“Mandy Delivers”

Mandy Delivers
by Fully-Dilated

My floral sundress tangles around my legs as I move around in the bed, trying to find a comfortable position to ride out the contraction. “Mmmmmm… ahhhhh… mmmmm…. ahhhhh….” I breathe steadily, propping myself up on several pillows so that I’m half-sitting, my uterus contracting firmly. “Ahhhhhh…” I breathe the last twinges of the contraction out, relaxing back into the pillows and reaching for my stopwatch.

Ten minutes, twenty-one seconds.

Frustrated, I toss it back onto the bed and try to relax enough to doze. I’ve been having steady contractions for nearly twenty-seven hours now, but I’m stalled out at the ten minute mark, my labor refusing to progress. I’ve tried standing, sitting, walking and squatting, but now I’m too tired to do more than lie back and let the contractions wash over me.

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by Jim Fingers

(If you are offended by detailed descriptions of sexual activity between consenting adults, please stop reading right now. If you like these detailed descriptions, please email your remarks to jfingers@hotmail.com.)

Part 1 – The Invitation

She tried not to lie to herself very often, but she couldn’t stop herself this time.

She couldn’t afford to raise her hopes too high. She hung up the phone.

“Dammit, I don’t know why I did that! I’d much rather stay home tonight.”

Angela fiddled with her hair pensively as she weighed the invitation she had just accepted. She really ought to stay home. She was still moving in, still had some boxes to unpack. At least the place was presentable now. She had only one outfit left to wear. She had made sure of that in advance. Everything else was in the washing machine. She slammed the lid and started the cycle just as the phone rang. Her last clean outfit would have to be okay. She stepped into her bedroom to get ready. He would be here in only an hour.

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Unknown Pokemon Ovi Story

Unknown Pokemon Ovi Story
by Unknown

“Um, excuse me?”

“Just a moment!”

Nurse Joy finished sorting pokeballs and hurried back to the counter where a trainer in her late teens was waiting for her, a blonde-haired dark-skinned girl in her late teens dressed in a sporty black and yellow outfit with a red cap adorning her head, as was popular amongst the young trainers. She was also, as Joy couldn’t help but notice, obviously pregnant somewhere in the late second trimester, a slightly oddly shaped baby bump making itself known on her otherwise slim but curvy frame. Joy also couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t much bigger than the trainer’s rather impressive breasts, making her feel slightly self-concious about her petite chest. Kids these days were far too overdeveloped.

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by Unknown

What happens when you give too much fertility drugs to an over fertile fox.

Let us first introduce the victim of our tail, er I mean tale. Entering a rundown barn converted to some type of primitive looking lab is our big bad wolf dressed in a lab coat. He is not a thin, short, or geeky looking type. He is a massive 9 feet tall and maybe tipping the scales at a full 1000 pounds. Yet not an ounce of fat upon this massive mountain of wolf, he is packed to bulging with slab upon slab of tight rounded muscle.

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“One Way to Cure Loneliness”

One Way to Cure Loneliness
by Smokey Blue Dragon
Commissioned by ECMajor

– – – – –

Life bustled about the farmers market. It was a rather warm day, one of the first days of summer in fact. It promised to be bright and clear while not becoming oppressively hot. Fruits and vegetables were being sold as well as livestock, and that was just what a pair of violet and emerald eyes wanted to see. A tan and cream colored lady strolled along the stone path, a soft clop following her every step as she entered the stables. The bold aroma of farm animals wafted into her nostrils, sending a soft shiver down her spine, even causing her to give her tail a soft flick. So much to choose from, and she had plenty of money to spend. A giggle escaped her as she glanced left and right, giving each stall and its occupant a good look. As she all but squealed looking over the stock, an elderly fox in overalls and glasses approached, gazing at the youthful unicorn standing before him.

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“Short Skirt/Loooong Jacket”

Short Skirt/Loooong Jacket
by Mich

The clock was ticking. My alarm was about to go off. I had about ten seconds left.

My hand began to rub faster, I frantically clicked through picture after picture, my breathing began to hitch in my chest. Just as my alarm went off, a final warning telling me I had about two seconds to leave my dorm before the point of no return to getting to class on time began, I came. Sticky jizz spurted carefully into the tissue I had ready.

This, unfortunately, is how my tale begins. With me in a situation most people would like to pretend doesn’t happen. At the time, I was a 19-year-old college sophomore, had no girlfriend, and my dormmate/best friend happened to be at a class. I was horny, the internet was free. What more could you expect?

Pulling my pants back on and quickly clicking closed the pictures of large-breasted coeds, I grabbed my bookbag and headed for class. I was almost late, but my trusty alarm never fails; I managed to hold the door open for the professor. Sliding into the seat next to my dormmate, Brian gave me a grin.

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“Summoning Sickness”

Summoning Sickness
by Unknown

Lorelei awoke with the sun in her eyes and immediately regretted doing so. Her head was full of cotton. Her belly was full of syrup. The taste in her mouth was sour and unpleasant.

“Ah-ehh.” Unwisely, she stood, wobbling. The resulting wave of nausea was abrupt and crippling. She collapsed like a marionette handled by an incompetent puppeteer. She remained for a few moments in the position of her fall, hoping that her body would recuperate of its own accord.

Her ceremonial headdress, with its chromatic feathers and its single, jutting horn, sat lopsided on her head. Odd; why would she had been wearing it prior to the –

The ritual.

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“Spherical Pregnancy”

Spherical Pregnancy
by Fatcomfortchange

Julia had only been working for Archer Chemicals for around three months, but in that time she came to learn the inner workings of the company. Things like, which floor had the best air conditioning, which water fountain was the coldest, and which snack machine was kind of broken and often gave you two bags of Doritos on accident. Yes, she was really moving up in the world. Her job was basic, answering phones, running folders from office to office, basic stuff any clerk at a big company would do. She liked it, it was simple and paid the bills, almost. In fact just barely. Things started out fine but as time went on and her bills got larger there was less and less to go around in her bank account. She was seriously considering getting a second job, although the idea was not very appealing to her. She had worked many part time jobs in the past and the thought of going back to stocking shelves or selling furniture didn’t make her happy. It was this thought that was running through her head when she entered the break room one Friday afternoon and overheard the conversation of some friends at the table.

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