of damage if her occupant grew any larger. With each spasm of her hiccups, she felt like she was going to burst. There was no room left in her, and her skin and stomach were aching from strain.

If it didn’t come out now, she didn’t know what she would do.

As if in response to this thought, the Squiddo’s movements changed. It tightened itself up, shrinking a little as it compressed down into a ball. Kallie looked at her stomach, seeing clearly how the coiling mass became organized, the tentacles aligning to take up less space. For a moment, it was completely still.

“The subject has changed, compressing itself into a ball. It—”

Then, with the next hiccup, she felt something strange.

A narrow line of motion stirred within her, moving up from her stomach and into her chest. It pressed against the sides of her esophagus uncomfortably as it felt out the tight passage, trying to decide the best course of action.

Then there was a pressure at the bottom of her stomach as it extended its tentacles to push its body up. Kallie braced her hands underneath her belly, giving it something to push off of, and immediately the creature began to enter her esophagus, the tightness that filled her rising higher.

Oh it was so tight! She had a sudden wave of regret as she concluded that this had been the wrong solution. There was no way it could fit out of her now, big as it was! But it didn’t know that, and it didn’t care.

“It—it’s trying to escape! I can feel it! It’s—augh, the pressure!”  

She grabbed at her stomach, trying to hold it down, but there was nothing to get a grip on, and it just pushed against her hands for support, slowly—painfully—moving further up into her throat. Her stomach heaved against it, pressing against the mass of tentacles and shifting it slowly further and further up, despite her panicked attempts to stop it.

“The subject, the subject is entering the host’s—” she coughed, “the chest. Oh, it’s… I can feel it, my lungs… I—” her words cut off as the tentacle covered her larynx, muffling the flow of air.

Soon, the tip of that first, long, exploratory tentacle reached the back of her throat. Her trachea bulged as her esophagus filled behind it, her neck growing tight as another tentacle attempted to worm its way up. The first tentacle began to feel around the back of her mouth, moving slowly across her tongue, probing beneath it like a lover, touching carefully at her teeth and gums as it sought to determine what this new place was. It was wet and warm, like a smooth and powerful tongue.

Her breath gasped around this intruder, coming out as a strangled moan. She tried to swallow, but nothing happened. Clenching her jaw and pressing her lips together, she shut her mouth against it, trying to keep it from going any further, but more and more of the tentacle filled her mouth, pressing down her tongue and forcing her to open.

It extended into the air before her, her lips spread by its thickness, drool beginning to run down her chin. It was no use. It was too big to escape, but she was too weak to stop it. The tentacle felt around her face, brushing across the lens of her glasses, and she felt her hand rising to touch it. The tendril curled around her fingers, pulling against her, bringing the main body closer to daylight.

The pressure in her chest was unbearable, her lungs being crushed against her ribcage. Her ribs flexed outward, testing the the flexibility of their structure to its limits. She began to cough, and each contraction forced the creature higher and higher. It began to press against her heart and she felt her pulse with every beat.

The next tentacle reached her mouth, filling it to the max. The two grasped at her chin, their musculature squeezing between her teeth and cheeks for friction. Once secured, they began to pull, hauling the body up through her chest.

It lodged at the upper end of the ribcage, where the structure narrowed inward and the sternum and clavicle came close.

Kallie was in shock. She’d completely lost control of the situation, had no say in what was happening to her body. Her air mostly cut off, she grew dizzy and weak, her hands only feebly able to grasp at the tentacles protruding from her mouth in confusion. She couldn’t do anything, just feebly pull at the creature as tears welled up in her eyes.

The main body entered her neck, bulging it in all directions like a grapefruit. Her trachea pressed flat under the strain, her breathing reduced to a whistle. More tentacles filled her mouth, pushing open and stretching her jaw to its absolute limit. They spread from her lips like the black petals of a flower in bloom.

Her head bent backwards, her eyes bulged. She was on the floor, her legs folded to either side of her hips, the cold of the tile a distant sensation on her bare legs. The creature moved slowly into her upper throat, each cough sending a jolt of pain through the strained tissues of her neck.

With gentle languidity, the beast climbed higher, squeezing more and more of itself into the back of her throat. Her jaw began to spread further, progress coming in painful millimeters as the globe of the creature’s body made ready to escape her. The pressure was numbing, her mind going blank, her muscles spasming to eject the intruder.

Kallie was helpless.

Her jaw creaked, a wet pop accompanying a spurt of progress. The core fully entered her mouth, dragging across her teeth, flattening her tongue. Her cheeks bulged, tentacles filling her head and throat, pushing it against the tightness of her lips, drawing them thinner and thinner as it tried to escape.

With a sound like a cork popping, the beast exploded from her head. She fell back against the floor, stunned, exhausted, her mind barely processing the sensations of her body. Kallie was shaking, gasping weakly to fill her lungs with air.

Her hands felt around her mouth, her throat, pressing and probing to make sure she was still whole. She was covered in sweat, her fingers tracing wavering lines down across her chest, the, pale expanse of her flat stomach, the mound of her womb, her pelvis and—at the joint of her trembling thighs—her sensitive lips, wet from the experience.

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